LiPo Rechargeable Battery LP191622 32mAh Power for Wearable Mouse

This wearable mouse uses machine learning to evolve with you for even more convenience. Get smarter and better control with the app. Control over your devices with just a single gesture, an intelligent wearable mouse makes you a smart life. Three classic colors for your choice, are gold color, black color, and silver color. Built-in 32mAh lipo rechargeable battery, 24 hours use without charge.


Wearable mouse Specifications

  • Gesture mouse mode
  • Air mouse mode
  • Bar mouse mode
  • Size: 0.49*0.36*1.12 in
  • Weight: 5g
  • Battery Capacity: 32mAh lipo rechargeable battery, 3.7V LP191622 32mAh
  • Input voltage: DC 5V/32mAh
  • Compatible with: Android, Windows, Apple iOS, iPadOS, MacOS
  • Charging time: 30 min
  • Operating distance: within 10m
  • Charge type: USB C-type cable
LiPO Battery Application

Your finger becomes the wearable mouse

This small wearable mouse’s gesture recognition puts you in control of your devices. Wearing this mouse on your finger, you do not need to control the mouse, joystick, track pad, just move your finger. It can be an excellent replacement of a presentation tool, ring mouse, VR/AR remote controller. Simplify your devices, rich your life.

Universal compatibility
Connect the wearable mouse to a smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet, it supports android, iOS, Windows, and macOS systems.

Recognizes your gestures
A wireless wearable mouse uses gestures to put you in control of your devices. From waking up to falling asleep, experience a whole new level of convenience at the touch of a finger. That’s the power of a wearable mouse.

Morning Routine

You can use the wearable mouse to control your devices during your morning jog or commute. The Apple Airpods and other earbuds do not let you adjust the volume without taking your phone out first. With the wearable mouse, just turn your finger clockwise or counterclockwise to adjust the volume.

Evening Rest

After a long day of work, you are finally home. With this finger mouse, that precious relaxation time is magnified tenfold. It is waterproof and suitable for basic daily use, allowing you to use it while cooking or in the shower. Need a quick game to decompress or enter a virtual world? All you need is the wearable mouse, and it’s at your fingertips.

Working Day

This wearable mouse is the perfect companion for presentations, lectures, and meetings. You can precisely control your devices from a distance. The wearable mouse makes the discomfort of swapping between devices a thing of the past. Just use your finger, and control the two devices at the same time.

Use Anytime, Anywhere

This wearable mouse also gives your thumb control over an air mouse for all of your devices. With a small lipo rechargeable battery LP191622 32mAh, you can use it freely. With a bar cradle, you can charge the mouse faster than ever, since the LP191622 32mah rechargeable lipo battery supports a fast charge.

Enhanced gesture precision and stability

Everyone has their own unique way of finger-moving. That’s why we programmed the wearable mouse so it can learn from your unique movements for enhanced precision. No matter where you are or what you are doing, the mouse naturally recognizes your gestures, regardless of your surroundings, for better use.

A motion sensor uses the latest chipset with a self-learning AI to process difficult to measure data. This gives the wearable mouse even better gesture recognition. Also, it comes with a next-generation sensor for high-performing 3D spatial recognition.

The wearable mouse uses its 3D spatial sensor box, machine learning and other combined technology modules to control the mouse of your TV, smartphone, VR, AR and various other device.

Battery Specification

LiPo Rechargeable Battery LP191622 3.7V 32mAh for Wearable Mouse

Battery TypeLiPo Rechargeable Battery
Battery ModelLP191622
Size1.9mm x 16mm x 22mm
Protection Circuit Module(PCM)Yes, if need
Thermistor(NTC)Yes, if need
ConnectorYes, if need
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