Curved Lithium Polymer Battery

Curved Lithium Polymer Battery--Wearable Device Power Bank

We have been committed to the research, development and production of novel Lithium Polymer Batteries more than 10 year,we are the top manufacturer of new lithium polymer batteries in China.

The novel curved batteries are used for more and more wearable device, like wirstbands, smart watch. It can make the most use of internal space of your consumer electronic device, offer larger capacity and longer using hours.

Existing 6 models lithium polymer battery for your choose.

We have 6 models curved lithium polymer battery with different dimensions and bending radius, capacity range from 80mAh to 400mAh.

Curved Lithium Polymer Battery

Model No.CapacityT x W x L(mm)Inner*External Radius

Customize Services For Curved Lithium Polymer Battery


We have extensive experience in making lithium polymer batteries and keep good performance . We currently have more than 2,000 types of lithium polymer batteries, among them 6 models curved batteries.


We also provide customized services.
Custom curved battery, just send us some basic information, we give you a perfect curved lithium polymer battery solution.