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3000mAh to 5000mAh Li Polymer Batteries

Huge Li Polymer Batteries in Stock, Capacity Range from 3000mAh to 5000mAh, High Density and Good Quality, Free Add PCM/Cables/Connectors, Request a Quotation!

Flat Li Polymer Batteries In stock

3000mAh ~ 5000mAh Li Polymer Batteries

Samples Available, Inquiry Now!

High Capacity

Our Flat Rechargeable Li Polymer Batteries 3000mAh – 5000mAh with high energy density in a compact form. Thinner design and lighter weight with aluminum-plastic composite. The capacity range from 3000 mAh to 5000 mAh. Our li polymer battery has a larger capacity with smaller dimensions. And it also has a high capacity, a long time to run, more than 500 charge and discharge cycles.

Premium Quality

The flat Li Polymer batteries 3000mAh – 5000mAh integrated Japanese IC and MOS. In addition, our li-polymer batteries are equipped with a protection circuit module that provides overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, and shut-off protection. If you want, we also can add cables, JST/Molex Connectors. Rigorous testing to ensure the battery quality, boosting to 60% before shipment.

Samples Available

Now, we have a total 2000+ model flat li polymer batteries, 3000mAh – 5000mAh li polymer batteries have 200+ models. If you can not find any suitable batteries in our finished batteries, we can offer you an individual service. Every size, every capacity. You will not find a better deal anywhere. To make your development available or to help you win the new project is what inspires us to be excellent.

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Finished Li Polymer Batteries In stock

