Rechargeable LiPo Battery Tabs

Generally, our standard lipo battery with a protection circuit module(PCM) and two wires. One wire connecting the positive electrode, and the other wire connecting negative electrode. For the convenience of customers, we will also add JST/Molex connectors according to requirements. If there is no need a protection circuit module and wires, we provide the lipo cells with two tabs. You can connect the battery to the final device by soldering tabs.

The tabs are an important raw material of a rechargeable lipo battery product. There are three components of the lipo battery tabs. The positive electrode of the battery is aluminum (Al), the negative electrode is nickel (Ni) material, and the negative electrode is also nickel-plated copper (NICU) material. They are both made of thin films and metal strips. The film is the insulating part on the tab. Its purpose is to prevent the short circuit between the metal strip and the aluminum-plastic film when the rechargeable lipo battery is made, and to heat the aluminum-plastic film (about 140°C) to prevent short-circuit leakage.

LiPo Battery Tabs Material

The rechargeable lipo battery tabs are made of two pieces of thin film, and there are metal strips between them. There are three types of films currently on the market: black, white, and single-layer. Commonly used vinyl films have a three-layer structure: melanin, with a melting point of 66°C; PE, with a melting point of 105°C; PP, with a melting point of 137°C.

A lipo battery tab is a connection, conduction, and seal for connecting the inside and outside of the rechargeable lipo battery. It combines tab glue and aluminum-plastic film. The electricity comes out through the lipo battery tabs, and a circuit appears; sealing refers to the seal between the rubber strip and the metal belt and between the rubber strip and the aluminum-plastic film seal.

We provide customize service for lipo battery size, battery protection circuit modules, wires, and connectors. If our rechargeable lipo battery is in stock, you can order even 5 pcs samples. For a customize lipo battery, we can make the lipo battery tabs according to your requirements, just send us the position, width & length of the tabs, and we will evaluate them.

Rechargeable LiPo Battery Recommendation

LP171320 25mah

LiPo Battery LP171320

3.7V 25mAh

without PCM & wires, with tabs

LP952245 900mah

LiPo Battery LP952245

3.7V 900mAh

with PCM & wires 

LP652531 430mAh+Molex 51021-0200

LiPo Battery LP652531

3.7V 430mAh

with PCM & wires & JST connector

LiPo Battery LP503744 3.7V 950mAh

LiPo Battery LP503744

3.7V 950mAh

without PCM & wires, with tabs

LiPo Battery LP505295 3000mAh with NTC

LiPo Battery LP505295

3.7V 3000mAh

with PCM & wires & NTC

LiPo Battery LP803470 2400mAh with Molex 78172-0003

LiPo Battery LP803470

3.7V 2400mAh

with PCM & wires & Molex connector