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The 4000mAh Rechargeable LiPo Battery Powers Advanced Air Quality Tracker

In our ever-evolving quest for a healthier lifestyle, air quality has become a significant concern, particularly for those living in urban environments or areas prone to pollution. Addressing this concern, the innovative portable air quality tracker equipped with a 4000mAh rechargeable lithium polymer (LiPo) battery offers a dynamic solution, allowing users to monitor the air quality in their immediate surroundings with precision and ease.

The 4000mAh Rechargeable LiPo Battery Powers Advanced Air Quality Tracker


Air Quality Tracker Specifications

  • Portable design
  • 4000mah rechargeable lipo battery
  • Swiss precision sensors
  • Tailored to your space
  • Monitor and record 4+ air pollutants
  • AI powered insights

Elevating Health and Wellbeing: The 4000mAh Rechargeable LiPo Battery Powers Advanced Air Quality Tracker

Long-Lasting Performance for Continuous Monitoring
The heart of this air quality tracker is its robust 4000mAh LiPo battery, which provides the device with extended operational capabilities and portability. Here’s how this powerful battery makes the air quality tracker a must-have for health-conscious individuals and creators alike:

Extended Battery Life: The 4000mAh LiPo battery ensures that the device can run continuously for long periods without needing a recharge. This feature is crucial for continuous real-time monitoring of air quality, allowing users to track changes in air pollutants throughout the day and night.

Portability and Convenience: Given its portable design, the air quality tracker can be easily moved from one location to another—be it at home, in the office, or during travel. The substantial capacity of the LiPo battery facilitates this mobility, ensuring that the device remains operational even when on the go, without the constant need for a power source.

Advanced Technology Powered by the 4000mAh LiPo Battery
The air quality tracker is not just a simple monitoring device; it is a sophisticated tool equipped with Swiss precision sensors and AI-powered insights, all supported by the powerful 4000mAh battery:

Precision Monitoring: The device is tailored to detect and record multiple pollutants, including but not limited to PM2.5, CO2, VOCs, and nitrogen dioxide. The energy efficiency of the LiPo battery allows these high-precision sensors to function optimally, providing accurate and reliable data.

AI-Powered Insights: Beyond mere tracking, the device analyzes the data with advanced AI algorithms to provide actionable insights. This AI component helps users understand when and why pollution levels change, offering suggestions for improving air quality. The 4000mAh LiPo battery ensures that these complex computations are powered consistently for the most effective analysis and feedback.

Responsive Alerts: If pollution levels rise unexpectedly, the device quickly identifies the issue and alerts the user immediately, enabling timely measures to mitigate exposure. The reliability of the LiPo battery guarantees that the device can perform these critical alerts without fail, enhancing the user’s ability to maintain a healthy environment.

Enhancing Health and Wellbeing
The combination of extended battery life, portability, and advanced technological integration makes this air quality tracker an essential device for anyone looking to enhance their health and wellbeing. Whether for personal use in homes or professional environments where creators and workers need to maintain a clean and safe working atmosphere, the tracker serves as a guardian of air quality.

The portable air quality tracker powered by a 4000mAh rechargeable LiPo battery represents a significant advancement in environmental health monitoring. By combining long-lasting battery performance with cutting-edge sensors and AI insights, this device offers a proactive approach to managing air quality—empowering users to take control of their health and wellbeing in an informed and effective manner. As we continue to face challenges related to air pollution, such tools are not just useful but necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in today’s world.

LiPo Battery Specification

Rechargeable 4000mAh LiPo Battery Details

Battery Type
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
3.7V @ 4000mAh
UL1571 AWG26 50mm*2
Cut-off Voltage
Thermistor (NTC)

Cell Size

Max Charger Current


Max Discharge Current
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4000mAh LiPo Battery Recommendation

