Rechargeable LiPo Battery Pack LP536596 2S 7.4V 4200mAh 31.08Wh with protection circuit and wires 50mm

4000mAh lipo battery pack in stock, fast charging time, get price lists now. This Rechargeable LiPo Battery LP536596 2S 7.4V 4200mAh 31.08Wh size is 11.0mm x 66mm x 100mm, it with a protection circuit module and wires 50mm. The MOQ is 5 pieces with a lead-time of one week to ship when the LiPo Battery is in stock. The lead-time is 6-7 weeks for MOQ 5K of new production LiPo Batteries. Also, we provide customized services, you can custom your own rechargeable LiPo Battery in any shape and size.

If you want to customize LiPo Battery Pack, please contact us to get battery solutions.


Rechargeable LiPo Battery Pack LP536596 2S 7.4V 4200mAh 31.08Wh with protection circuit and wires 50mm

Battery Type:Rechargeable LiPo Battery Pack
Model:LP536596 2S, 536596 2S
Nominal Voltage:7.4V
Size:11.0mm x 66.0mm x 100.0mm
Protection circuit module(PCM):Yes
Wat-Hou Rating:31.08Wh
Max. Operating Voltage Range:6.00V to 8.40V
Max. Charge Voltage:8.40V±50mV
Max. Charge Current:2000mA
Max. Discharge Current:3000mA
Discharge Cut-off6.00V
Internal Impedance:<200mΩ
Expected Cycle Life @(0.5C/0.5C)@23±5°C)500 cycles ≥ 80%
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Product Details

Rechargeable LiPo Battery Pack LP536596 2S 7.4V 4200mAh 31.08Wh with protection circuit and wires 50mm

Lithium Polymer battery, abbreviated as Li Po Battery, LiPo Battery,Li Poly Battery, LIP Battery, Li Polymer Battery, Lithium Poly Battery.

The LP536596 2S 7.4V 4200mAh 31.08Wh is a LiPo battery pack, which uses a polymer electrolyte. As we all know, this new type of battery now main uses in wearable devices, medical devices, radio-controlled equipment, personal electronics, and electric vehicles.

We are the best China LiPo Battery Pack manufacturer, we produce and sell LiPo batteries for more than 10 years. We can make rectangular lithium polymer battery, round lithium polymer battery, ultra-thin li poly battery, curved lithium polymer battery, cylindrical li polymer battery, RC li-po battery, and high discharge rate li poly battery. The LP536596 2S 7.4V 4200mAh 31.08Wh is one of our popular rechargeable LiPo batteries, buy some batteries for prototyping. Our MOQ is only 5 pieces, friendly to the small company.

Our rechargeable LiPo Battery Pack with a protection circuit module(PCM), and two standard 50mm wires. It’s possible to add NTC, our NTC spec is 10KΩ 1% +25C B3380. If you need connectors, it’s also possible, you can click the below link to choose the JST/Molex connectors.