3000mAh ~ 4000mAh  Li Polymer Batteries

ModelCapacityL x W x T(mm)Voltage
LP1037733000mAh73 x 37 x 103.7V
LP1040703400mAh70 x 40 x 103.7V
LP1042653000mAh65 x 42 x 103.7V
LP1045653600mAh65 x 45 x 103.7V
LP1046563000mAh56 x 46 x 103.7V
LP1050503000mAh50 x 50 x 103.7V
LP1050563250mAh56 x 50 x 103.7V
LP1139603000mAh60 x 39 x 113.7V
LP1142703800mAh70 x 42 x 113.7V
LP1146463000mAh46 x 46 x 113.7V
LP1150523000mAh52 x 50 x 113.7V
LP1153503300mAh50 x 53 x 113.7V
LP1240533000mAh53 x 40 x 123.7V
LP1240603450mAh60 x 40 x 123.7V
LP1244613600mAh61 x 44 x 123.7V
LP1246463100mAh46 x 46 x 123.7V
LP1248493400mAh49 x 48 x 123.7V
LP1250523300mAh52 x 50 x 123.7V
LP1351503000mAh50 x 51 x 133.7V
LP181031303815mAh130 x 103 x 1.83.7V
LP23821383350mAh138 x 82 x 2.33.7V
LP23901013300mAh101 x 90 x 2.33.7V
LP251101023500mAh102 x 110 x 2.53.7V
LP25801583850mAh158 x 80 x 2.53.7V
LP2590993300mAh99 x 90 x 2.53.7V
LP26621203000mAh120 x 62 x 2.63.7V
LP26631353000mAh135 x 63 x 2.63.7V
LP271051053500mAh105 x 105 x 2.73.7V
LP27105883000mAh88 x 105 x 2.73.7V
LP2795943050mAh94 x 95 x 2.73.7V
LP28100883300mAh88 x 10 x 2.83.7V
LP28621343000mAh134 x 62 x 2.83.7V
LP28671283300mAh128 x 67 x 2.83.7V
LP28751303000mAh130 x 75 x 2.83.7V
LP28881273200mAh127 x 88 x 2.83.7V
LP2897913280mAh91 x 97 x 2.83.7V
LP29551273150mAh127 x 55 x 2.93.7V
LP30761203200mAh120 x 76 x 33.7V
LP30801233500mAh123 x 80 x 33.7V
LP30871003450mAh100 x 87 x 33.7V
LP30901103000mAh110 x 90 x 33.7V
LP31491193000mAh119 x 49 x 3.13.7V
LP31761263600mAh126 x 76 x 3.13.7V
LP31761263650mAh126 x 76 x 3.13.7V
LP31821173700mAh117 x 82 x 3.13.7V
LP31871013650mAh101 x 87 x 3.13.7V
LP32491093000mAh109 x 49 x 3.23.7V
LP32591403000mAh140 x 59 x 3.23.7V
LP32641383300mAh138 x 64 x 3.23.7V
LP33491193050mAh119 x 49 x 3.33.7V
LP33641273500mAh127 x 64 x 3.33.7V
LP3365853320mAh85 x 65 x 3.33.7V
LP33691403750mAh140 x 69 x 3.33.7V
LP33741233950mAh123 x 74 x 3.33.7V
LP34461343050mAh134 x 46 x 3.43.7V
LP35521093250mAh109 x 52 x 3.53.7V
LP3564783000mAh78 x 64 x 3.53.7V
LP35691083100mAh108 x 69 x 3.53.7V
LP35881063500mAh106 x 88 x 3.53.7V
LP36451133000mAh113 x 45 x 3.63.7V
LP36481343104mAh134 x 48 x 3.63.7V
LP36521083720mAh108 x 52 x 3.63.7V
LP36541343450mAh134 x 54 x 3.63.7V
LP36601043000mAh104 x 60 x 3.63.7V
LP3660833000mAh83 x 60 x 3.63.7V
LP3666853300mAh85 x 66 x 3.63.7V
LP36731133600mAh113 x 73 x 3.63.7V
LP37441373850mAh137 x 44 x 3.73.7V
LP3760803350mAh80 x 60 x 3.73.7V
LP37681103500mAh110 x 68 x 3.73.7V
LP37681113600mAh111 x 68 x 3.73.7V
LP38531553800mAh155 x 53 x 3.83.7V
LP38641283500mAh128 x 64 x 3.83.7V
LP38651253700mAh125 x 65 x 3.83.7V
LP38651253800mAh125 x 65 x 3.83.7V
LP3865873750mAh87 x 65 x 3.83.7V
LP3866853920mAh85 x 66 x 3.83.7V
LP3959893800mAh89 x 59 x 3.93.7V
LP3966903300mAh90 x 66 x 3.93.7V
LP40601133200mAh113 x 60 x 43.7V
LP41451303160mAh130 x 45 x 4.13.7V
LP4161793250mAh79 x 61 x 4.13.7V
LP4164853950mAh85 x 64 x 4.13.7V
LP4165753030mAh75 x 65 x 4.13.7V
LP4166853930mAh85 x 66 x 4.13.7V