LiPo Battery List

Rechargeable 4000mAh+ LiPo Battery Lists

LP1042734000 mAh7342103.7V
LP1045694000 mAh6945103.7V
LP1046674000 mAh6746103.7V
LP1046684000 mAh6846103.7V
LP1046704000 mAh7046103.7V
LP1050654000 mAh6550103.7V
LP1051664000 mAh6651103.7V
LP1052694000 mAh6952103.7V
LP1054654000 mAh6554103.7V
LP1062484000 mAh4862103.7V
LP1140684000 mAh6840113.7V
LP1142654000 mAh6542113.7V
LP1142674000 mAh6742113.7V
LP1148584000 mAh5848113.7V
LP1239724000 mAh7239123.7V
LP1240654000 mAh6540123.7V
LP1243574000 mAh5743123.7V
LP1248534000 mAh5348123.7V
LP1248584000 mAh5848123.7V
LP1250544000 mAh5450123.7V
LP1255544000 mAh5455123.7V
LP26901454000 mAh145902.63.7V
LP27941374000 mAh137942.73.7V
LP28921474000 mAh147922.83.7V
LP29701434000 mAh143702.93.7V
LP29901354000 mAh135902.93.7V
LP30651534000 mAh1536533.7V
LP30821234000 mAh1238233.7V
LP30831604000 mAh1608333.7V
LP32651554000 mAh155653.23.7V
LP32931054000 mAh105933.23.7V
LP33741224000 mAh122743.33.7V
LP35481804000 mAh180483.53.7V
LP35521754000 mAh175523.53.7V
LP35741224000 mAh122743.53.7V
LP35801164000 mAh116803.53.7V
LP36721254000 mAh125723.63.7V
LP37651304000 mAh130653.73.7V
LP38571504000 mAh150573.83.7V
LP39701254000 mAh125703.93.7V
LP40711024000 mAh1027143.7V
LP41731154000 mAh115734.13.7V
LP45621104000 mAh110624.53.7V
LP46641134000 mAh113644.63.7V
LP47701354000 mAh135704.73.7V
LP4780854000 mAh85804.73.7V
LP48681344000 mAh134684.83.7V
LP4870954000 mAh95704.83.7V
LP50681114000 mAh1116853.7V
LP5075904000 mAh907553.7V
LP5259794000 mAh79595.23.7V
LP5465974000 mAh97655.43.7V
LP5662934000 mAh93625.63.7V
LP5755934000 mAh93555.73.7V
LP57581024000 mAh102585.73.7V
LP5880684000 mAh68805.83.7V
LP6060904000 mAh906063.7V
LP6061904000 mAh906163.7V
LP6063854000 mAh856363.7V
LP6065804000 mAh806563.7V
LP6160924000 mAh92606.13.7V
LP6458924000 mAh92586.43.7V
LP6747904000 mAh90476.73.7V
LP6957944000 mAh94576.93.7V
LP6959694000 mAh69596.93.7V
LP71401154000 mAh115407.13.7V
LP72381214000 mAh121387.23.7V
LP7248874000 mAh87487.23.7V
LP7546984000 mAh98467.53.7V
LP7550804000 mAh80507.53.7V
LP7555854000 mAh85557.53.7V
LP7658724000 mAh72587.63.7V
LP7750884000 mAh88507.73.7V
LP7856774000 mAh77567.83.7V
LP8049804000 mAh804983.7V
LP8249824000 mAh82498.23.7V
LP8353764000 mAh76538.33.7V
LP8442944000 mAh94428.43.7V
LP8446794000 mAh79468.43.7V
LP8542944000 mAh94428.53.7V
LP8550804000 mAh80508.53.7V
LP8646794000 mAh79468.63.7V
LP8842944000 mAh94428.83.7V
LP8855704000 mAh70558.83.7V
LP9047644000 mAh644793.7V
LP9049684000 mAh684993.7V
LP9060604000 mAh606093.7V
LP9158614000 mAh61589.13.7V
LP9248774000 mAh77489.23.7V
LP9346734000 mAh73469.33.7V
LP9350704000 mAh70509.33.7V
LP9441864000 mAh86419.43.7V
LP9538964000 mAh96389.53.7V
LP9546734000 mAh73469.53.7V
LP9548774000 mAh77489.53.7V
LP9550704000 mAh70509.53.7V
