LP852933 750mAh Li Po Battery for Smartest Smart Charger

This is the worlds smallest smart charger, the charger with a custom-developed magnetic and integrated safety and smart systems with two powerful LP852933 750mAh slim li po battery that charge to your device up to a hundred percent. All of that is combined with eco-friendly materials and beautiful color variety. This charge can works with iPhone, Android phones, new generation MacBooks and similar laptops, various tablets, with custom developed magnetic connection makes it universal for almost any modern device.


This Smart Charger is the perfect solution for anyone who uses a smartphone, tablet, laptop.

  • Compact size fits your smallest pocket
  • Charges your device up to 100%
  • Wireless charger, no cables
  • Custom magnetic connection, works for almost modern device
  • Eco-friendly and various colors
  • Built-in two LP852933 750mAh Li Po Battery


The concept of a new generation of chargers is constantly changing and designed and developed by professional enthusiasts, design award winners and field professionals. Our charger is a step toward the world of powerbank and charging equipment innovation. This is a unique combination of technology and comfort designed to simplify your everyday life.


Simplify your life

This charger is very light and slim, since it built in two small LP852933 750mAh li po battery, it saves a lot of space for the charger. With so compact size, you can carry it everywhere you go. It just fits in your smallest pocket. Throw away others charger, use this tiny and comfortable one.

Charging your device

The charger has enough energy to charge your device to 100%. It is suitable for two LP852933 Li Po batteries with a power of 750mAh, which is enough to save you time and keep your device functioning.

LP852933 750mAh Li Po Battery specification


Battery Type
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
3.7V @ 750mAh
UL1571 AWG28 50mm*2
Cut-off Voltage
Thermistor (NTC)
10K 1%@+25C
8,5 x 29 x 33mm
Charge Temperature
0°C to +45°C
Discharge Temperature
-20°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature
-20°C to +45°C
Li Po Battery List

700mAh+ Li Po Battery

ModelCapacityL x W x T(mm)Voltage
LP102039700mAh39 x 20 x 103.7V
LP303947700mAh47 x 39 x 33.7V
LP493238700mAh38 x 32 x 4.93.7V
LP533136700mAh36 x 31 x 5.33.7V
LP742337700mAh37 x 23 x 7.43.7V
LP901856700mAh56 x 18 x 93.7V
LP902929700mAh29 x 29 x 93.7V
LP103039700mAh39 x 30 x 103.7V
LP323756700mAh56 x 37 x 3.23.7V
LP393258700mAh58 x 32 x 3.93.7V
LP402860700mAh60 x 28 x 43.7V
LP403450700mAh50 x 34 x 43.7V
LP422079700mAh79 x 20 x 4.23.7V
LP433059700mAh59 x 30 x 4.33.7V
LP502750700mAh50 x 27 x 53.7V
LP503046700mAh46 x 30 x 53.7V
LP503048700mAh48 x 30 x 53.7V
LP503442700mAh42 x 34 x 53.7V
LP583436700mAh36 x 34 x 5.83.7V
LP593040700mAh40 x 30 x 5.93.7V
LP602060700mAh60 x 20 x 63.7V
LP602548700mAh48 x 25 x 63.7V
LP603436700mAh36 x 34 x 63.7V
LP651474700mAh74 x 14 x 6.53.7V
LP653035700mAh35 x 30 x 6.53.7V
LP702050700mAh50 x 20 x 73.7V
LP752050700mAh50 x 20 x 7.53.7V
LP802045700mAh45 x 20 x 83.7V
LP803132700mAh32 x 31 x 83.7V
LP852045700mAh45 x 20 x 8.53.7V
LP853030700mAh30 x 30 x 8.53.7V
LP902040700mAh40 x 20 x 93.7V
LP902830700mAh30 x 28 x 93.7V
LP523036720mAh36 x 30 x 5.23.7V
LP423450720mAh50 x 34 x 4.23.7V
LP503639720mAh39 x 36 x 53.7V
LP572060720mAh60 x 20 x 5.73.7V
LP653040720mAh40 x 30 x 6.53.7V
LP751860720mAh60 x 18 x 7.53.7V
LP782633720mAh33 x 26 x 7.83.7V
LP952830720mAh30 x 28 x 9.53.7V
LP962731720mAh31 x 27 x 9.63.7V
LP334055730mAh55 x 40 x 3.33.7V
LP553440730mAh40 x 34 x 5.53.7V
LP582060730mAh60 x 20 x 5.83.7V
LP603040730mAh40 x 30 x 63.7V
LP613040730mAh40 x 30 x 6.13.7V
LP923030730mAh30 x 30 x 9.23.7V
LP752440740mAh40 x 24 x 7.53.7V
LP902535740mAh35 x 25 x 93.7V
LP433438750mAh38 x 34 x 4.33.7V
LP602645750mAh45 x 26 x 63.7V
LP721570750mAh70 x 15 x 7.23.7V
LP102040750mAh40 x 20 x 103.7V
LP102534750mAh34 x 25 x 103.7V
LP353562750mAh62 x 35 x 3.53.7V
LP403450750mAh50 x 34 x 43.7V
LP404242750mAh42 x 42 x 43.7V
LP453450750mAh50 x 34 x 4.53.7V
LP503048750mAh48 x 30 x 53.7V
LP503443750mAh43 x 34 x 53.7V
LP503645750mAh45 x 36 x 53.7V
LP504040750mAh40 x 40 x 53.7V
LP512850750mAh50 x 28 x 5.13.7V
LP523440750mAh40 x 34 x 5.23.7V
LP523442750mAh42 x 34 x 5.23.7V
LP552750750mAh50 x 27 x 5.53.7V
LP553045750mAh45 x 30 x 5.53.7V
LP553046750mAh46 x 30 x 5.53.7V
LP583442750mAh42 x 34 x 5.83.7V
LP602158750mAh58 x 21 x 63.7V
LP603046750mAh46 x 30 x 63.7V
LP603434750mAh34 x 34 x 63.7V
LP652540750mAh40 x 25 x 6.53.7V
LP653436750mAh36 x 34 x 6.53.7V
LP653439750mAh39 x 34 x 6.53.7V
LP702837750mAh37 x 28 x 73.7V
LP732248750mAh48 x 22 x 7.33.7V
LP753035750mAh35 x 30 x 7.53.7V
LP802245750mAh45 x 22 x 83.7V
LP802440750mAh40 x 24 x 83.7V
LP803628750mAh28 x 36 x 83.7V
LP852933750mAh33 x 29 x 8.53.7V
LP962730750mAh30 x 27 x 9.63.7V
LP962830750mAh30 x 28 x 9.63.7V
LP483052760mAh52 x 30 x 4.83.7V
LP632832760mAh32 x 28 x 6.33.7V
LP533441770mAh41 x 34 x 5.33.7V
LP952040770mAh40 x 20 x 9.53.7V
LP732438780mAh38 x 24 x 7.33.7V
LP742837780mAh37 x 28 x 7.43.7V
LP882734780mAh34 x 27 x 8.83.7V
LP882833780mAh33 x 28 x 8.83.7V
LP185388790mAh88 x 53 x 1.83.7V
LP553639790mAh39 x 36 x 5.53.7V