LP4187773500mAh77 x 87 x 4.13.7V
LP4258683000mAh68 x 58 x 4.23.7V
LP4266753500mAh75 x 66 x 4.23.7V
LP42701073700mAh107 x 70 x 4.23.7V
LP4274883800mAh88 x 74 x 4.23.7V
LP4361743000mAh74 x 61 x 4.33.7V
LP4361843100mAh84 x 61 x 4.33.7V
LP4362863900mAh86 x 62 x 4.33.7V
LP4461783200mAh78 x 61 x 4.43.7V
LP4464753400mAh75 x 64 x 4.43.7V
LP4465793900mAh79 x 65 x 4.43.7V
LP45471143600mAh114 x 47 x 4.53.7V
LP45601003200mAh100 x 60 x 4.53.7V
LP4561803920mAh80 x 61 x 4.53.7V
LP4562823930mAh82 x 62 x 4.53.7V
LP4564793000mAh79 x 64 x 4.53.7V
LP4568933500mAh93 x 68 x 4.53.7V
LP4657683000mAh68 x 57 x 4.63.7V
LP4658723000mAh72 x 58 x 4.63.7V
LP4661793900mAh79 x 61 x 4.63.7V
LP47391323255mAh132 x 39 x 4.73.7V
LP4741933000mAh93 x 41 x 4.73.7V
LP47451353600mAh135 x 45 x 4.73.7V
LP4755763250mAh76 x 55 x 4.73.7V
LP4759803350mAh80 x 59 x 4.73.7V
LP4763803950mAh80 x 63 x 4.73.7V
LP4767903350mAh90 x 67 x 4.73.7V
LP4845883000mAh88 x 45 x 4.83.7V
LP4851843530mAh84 x 51 x 4.83.7V
LP4854903750mAh90 x 54 x 4.83.7V
LP4855743000mAh74 x 55 x 4.83.7V
LP4857783600mAh78 x 57 x 4.83.7V
LP4857953400mAh95 x 57 x 4.83.7V
LP4858823600mAh82 x 58 x 4.83.7V
LP4858933810mAh93 x 58 x 4.83.7V
LP4866733900mAh73 x 66 x 4.83.7V
LP4867103400mAh10 x 67 x 4.83.7V
LP49361013100mAh101 x 36 x 4.93.7V
LP4943973600mAh97 x 43 x 4.93.7V
LP4958713400mAh71 x 58 x 4.93.7V
LP4958783600mAh78 x 58 x 4.93.7V
LP4959793000mAh79 x 59 x 4.93.7V
LP4960803470mAh80 x 60 x 4.93.7V
LP4960833500mAh83 x 60 x 4.93.7V
LP4967713000mAh71 x 67 x 4.93.7V
LP4968803605mAh80 x 68 x 4.93.7V
LP4968823960mAh82 x 68 x 4.93.7V
LP5050953000mAh95 x 50 x 53.7V
LP50531353200mAh135 x 53 x 53.7V
LP5053963800mAh96 x 53 x 53.7V
LP5064793930mAh79 x 64 x 53.7V
LP5069713000mAh71 x 69 x 53.7V
LP5076813450mAh81 x 76 x 53.7V
LP51481353700mAh135 x 48 x 5.13.7V
LP5159763920mAh76 x 59 x 5.13.7V
LP5164763700mAh76 x 64 x 5.13.7V
LP5252973000mAh97 x 52 x 5.23.7V
LP5259723290mAh72 x 59 x 5.23.7V
LP5263713400mAh71 x 63 x 5.23.7V
LP5267973900mAh97 x 67 x 5.23.7V
LP5451703000mAh70 x 51 x 5.43.7V
LP5459703900mAh70 x 59 x 5.43.7V
LP5460703900mAh70 x 60 x 5.43.7V
LP5460953700mAh95 x 60 x 5.43.7V
LP5540913350mAh91 x 40 x 5.53.7V
LP55421003000mAh100 x 42 x 5.53.7V
LP5549923000mAh92 x 49 x 5.53.7V
LP5550973050mAh97 x 50 x 5.53.7V
LP55511063700mAh106 x 51 x 5.53.7V
LP5557823000mAh82 x 57 x 5.53.7V
LP55581153500mAh115 x 58 x 5.53.7V
LP5558723900mAh72 x 58 x 5.53.7V
LP5558883500mAh88 x 58 x 5.53.7V
LP5560803250mAh80 x 60 x 5.53.7V
LP55661033700mAh103 x 66 x 5.53.7V
LP55671053700mAh105 x 67 x 5.53.7V
LP56561133000mAh113 x 56 x 5.63.7V
LP5750723000mAh72 x 50 x 5.73.7V
LP5758683500mAh68 x 58 x 5.73.7V
LP58421453200mAh145 x 42 x 5.83.7V
LP5852103200mAh10 x 52 x 5.83.7V
LP5855763440mAh76 x 55 x 5.83.7V
LP6034123000mAh12 x 34 x 63.7V
LP60351353200mAh135 x 35 x 63.7V
LP60451003300mAh100 x 45 x 63.7V
LP60451353000mAh135 x 45 x 63.7V
LP6050803000mAh80 x 50 x 63.7V
LP6050833000mAh83 x 50 x 63.7V