LP9552664000 mAh66529.53.7V
LP9555654000 mAh65559.53.7V
LP9642704000 mAh70429.63.7V
LP9746734000 mAh73469.73.7V
LP9845754000 mAh75459.83.7V
LP9848704000 mAh70489.83.7V
LP1038684000 mAh6838103.7V
LP1042624000 mAh6242103.7V
LP1050654000 mAh6550103.7V
LP1062494000 mAh4962103.7V
LP1143664000 mAh6643113.7V
LP1155704000 mAh7055113.7V
LP1238634000 mAh6338123.7V
LP1240654000 mAh6540123.7V
LP251001154000 mAh1151002.53.7V
LP301001024000 mAh10210033.7V
LP3095954000 mAh959533.7V
LP311001004000 mAh1001003.13.7V
LP31611474000 mAh147613.13.7V
LP31721204000 mAh120723.13.7V
LP40651164000 mAh1166543.7V
LP41551074000 mAh107554.13.7V
LP4259954000 mAh95594.23.7V
LP4364844000 mAh84644.33.7V
LP45531024000 mAh102534.53.7V
LP4558864000 mAh86584.53.7V
LP4563804000 mAh80634.53.7V
LP4764904000 mAh90644.73.7V
LP4854904000 mAh90544.83.7V
LP5171834000 mAh83715.13.7V
LP5460814000 mAh81605.43.7V
LP5469844000 mAh84695.43.7V
LP59661084000 mAh108665.93.7V
LP6060904000 mAh906063.7V
LP6062704000 mAh706263.7V
LP6150824000 mAh82506.13.7V
LP6160904000 mAh90606.13.7V
LP65361154000 mAh115366.53.7V
LP6553744000 mAh74536.53.7V
LP6554734000 mAh73546.53.7V
LP6956704000 mAh70566.93.7V
LP7056704000 mAh705673.7V
LP7056904000 mAh905673.7V
LP7153764000 mAh76537.13.7V
LP7560584000 mAh58607.53.7V
LP7647684000 mAh68477.63.7V
LP7763614000 mAh61637.73.7V
LP7850664000 mAh66507.83.7V
LP7860664000 mAh66607.83.7V
LP8050804000 mAh805083.7V
LP8063634000 mAh636383.7V
LP8245774000 mAh77458.23.7V
LP8345684000 mAh68458.33.7V
LP8553604000 mAh60538.53.7V
LP8560654000 mAh65608.53.7V
LP8647634000 mAh63478.63.7V
LP9339774000 mAh77399.33.7V
LP9438744000 mAh74389.43.7V
LP9440864000 mAh86409.43.7V
LP95251294000 mAh129259.53.7V
LP9546744000 mAh74469.53.7V
LP9554654000 mAh65549.53.7V
LP9646584000 mAh58469.63.7V
LP9843724000 mAh72439.83.7V
LP9845674000 mAh67459.83.7V
LP29501384020 mAh138502.93.7V
LP2990974020 mAh97902.93.7V
LP3095944020 mAh949533.7V
LP3772974030 mAh97723.73.7V
LP25891354050 mAh135892.53.7V
LP38661304050 mAh130663.83.7V
LP41541154050 mAh115544.13.7V
LP1138644100 mAh6438113.7V
LP1140774100 mAh7740113.7V
LP32781374100 mAh137783.23.7V
LP38701294100 mAh129703.83.7V
LP46631184100 mAh118634.63.7V
LP5287774100 mAh77875.23.7V
LP62551004100 mAh100556.23.7V
LP6774704100 mAh70746.73.7V
LP70351424100 mAh1423573.7V
LP75461004100 mAh100467.53.7V
LP8248704100 mAh70488.23.7V
LP9055704100 mAh705593.7V
LP35631374100 mAh37633.53.7V
LP7154654100 mAh65547.13.7V
LP7254654100 mAh65547.23.7V
LP7546964100 mAh96467.53.7V
LP8050654100 mAh655083.7V
LP8338854100 mAh85388.33.7V
LP8555664100 mAh66558.53.7V
LP8652614100 mAh61528.63.7V
LP9348644100 mAh64489.33.7V
LP60541054150 mAh1055463.7V
LP32981034150 mAh103983.23.7V
LP57411124150 mAh112415.73.7V
LP6052844150 mAh845263.7V
