Rechargeable 3.8V Micro Lithium-ion Battery LPM Series

We have newly developed a series of rechargeable micro lithium-ion batteries, which have a compact size and high energy density, and 3.8V high voltage. These micro lithium-ion batteries with a round shape and aluminum shell, it has stable performance, not easy to break. The smallest dimensions with a diameter of 8.0mm to 12mm and a thickness of 4mm to 5.4mm. These micro round lithium-ion batteries are designed for wearable applications, such as hearing aid, earphones, smartwatches, Bluetooth headsets, medical, IoT, GPS, wireless sensors, smart toys, etc

Green & Rechargeable

3.8V Micro Lithium-ion Batteries

We have been working on researching more shapes and capacities of batteries. LPM series 3.8v micro lithium-ion batteries are specially designed for wearable devices. It can meet the capacity of 18mAh to 80mAh in a limited space, and the high voltage of 3.8v can meet different needs.

If you want a very small battery for your device, this micro lithium-ion button battery series is the best choice. The min size is 8mm (diameter) x 4mm (thickness), and the capacity is 18mAh.

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LPM1254 3.8v 80mAh Micro Lithium-ion Battery with protection circuit and wires 15mm

Battery TypeRound Micro Lithium-ion Battery
Nominal Capacity80mAh
Nominal Voltage3.8V
Protection circuit module(PCM)Yes
Internal impedance≤600mΩ
Cut-off Discharge Voltage3.00V
Max Charge Current40mA
Standard Charge Current16mA
Max Discharge Current80mA
Standard Discharge Current40mA
Charging work temperature0~+45℃
Discharging work temperature-10~+60℃
Storage temperature-20~+45℃
Cycle life≥500 cycles


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Micro Lithium-ion Battery Lists

The below micro lithium-ion battery list is the cell size.
Except for the LPM0840 18mAh, all the battery models can add the protection circuit module(PCM) and wires.