LP6050933250mAh93 x 50 x 63.7V
LP6055713000mAh71 x 55 x 63.7V
LP6055853500mAh85 x 55 x 63.7V
LP6056883700mAh88 x 56 x 63.7V
LP6068833700mAh83 x 68 x 63.7V
LP6167893950mAh89 x 67 x 6.13.7V
LP6168673000mAh67 x 68 x 6.13.7V
LP6250943800mAh94 x 50 x 6.23.7V
LP6253843000mAh84 x 53 x 6.23.7V
LP6253853350mAh85 x 53 x 6.23.7V
LP63421203600mAh120 x 42 x 6.33.7V
LP6355783200mAh78 x 55 x 6.33.7V
LP6461683200mAh68 x 61 x 6.43.7V
LP6467573350mAh57 x 67 x 6.43.7V
LP6468563655mAh56 x 68 x 6.43.7V
LP65351183150mAh118 x 35 x 6.53.7V
LP6558783400mAh78 x 58 x 6.53.7V
LP6561683000mAh68 x 61 x 6.53.7V
LP6563823800mAh82 x 63 x 6.53.7V
LP6564803950mAh80 x 64 x 6.53.7V
LP6565813000mAh81 x 65 x 6.53.7V
LP6643823470mAh82 x 43 x 6.63.7V
LP6656553300mAh55 x 56 x 6.63.7V
LP6743633080mAh63 x 43 x 6.73.7V
LP6743863930mAh86 x 43 x 6.73.7V
LP6766883800mAh88 x 66 x 6.73.7V
LP6862663900mAh66 x 62 x 6.83.7V
LP69351583600mAh158 x 35 x 6.93.7V
LP6940733000mAh73 x 40 x 6.93.7V
LP6950653000mAh65 x 50 x 6.93.7V
LP6953713100mAh71 x 53 x 6.93.7V
LP70301203000mAh120 x 30 x 73.7V
LP70311343000mAh134 x 31 x 73.7V
LP70351353600mAh135 x 35 x 73.7V
LP7054623000mAh62 x 54 x 73.7V
LP7055753400mAh75 x 55 x 73.7V
LP7057573780mAh57 x 57 x 73.7V
LP7135853600mAh85 x 35 x 7.13.7V
LP7263683740mAh68 x 63 x 7.23.7V
LP7340793000mAh79 x 40 x 7.33.7V
LP74461023900mAh102 x 46 x 7.43.7V
LP75281503000mAh150 x 28 x 7.53.7V
LP75361113000mAh111 x 36 x 7.53.7V
LP75461003700mAh100 x 46 x 7.53.7V
LP7547763000mAh76 x 47 x 7.53.7V
LP7550683000mAh68 x 50 x 7.53.7V
LP7550703000mAh70 x 50 x 7.53.7V
LP7554653000mAh65 x 54 x 7.53.7V
LP7555803900mAh80 x 55 x 7.53.7V
LP7757673600mAh67 x 57 x 7.73.7V
LP78361403800mAh140 x 36 x 7.83.7V
LP7842843150mAh84 x 42 x 7.83.7V
LP7843963800mAh96 x 43 x 7.83.7V
LP7856733900mAh73 x 56 x 7.83.7V
LP7861683800mAh68 x 61 x 7.83.7V
LP7950783500mAh78 x 50 x 7.93.7V
LP8034933000mAh93 x 34 x 83.7V
LP8040803000mAh80 x 40 x 83.7V
LP8050663000mAh66 x 50 x 83.7V
LP8050683000mAh68 x 50 x 83.7V
LP8052623000mAh62 x 52 x 83.7V
LP8059573000mAh57 x 59 x 83.7V
LP8244683020mAh68 x 44 x 8.23.7V
LP8250643000mAh64 x 50 x 8.23.7V
LP8437713220mAh71 x 37 x 8.43.7V
LP8438723320mAh72 x 38 x 8.43.7V
LP85251353800mAh135 x 25 x 8.53.7V
LP8538943900mAh94 x 38 x 8.53.7V
LP8540693000mAh69 x 40 x 8.53.7V
LP8542733000mAh73 x 42 x 8.53.7V
LP8559783700mAh78 x 59 x 8.53.7V
LP90251083000mAh108 x 25 x 93.7V
LP9030903000mAh90 x 30 x 93.7V
LP9043863950mAh86 x 43 x 93.7V
LP9048603000mAh60 x 48 x 93.7V
LP9050543000mAh54 x 50 x 93.7V
LP9050553000mAh55 x 50 x 93.7V
LP9054563500mAh56 x 54 x 93.7V
LP9130903100mAh90 x 30 x 9.13.7V
LP9222113150mAh11 x 22 x 9.23.7V
LP9229903250mAh90 x 29 x 9.23.7V
LP9232943300mAh94 x 32 x 9.23.7V
LP9242663100mAh66 x 42 x 9.23.7V
LP9252663800mAh66 x 52 x 9.23.7V
LP9331923250mAh92 x 31 x 9.33.7V
LP9540703200mAh70 x 40 x 9.53.7V
LP9552553300mAh55 x 52 x 9.53.7V
LP9830773010mAh77 x 30 x 9.83.7V
LP9840653000mAh65 x 40 x 9.83.7V
Flat Li Polymer Batteries Application

