Customized Shaped Li Poly Battey

We are always dedicated to the research, development and production of new shaped batteries. Now, we have 21 Round Li Poly Battery, 145 Ultra-slim Li Poly Battery, 6 Curved Li Poly Battery, 43 cylindrical Li Poly battery for your choose. Besides, we can customize battery in your dimension and capacity. Contact us,  give you a perfect battery solution!

*Round Li Poly Battery

Round shaped Li Poly battery are the most suitable for round device, such as smart watch, round eletronic toothbrush and so on. It maximize the usage of internal space with a higher capacity.

*Ultra-slim Li Poly Battery

Do you want an ultra-slim Li Poly battery for your application? We have 145 models ultra-thin Li Poly battery thickness range 0.1mm to 2.9mm. Power your mini card phones, bank cards with our ultra-slim Li Poly battery.

*Cylinder Li Poly Battery

Cylinder Li Poly battery is the best choose for cylindrical device, it can save space and provide a high current. More than 40 Li Poly battery, there’s always one for you.

*Curved Li Poly Battery

If you want power your smart wristbands, curved Li Poly battery is the best choose. It can fit more closely to user’s wrist, give you a comfortable wearing experiences.

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We do not provide telephone support, the reason being that it is impossible to offer a quality product at an attractive price or answer your questions without making some compromises. We have decided to compromise on human resources rather than the technical.

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