Car Jump Starter Replacement LiPo Battery

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Car Jump Starter LiPo Battery

LiPol Battery Company’s car emergency jump starter battery uses a high-rate discharge lipo battery. It is small in size, light in weight, and high in safety, and it can release a large current in an instant. Car jump starter lipo battery not only starts the car, but also charges mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and car accessories. It is a multi-functional mobile power battery.

What is Car Jump Starter LiPo Battery?

A portable car jump starter or jump box is a battery with a cable, which can quickly start the car when the battery is dead. This is safer and more convenient than jumping the battery to another car through a cable. It will not charge your car battery, but will provide the starting power required to start the engine. The car’s alternator is responsible for charging the battery while you are driving.

Our car jump starters lipo batteries are ultra-compact but powerful devices with lithium technology functions. A pound of lithium can provide a very small energy output, and its size is only a small part of it. Combined with high-end electronic products and design, it can produce safe and efficient performance. The portable lithium battery jump starter pack can provide up to 900A of current. Powerful lipo battery booster jump box, used for starting cars, ships, motorcycles, etc.

High Discharge Rate LiPo Battery

High discharge rate lipo battery: up to 40C continuous discharge, support 150C pulse discharge, and store at a high temperature of 80°C

Features of Car Jump Starter LiPo Battery


  1. High-current continuous discharge is stable, 35C rate discharge performance is above 95%, and instantaneous discharge reaches ≥60C;
  2. Excellent high and low temperature performance, storage at 60℃ high temperature environment for 7 days, 40C capacity retention ≥50%, 85℃ high temperature environment storage for 8 hours, no swelling, -10℃ environment can start normally;
  3. High energy density, long cycle life, light weight, small size and easy to carry.


  1. OEM mass production, mature manufacturing technology;
  2. The physical factory supplies, the quality is guaranteed, and the after-sales service is perfect;
  3. The battery assembly method requirements can be customized according to customer requirements, and any size can be customized! Such as voltage, capacity, packaging color, matching plug model, lead wire length, etc.;
  4. An integrated power supply solution can be provided according to customer requirements.

Hot Car Jump Starter LiPo Battery Models

Battery Model:LPHD546888
Size:44.0mm x 72.0mm x 99.0mm
Max Discharge Current250A
Battery Model:LPHD826888
Size:26.5mm x 70.0mm x 99mm
Max Discharge Current480A

Jump Starter LiPo Battery Lists

ModelCapacityVoltageRateMax Discharge CurrentSize
LPHD396888 3S1800mAh11.1V35C180A: 3S16 x 70 x 97mm
LPHD4842126 3S2000mAh11.1V40C240A: 3S21.5 x 44 x 139mm
LPHD4642126 3S2000mAh11.1V40C240A: 2S19 x 44 x 138mm
LPHD576078 3S2100mAh11.1V40C250A: 2S21 x 62 x 89mm
LPHD546888 7S2500mAh25.9V40C250A: 2S44 x 72 x 99mm
LPHD8042126 3S3700mAh11.1V40C444A: 2S26.5 x 44 x 138mm
LPHD666796 3S4000mAh11.1V25C480A: 1S23 x 69.5 x 106mm
LPHD826888 3S4000mAh11.1V40C480A: 2S26.5 x 70 x 99mm
LPHD6470140 7S5000mAh25.9V40C600A: 2S47 x 72 x 163mm
LPHD9842126 3S5000mAh11.1V30C400A: 3S31.5 x 44 x 141mm
LPHD7570140 7S6000mAh25.9V40C720A: 2S55 x 72 x 155mm
LPHD9446143 3S6000mAh11.1V30C600A: 2S32.5 x 48 x 156mm
LPHD9146143 3S6000mAh11.1V30C420A: 2S29.5 x 48 x 153mm
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