3000mAh Li Polymer Batteries for Wireless Earbuds

This wireless earbuds designed for life on the move, it is a true wireless headset designed with ultimate touch control, optimized Bluetooth connectivity and a clear sound experience for listeners. They are the most interactive earbuds, so you can control more.

  • Ultra-intuitive touch controls
  • Automatic in-ear detection –
  • Noise cancellation + noise isolation –
  • 3000mAh Li Polymer Batteries life w/ case = 18 hours
  • water resistant
  • iOS and Android compatible
Hot Li Polymer Batteries

4000mAh+ Related Li Polymer Batteries

Finished Li Polymer Batteries In stock

4000mAh ~ 5000mAh Li Polymer Batteries

ModelCapacityL x W x T(mm)Voltage
LP1050684000mAh68 x 50 x 103.7V
LP1052744800mAh74 x 52 x 103.7V
LP1054724800mAh72 x 54 x 103.7V
LP1055614000mAh61 x 55 x 103.7V
LP1060654400mAh65 x 60 x 103.7V
LP1134884200mAh88 x 34 x 113.7V
LP1230794000mAh79 x 30 x 123.7V
LP1242734500mAh73 x 42 x 123.7V
LP1263864600mAh86 x 63 x 123.7V
LP25107154500mAh715 x 10 x 2.53.7V
LP25781434100mAh143 x 78 x 2.53.7V
LP25831394850mAh139 x 83 x 2.53.7V
LP26911214300mAh121 x 91 x 2.63.7V
LP27631744300mAh174 x 63 x 2.73.7V
LP281001104850mAh110 x 100 x 2.83.7V
LP28841574000mAh157 x 84 x 2.83.7V
LP28891424000mAh142 x 89 x 2.83.7V
LP29741574300mAh157 x 74 x 2.93.7V
LP29801594670mAh159 x 80 x 2.93.7V
LP29841354000mAh135 x 84 x 2.93.7V
LP29901354000mAh135 x 90 x 2.93.7V
LP2991144500mAh142 x 91 x 2.93.7V
LP30721404400mAh140 x 72 x 33.7V
LP30771494640mAh149 x 77 x 33.7V
LP30801384100mAh138 x 80 x 33.7V
LP30901354000mAh135 x 90 x 33.7V
LP32631564000mAh156 x 63 x 3.23.7V
LP32631584200mAh158 x 63 x 3.23.7V
LP331001034000mAh103 x 100 x 3.33.7V
LP3310214500mAh102 x 108 x 3.33.7V
LP33721384500mAh138 x 72 x 3.33.7V
LP34571384300mAh138 x 57 x 3.43.7V
LP34731314280mAh131 x 73 x 3.43.7V
LP34801194000mAh119 x 80 x 3.43.7V
LP35581454200mAh145 x 58 x 3.53.7V
LP3574124000mAh12 x 74 x 3.53.7V
LP35801164000mAh116 x 80 x 3.53.7V
LP36731024420mAh102 x 73 x 3.63.7V
LP37901204500mAh120 x 90 x 3.73.7V
LP3866134050mAh130 x 66 x 3.83.7V
LP3958904000mAh90 x 58 x 3.93.7V
LP39671144100mAh114 x 67 x 3.93.7V
LP39701254000mAh125 x 70 x 3.93.7V
LP39801104150mAh110 x 80 x 3.93.7V
LP40541304560mAh130 x 54 x 43.7V
LP40591344820mAh134 x 59 x 43.7V
LP40591344840mAh134 x 59 x 43.7V
LP40631344840mAh134 x 63 x 43.7V
LP40681304200mAh130 x 68 x 43.7V
LP40691244550mAh124 x 69 x 43.7V
LP40801024000mAh102 x 80 x 43.7V
LP40841004500mAh100 x 84 x 43.7V
LP4087104600mAh107 x 87 x 43.7V
LP41531114000mAh111 x 53 x 4.13.7V
LP41611324200mAh132 x 61 x 4.13.7V
LP4263854050mAh85 x 63 x 4.23.7V