LP6452844150 mAh84526.43.7V
LP7358634150 mAh63587.33.7V
LP1063604200 mAh6063103.7V
LP1134884200 mAh8834113.7V
LP29821394200 mAh139822.93.7V
LP32631584200 mAh158633.23.7V
LP341031004200 mAh1001033.43.7V
LP40691104200 mAh1106943.7V
LP44551424200 mAh142554.43.7V
LP44731094200 mAh109734.43.7V
LP46701104200 mAh110704.63.7V
LP48551124200 mAh112554.83.7V
LP6077774200 mAh777763.7V
LP6260904200 mAh90606.23.7V
LP70501004200 mAh1005073.7V
LP7056894200 mAh895673.7V
LP7456704200 mAh70567.43.7V
LP4786664200 mAh66864.73.7V
LP59361434200 mAh143365.93.7V
LP64411024200 mAh102416.43.7V
LP6557694200 mAh69576.53.7V
LP8550854200 mAh85508.53.7V
LP8845664200 mAh66458.83.7V
LP9061844200 mAh846193.7V
LP9443654200 mAh65439.43.7V
LP9643654200 mAh65439.63.7V
LP29831224200 mAh122832.93.7V
LP8550784250 mAh78508.53.7V
LP1049544250 mAh5449103.7V
LP1252474250 mAh4752123.7V
LP4287854250 mAh85874.23.7V
LP30861424300 mAh1428633.7V
LP30901354300 mAh1359033.7V
LP32801404300 mAh140803.23.7V
LP32961174300 mAh117963.23.7V
LP49601234300 mAh123604.93.7V
LP60601004300 mAh1006063.7V
LP6167894300 mAh89676.13.7V
LP7262674300 mAh67627.23.7V
LP7857644300 mAh64577.83.7V
LP8554704300 mAh70548.53.7V
LP8664604300 mAh60648.63.7V
LP8850854300 mAh85508.83.7V
LP41671244300 mAh124674.13.7V
LP42771004300 mAh100774.23.7V
LP4666844300 mAh84664.63.7V
LP52481434300 mAh143485.23.7V
LP6060814300 mAh816063.7V
LP6654774300 mAh77546.63.7V
LP7075864300 mAh867573.7V
LP9036904300 mAh903693.7V
LP50501304320 mAh1305053.7V
LP7353754320 mAh75537.33.7V
LP7257704375 mAh70577.23.7V
LP1060654400 mAh6560103.7V
LP28771494400 mAh149772.83.7V
LP28841574400 mAh157842.83.7V
LP30751434400 mAh1437533.7V
LP65481204400 mAh120486.53.7V
LP6563824400 mAh82636.53.7V
LP6863794400 mAh79636.83.7V
LP74441054400 mAh105447.43.7V
LP7854884400 mAh88547.83.7V
LP8057814400 mAh815783.7V
LP8455824400 mAh82558.43.7V
LP8651814400 mAh81518.63.7V
LP1340684400 mAh6840133.7V
LP35581324400 mAh132583.53.7V
LP4365964400 mAh96654.33.7V
LP50451164400 mAh1164553.7V
LP60361374400 mAh1373663.7V
LP6544954400 mAh95446.53.7V
LP7359654400 mAh65597.33.7V
LP8050854400 mAh855083.7V
LP8543754400 mAh75438.53.7V
LP271051204450 mAh1201052.73.7V
LP6259734450 mAh73596.23.7V
LP6359734450 mAh73596.33.7V
LP1060804500 mAh8060103.7V
LP1234974500 mAh9734123.7V
LP1240684500 mAh6840123.7V
LP1242734500 mAh7342123.7V
LP1250604500 mAh6050123.7V
LP261251354500 mAh1351252.63.7V
LP28751804500 mAh180752.83.7V
LP29911424500 mAh142912.93.7V
LP30831704500 mAh1708333.7V
LP331021084500 mAh1081023.33.7V
LP35100984500 mAh981003.53.7V
LP40801054500 mAh1058043.7V
LP4081054500 mAh1058143.7V
LP44721064500 mAh106724.43.7V
LP5569974500 mAh97695.53.7V
LP61531104500 mAh110536.13.7V
LP6564784500 mAh78646.53.7V
LP7060804500 mAh806073.7V
LP70681004500 mAh1006873.7V
