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LiPol Battery Co., Ltd is the industry leader in manufacturing lithium-ion polymer battery and high discharge rate lithium-ion polymer battery, range from 0.7mm-13mm, 20mAh-10000mAh.We also provide customize battery service, assembled battery, and connector cables.


LiPol Battery has producing and selling lithium polymer batteries since 2002, and has always put quality before quantity since the day our first battery rolled off the assembly line. We stand behind our product now, then, and in the future. You will not find a diverse battery manufacturing company in China. Our LiPol made batteries are the best quality longest lasting most dependable energy storage batteries manufactured on earth guaranteed. Our line is specific for 20mAh-1000mAh, Li Po Battery 5000mAh+Lithium polymer battery 0.7mm-13mm, high discharge rate li poly battery, LP18650 series Lipo battery, Round li poly battery, Ultra-slim battery, iPhone battery and so on. Please keep the LiPol battery in mind every time when you need powering up your device or prototyping.


With over 15 years of experience in the power industry, our team understands the unique requirements of our clientele. From a custom system to stocked items, we will meet your demands in the most effective manner. We produce lithium polymer battery and lithium-ion battery pack for customer electronic devices, provide a full service from designing and producing battery, also include battery packing and shipment. LiPol battery had been used for GPS, E-book, laptops, Bluetooth, mobile phones, digital cameras, digital camcorders, and so on. 


Learn more about our lithium polymer battery on https://lipobattery.us/battery/


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