LP4267834050mAh83 x 67 x 4.23.7V
LP42711204500mAh120 x 71 x 4.23.7V
LP4271914500mAh91 x 71 x 4.23.7V
LP4364854050mAh85 x 64 x 4.33.7V
LP4366784040mAh78 x 66 x 4.33.7V
LP43711044000mAh104 x 71 x 4.33.7V
LP4460884000mAh88 x 60 x 4.43.7V
LP4464844050mAh84 x 64 x 4.43.7V
LP4465804020mAh80 x 65 x 4.43.7V
LP4465984900mAh98 x 65 x 4.43.7V
LP4555954000mAh95 x 55 x 4.53.7V
LP4565794000mAh79 x 65 x 4.53.7V
LP45681304250mAh130 x 68 x 4.53.7V
LP4568884020mAh88 x 68 x 4.53.7V
LP4663804000mAh80 x 63 x 4.63.7V
LP4665854200mAh85 x 65 x 4.63.7V
LP4667734140mAh73 x 67 x 4.63.7V
LP4667824125mAh82 x 67 x 4.63.7V
LP4758864000mAh86 x 58 x 4.73.7V
LP4761804030mAh80 x 61 x 4.73.7V
LP4762784040mAh78 x 62 x 4.73.7V
LP4762914050mAh91 x 62 x 4.73.7V
LP4763934530mAh93 x 63 x 4.73.7V
LP4775924700mAh92 x 75 x 4.73.7V
LP4787694830mAh69 x 87 x 4.73.7V
LP4788734780mAh73 x 88 x 4.73.7V
LP48551124200mAh112 x 55 x 4.83.7V
LP4859854000mAh85 x 59 x 4.83.7V
LP4861804000mAh80 x 61 x 4.83.7V
LP4865864870mAh86 x 65 x 4.83.7V
LP4867894950mAh89 x 67 x 4.83.7V
LP48681344000mAh134 x 68 x 4.83.7V
LP4961804000mAh80 x 61 x 4.93.7V
LP4962894870mAh89 x 62 x 4.93.7V
LP4962964850mAh96 x 62 x 4.93.7V
LP4968844950mAh84 x 68 x 4.93.7V
LP50461454000mAh145 x 46 x 53.7V
LP5051964000mAh96 x 51 x 53.7V
LP50581314000mAh131 x 58 x 53.7V
LP5060804000mAh80 x 60 x 53.7V
LP5062744000mAh74 x 62 x 53.7V
LP5062894840mAh89 x 62 x 53.7V
LP5064804400mAh80 x 64 x 53.7V
LP50681324500mAh132 x 68 x 53.7V
LP51581104200mAh110 x 58 x 5.13.7V
LP5162804000mAh80 x 62 x 5.13.7V
LP5163854300mAh85 x 63 x 5.13.7V
LP5178784328mAh78 x 78 x 5.13.7V
LP5178824400mAh82 x 78 x 5.13.7V
LP52451144780mAh114 x 45 x 5.23.7V
LP52641204900mAh120 x 64 x 5.23.7V
LP5268974300mAh97 x 68 x 5.23.7V
LP5270814205mAh81 x 70 x 5.23.7V
LP5271824205mAh82 x 71 x 5.23.7V
LP5287774400mAh77 x 87 x 5.23.7V
LP5362764000mAh76 x 62 x 5.33.7V
LP54481064500mAh106 x 48 x 5.43.7V
LP5456884000mAh88 x 56 x 5.43.7V
LP5457924900mAh92 x 57 x 5.43.7V
LP5460894700mAh89 x 60 x 5.43.7V
LP5461714000mAh71 x 61 x 5.43.7V
LP5467914500mAh91 x 67 x 5.43.7V
LP55481064440mAh106 x 48 x 5.53.7V
LP55481354300mAh135 x 48 x 5.53.7V
LP55591504000mAh150 x 59 x 5.53.7V
LP55601104400mAh110 x 60 x 5.53.7V
LP5566764300mAh76 x 66 x 5.53.7V
LP5567874020mAh87 x 67 x 5.53.7V
LP5755774130mAh77 x 55 x 5.73.7V
LP5854884000mAh88 x 54 x 5.83.7V
LP5856774460mAh77 x 56 x 5.83.7V
LP5954904630mAh90 x 54 x 5.93.7V
LP59591114650mAh111 x 59 x 5.93.7V
LP5967664010mAh66 x 67 x 5.93.7V
LP6054904600mAh90 x 54 x 63.7V
LP6060724500mAh72 x 60 x 63.7V
LP6060904000mAh90 x 60 x 63.7V
LP6060904050mAh90 x 60 x 63.7V
LP6061734650mAh73 x 61 x 63.7V
