Rechargeable 3.6V Micro Lithium-ion Battery LPM Series

We have newly developed a series of rechargeable micro lithium-ion batteries, which have a compact size and high energy density, and 3.6V voltage. These micro lithium-ion batteries with a round shape and aluminum shell, it has stable performance, not easy to break. The smallest dimensions with a diameter of 8.0mm to 16mm and a thickness of 4.0mm to 5.4mm. These micro round lithium-ion batteries are designed for wearable applications, such as hearing aid, earphones, smartwatches, Bluetooth headsets, medical, IoT, GPS, wireless sensors, smart toys, etc

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3.6V Micro Lithium-ion Batteries

LiPol Battery Co., Ltd supplies rechargeable micro lithium-ion battery for worldwide companies, these micro lithium-ion batteries can be used for high-tech products, such as medical equipment, Bluetooth headsets, wireless earphones, fitness trackers, e-cigarette, baby monitoring, hearing aid, pet wearables, smart toys, watches. We have been working on researching more shapes and capacities of batteries. LPM series 3.6v micro lithium-ion batteries are specially designed for wearable devices. It can meet the capacity of 18mAh to 120mAh in a limited space, and the voltage of 3.6v can meet different needs.

Micro lithium-ion batteries are a specific type of lithium-ion battery that comes with a sturdy outer casing to safeguard the battery cells within. The hard case of a lithium-ion battery is typically made of materials such as plastic, metal, or composite materials that are designed to withstand impacts and protect the battery cells from damage. The internal cells of a hard case lithium-ion battery are the same as those used in other lithium-ion batteries, consisting of a positive electrode made of lithium cobalt oxide, a negative electrode made of graphite, and a lithium-ion electrolyte.

Rechargeable micro lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are widely used in electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, and electric vehicles due to their high energy density, long cycle life, and low self-discharge rates. These batteries work by storing and releasing energy through the movement of lithium ions between two electrodes, typically made of lithium cobalt oxide (positive electrode) and graphite (negative electrode). As the battery charges, lithium ions move from the positive electrode to the negative electrode for storage, and during discharge, they move back to the positive electrode, releasing energy in the process.

We focus on the market requirements of modern high-tech electronic devices, and provide rechargeable high-capacity Lithium-ion batteries, which have a round button shape.

  • Capacity from 18mAh to 120mAh
  • 3.6V Voltage
  • Low internal resistance
  • No memory effect
  • Extremely long service life
  • High energy density
  • Stable performance
  • Excellent charge and discharge characteristics
  • With wires/cables
  • Can add protection circuit module
  • JST/Molex Connectors Possible

If you want a very small round battery for your device, this micro lithium-ion button battery series is the best choice. The min size is 8mm (diameter) x 4mm (thickness), and the capacity is 18mAh.

Hot Models

LPM1254 3.6v 65mAh Micro Lithium-ion Battery with protection circuit and wires 15mm

Battery TypeRound Micro Lithium-ion Battery
Nominal Capacity65mAh
Nominal Voltage3.6V
Protection circuit module(PCM)Yes
Internal impedance≤500mΩ
Cut-off Discharge Voltage3.00V
Max Charge Current32mA
Standard Charge Current13mA
Max Discharge Current65mA
Standard Discharge Current32mA
Charging work temperature0~+45℃
Discharging work temperature-10~+60℃
Storage temperature-20~+45℃
Cycle life≥500 cycles


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The below micro lithium-ion battery list is the cell size.
Except for LPM0840 3.6V 18mAh, all the battery models can add the protection circuit module(PCM) and wires. If add the PCM, the battery thickness increase by 3mm, diameter increase by 0.5mm