Why are toys so favorite?

People have a higher tolerance for toys, while other Artificial Intelligence (AI) does not. For example, the Autopilot system can’t be controlled in some cases. Google Translate can not become a good writer. The diagnostic efficiency of artificial intelligence is far lower than in hospitals. Smart toys are precisely an excellent opportunity for artificial intelligence to gain early market recognition. There is no competition between smart toys and high technology. We have strict requirements for high tech, but we are very tolerant of toys.

The current development of smart toys


1. Sphero’s new product of “Star Wars”: BB-8 (formerly R2D2), which create favorite smart toys in the world. You must learn to do your own promotion from other people’s characters and do marketing on other people’s platforms. Piggyback: hitchhiking on the back of the pig;

2. Evollve launched a robot that can continuously execute external program instructions, training programming thinking;

3. Anki, founded by Dr. Robotics, launched Cozmo on October 16 with face recognition and sharp intelligence to play games with people.

4. Hanson Robotics just announced a strategic partnership with Disney on October 14th;

5. Pepper officially launched in Taobao, has a strong ability to interact with people, priced at US$198,000.

Opportunity in China


Home robots don’t sound like they can’t be implemented because they don’t meet the needs of both parents and children. China has a strong manufacturing industry, and the United States needs it. For example, Evollve is a California design, made in China. China’s toy industry is developed, and there are almost all electronic products on the market in China. China’s electronics industry is very remarkable. The toy market is a precise application. For toys, the needs of children are bright and highly differentiated.

Who is the winner?


Although China’s toy manufacturing industry is robust, in the global market, Chinese toys have almost no brands. This is a huge business opportunity. If Chinese toy companies can use their strong manufacturing and promotion capabilities in the Chinese market, they can cooperate with high-tech companies to launch their brand products with high-tech advantages.
China’s old generation of artificial intelligence (AI) companies will support and expand smart toys, such as iFLYTEK and MI. The toy market can into film and entertainment industry actively explore the exchange and IP cooperation.

Opportunity: Toy companies, film and television entertainment companies, or China’s emerging artificial intelligence (AI) startups, need to get a pass to the Concept stock. Undoubtedly, Concept stock is stable. So the best way is to launch a great product of its artificial intelligence ( AI ) or a company that integrates with global artificial intelligence (AI) products.

Trap: Toy requirements a high expectation at a low cost. Need to master the basic rules of the toy industry: more moderate than expected costs, higher than expected expectation.

LiPol Battery Co. has made more and more lithium polymer batteries for smart toys because of lighter, higher energy density and high working voltage.