LP8060674500 mAh676083.7V
LP8060684500 mAh686083.7V
LP8060704500 mAh706083.7V
LP8152804500 mAh80528.13.7V
LP8361724500 mAh72618.33.7V
LP8550754500 mAh75508.53.7V
LP8946774500 mAh77468.93.7V
LP9054724500 mAh725493.7V
LP1239674500 mAh6739123.7V
LP1343634500 mAh6343133.7V
LP37721004500 mAh100723.73.7V
LP4268974500 mAh97684.23.7V
LP5465824500 mAh82655.43.7V
LP57521004500 mAh100525.73.7V
LP62481264500 mAh126486.23.7V
LP63481264500 mAh126486.33.7V
LP6856734500 mAh73566.83.7V
LP7052844500 mAh845273.7V
LP7255724500 mAh72557.23.7V
LP7657694500 mAh69577.63.7V
LP8551654500 mAh65518.53.7V
LP6755714530 mAh71556.73.7V
LP30741654550 mAh1657433.7V
LP29881534600 mAh153882.93.7V
LP39771284600 mAh128773.93.7V
LP4087104600 mAh1078743.7V
LP55611074600 mAh107615.53.7V
LP6065974600 mAh976563.7V
LP6388704600 mAh70886.33.7V
LP82331424600 mAh142338.23.7V
LP43571154600 mAh115574.33.7V
LP9054624600 mAh625493.7V
LP8544764630 mAh76448.53.7V
LP1145644650 mAh6445113.7V
LP231081304650 mAh1301082.33.7V
LP6844924650 mAh92446.83.7V
LP7453684650 mAh68537.43.7V
LP7752754680 mAh75527.73.7V
LP7852754680 mAh75527.83.7V
LP1141704700 mAh7041113.7V
LP1241704700 mAh7041123.7V
LP37901204700 mAh120903.73.7V
LP45681304700 mAh130684.53.7V
LP6060804700 mAh80606.0
LP6261954700 mAh95616.23.7V
LP6280804700 mAh80806.23.7V
LP65581134700 mAh113586.53.7V
LP6563854700 mAh85636.53.7V
LP6861964700 mAh96616.83.7V
LP8651804700 mAh80518.63.7V
LP8852714700 mAh71528.83.7V
LP95401044700 mAh104409.53.7V
LP1147634700 mAh6347113.7V
LP1150534700 mAh5350113.7V
LP5465914700 mAh91655.43.7V
LP5980684700 mAh68805.93.7V
LP8453764700 mAh76538.43.7V
LP9250634700 mAh63509.23.7V
LP9450654700 mAh65509.43.7V
LP9552614700 mAh61529.53.7V
LP4387844730 mAh84874.33.7V
LP45881064750 mAh106884.53.7V
LP4598984750 mAh98984.53.7V
LP6261964750 mAh96616.23.7V
LP8851834750 mAh83518.83.7V
LP30721394750 mAh1397233.7V
LP35631334750 mAh133633.53.7V
LP5165844750 mAh84655.13.7V
LP10331154800 mAh11533103.7V
LP1052744800 mAh7452103.7V
LP1059534800 mAh5359103.7V
LP1159534800 mAh5359113.7V
LP37821104800 mAh110823.73.7V
LP46631384800 mAh138634.63.7V
LP5462804800 mAh80625.4
LP5954904800 mAh90545.9
LP6257934800 mAh93576.23.7V
LP65571004800 mAh100576.53.7V
LP7056954800 mAh955673.7V
LP7555954800 mAh95557.53.7V
LP8071714800 mAh717183.7V
LP8550854800 mAh85508.53.7V
LP9067674800 mAh676793.7V
LP7060904800 mAh906073.7V
LP7359774800 mAh77597.33.7V
LP9351664800 mAh66519.33.7V
LP1155704800 mAh705511
LP8560784850 mAh78608.53.7V
LP6257784850 mAh78576.23.7V
LP1144704900 mAh7044113.7V
LP1147674900 mAh6747113.7V
LP7059874900 mAh875973.7V
LP8060774900 mAh776083.7V
LP8552804900 mAh80528.53.7V
LP48601004900 mAh100604.83.7V
LP7059734900 mAh735973.7V
LP4764954950 mAh95644.73.7V

Other 4000mAh LiPo Battery Applications