LP6062694000mAh69 x 62 x 63.7V
LP60681354700mAh135 x 68 x 63.7V
LP6077774700mAh77 x 77 x 63.7V
LP6154904430mAh90 x 54 x 6.13.7V
LP6164844040mAh84 x 64 x 6.13.7V
LP6166654000mAh65 x 66 x 6.13.7V
LP6262634000mAh63 x 62 x 6.23.7V
LP6267984900mAh98 x 67 x 6.23.7V
LP6357774860mAh77 x 57 x 6.33.7V
LP6364684000mAh68 x 64 x 6.33.7V
LP6446904020mAh90 x 46 x 6.43.7V
LP6454654100mAh65 x 54 x 6.43.7V
LP6454824900mAh82 x 54 x 6.43.7V
LP6458924000mAh92 x 58 x 6.43.7V
LP6460644090mAh64 x 60 x 6.43.7V
LP6474644820mAh64 x 74 x 6.43.7V
LP6541904000mAh90 x 41 x 6.53.7V
LP6560904300mAh90 x 60 x 6.53.7V
LP6562804500mAh80 x 62 x 6.53.7V
LP6566784000mAh78 x 66 x 6.53.7V
LP6648784040mAh78 x 48 x 6.63.7V
LP6657754100mAh75 x 57 x 6.63.7V
LP6752684000mAh68 x 52 x 6.73.7V
LP6760694400mAh69 x 60 x 6.73.7V
LP68461124500mAh112 x 46 x 6.83.7V
LP6959694000mAh69 x 59 x 6.93.7V
LP70451484600mAh148 x 45 x 73.7V
LP70521144500mAh114 x 52 x 73.7V
LP7058914700mAh91 x 58 x 73.7V
LP7060954670mAh95 x 60 x 73.7V
LP7068754100mAh75 x 68 x 73.7V
LP7248894000mAh89 x 48 x 7.23.7V
LP75551034500mAh103 x 55 x 7.53.7V
LP7555854000mAh85 x 55 x 7.53.7V
LP7555954800mAh95 x 55 x 7.53.7V
LP7560854240mAh85 x 60 x 7.53.7V
LP7561614200mAh61 x 61 x 7.53.7V
LP7659654850mAh65 x 59 x 7.63.7V
LP7665694200mAh69 x 65 x 7.63.7V
LP7855884600mAh88 x 55 x 7.83.7V
LP8050974500mAh97 x 50 x 83.7V
LP8051874000mAh87 x 51 x 83.7V
LP8052904450mAh90 x 52 x 83.7V
LP8070704000mAh70 x 70 x 83.7V
LP8146954815mAh95 x 46 x 8.13.7V
LP8249824000mAh82 x 49 x 8.23.7V
LP8358764800mAh76 x 58 x 8.33.7V
LP8442944000mAh94 x 42 x 8.43.7V
LP8542944000mAh94 x 42 x 8.53.7V
LP8546854000mAh85 x 46 x 8.53.7V
LP8560784850mAh78 x 60 x 8.53.7V
LP8651814400mAh81 x 51 x 8.63.7V
LP8858904800mAh90 x 58 x 8.83.7V
LP9066674400mAh67 x 66 x 93.7V
LP9249814500mAh81 x 49 x 9.23.7V
LP9350704000mAh70 x 50 x 9.33.7V
LP9442774030mAh77 x 42 x 9.43.7V
LP9546734000mAh73 x 46 x 9.53.7V
LP9548784000mAh78 x 48 x 9.53.7V
LP9552664000mAh66 x 52 x 9.53.7V
LP9746734000mAh73 x 46 x 9.73.7V
Flat Li Polymer Batteries Application

4000mAh Li Polymer Battery for Smart Clock

This clock will change the way you see clocks. It combines with beauty and brains with a design that fits into any home, and connectivity that makes your day easier.

The smart clock generation is designed to allow everyone to use Internet technology, not just for use, but also for meaningful interaction and creation on the user’s side. We use the Internet to make smart clock more beautiful and practical.

A combination of new ways and clocks, smart alarm clocks have multiple functions and may surprise you!