Battery list

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LP111825450 mAh111825
LP111927450 mAh111927
LP112425540 mAh112425
LP112525580 mAh112525
LP112229600 mAh112229
LP112527650 mAh112527
LP112426670 mAh112426
LP112528700 mAh112528
LP111935750 mAh111935
LP112328750 mAh112328
LP112330750 mAh112330
LP112031800 mAh112031
LP111844840 mAh111844
LP112529850 mAh112529
LP112337950 mAh112337
LP1123441000 mAh112344
LP1128311000 mAh112831
LP1130301000 mAh113030
LP1130331000 mAh113033
LP1125391100 mAh112539
LP1125401100 mAh112540
LP1132321100 mAh113232
LP1124461200 mAh112446
LP1127371200 mAh112737
LP1124421250 mAh112442
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LP1128401300 mAh112840
LP1125451400 mAh112545
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LP1128471400 mAh112847
LP1130401400 mAh113040
LP1130451400 mAh113045
LP1134281400 mAh113428
LP1134321400 mAh113432
LP1136361450 mAh113636
LP1122571500 mAh112257
LP1134371500 mAh113437
LP1134381500 mAh113438
LP1126491550 mAh112649
LP1130431600 mAh113043
LP1135351600 mAh113535
LP1122541800 mAh112254
LP1125561800 mAh112556
LP1125601800 mAh112560
LP1132481800 mAh113248
LP1134451800 mAh113445
LP1134501800 mAh113450
LP1130501900 mAh113050
LP1138401900 mAh113840
LP1135391900 mAh113539
LP1134391950 mAh113439
LP1137351950 mAh113735
LP1123752000 mAh112375
LP1132522000 mAh113252
LP1132552000 mAh113255
LP1134502000 mAh113450
LP1140402000 mAh114040
LP1125682200 mAh112568
LP1122822400 mAh112282
LP1127652400 mAh112765
LP1138502500 mAh113850
LP1142462550 mAh114246
LP1135502600 mAh113550
LP1134532620 mAh113453
LP1135602650 mAh113560
LP1133552650 mAh113355
LP1139492650 mAh113949
LP1136572800 mAh113657
LP1142442800 mAh114244
LP1144432800 mAh114443
LP1145422800 mAh114542
LP1147602800 mAh114760
LP1139492850 mAh113949
LP1144432850 mAh114443
LP1134652900 mAh113465
LP1145512900 mAh114551
LP1140492950 mAh114049
LP1135653000 mAh113565
LP1137603000 mAh113760
LP1139603000 mAh113960
LP1145473000 mAh114547
LP1146463000 mAh114646
LP1147523000 mAh114752
LP1150523000 mAh115052
LP1139473000 mAh113947
LP1145453100 mAh114545
LP1146473100 mAh114647
LP1139523200 mAh113952
LP1148503200 mAh114850
LP1131783200 mAh113178
LP1138593200 mAh113859
LP1145453200 mAh114545
LP1143543300 mAh114354
LP1153503300 mAh115350
LP1144583400 mAh114458
LP1143483400 mAh114348
LP1141633500 mAh114163
LP1135593500 mAh113559
LP1138683600 mAh113868
LP1143583600 mAh114358
LP1139693600 mAh113969
LP11441513750 mAh1144151
LP1133863800 mAh113386
LP1136643800 mAh113664
LP1140613800 mAh114061
LP1140684000 mAh114068
LP1142654000 mAh114265
LP1142674000 mAh114267
LP1148584000 mAh114858
LP1143664000 mAh114366
LP1155704000 mAh115570
LP1138644100 mAh113864
LP1140774100 mAh114077
LP1134884200 mAh113488
LP1145644650 mAh114564
LP1141704700 mAh114170
LP1147634700 mAh114763
LP1150534700 mAh115053
LP1159534800 mAh115953
LP1144704900 mAh114470
LP1147674900 mAh114767
LP1148655000 mAh114865
LP1150735000 mAh115073
LP1150755000 mAh115075
LP1152715000 mAh115271
LP1154535000 mAh115453
LP1155705000 mAh115570
LP1141875100 mAh114187
LP1142875100 mAh114287
LP1154725400 mAh115472
LP1141905700 mAh114190
LP1160755800 mAh116075
LP11411106000 mAh1141110
LP1154696000 mAh114698
LP1155906300 mAh115590
LP11371056900 mAh1137105
LP11381147056 mAh1138114
LP11581138000 mAh1158113
LP11521008000 mAh1152100
LP1179968000 mAh117996
LP11601008500 mAh1160100
LP11611079200 mAh1161107
LP11601109500 mAh1160110
LP11651109600 mAh1165110
LP115811510000 mAh1158115
LP116010310000 mAh1160103
LP116010010000 mAh1160100
LP116511310000 mAh1165113
LP119018523000 mAh1190185

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