Best 3.7V Rechargeable LiPo Battery Vendor From China

LiPol Battery Co., Ltd is the industry leader in manufacturing lithium polymer batteries, our customers from around the world. We provide various shape batteries, such as rectangular lithium polymer battery、round lithium polymer battery, ultra-thin lithium polymer battery, high discharge rate lithium polymer, lithium-ion battery 18650, and so on. Choose LiPol Battery company, we give you a perfect battery solution!

  • Rich Inventory
  • Large Capacity Range: 10mAh- 20000mAh
  • Various Size, Various Shape
  • Samples Available
  • Customize Service
  • Fast Shipment
  • Quick Response
  • Free Technical support

Battery Shape

Ultra-thin Battery

Round Battery

High Rate Battery

18650 Battery

Battery Capacity

Custom Battery Pack

LP804050 2P in Parallel

LP605175 2S in Serial

LP8873129 2S3P 11.1V 20000mAh