Applications of Li Po Battery

Phone & Accessories Devices

Our Li Po Battery can be used in many devices, there are some examples.

  • 90mAh li po battery for simpler phone
  • 135mAh li po battery for keychain camera
  • 750mAh li po battery for smart charger
  • 1050mAh li po battery for smart led light
  • 2000mAh li pol battery for super mini solar speaker
  • 3000mAh li po battery for wireless earbuds
  • 3200mAh li po battery for mini scanner and so on.

More applications await your discovery.

Powering Mobility: LiPol Battery Co., Ltd’s LiPo Batteries for Mobile Phones and Accessories

In today’s hyper-connected world, our smartphones are more than just communication devices; they are our lifelines, our windows to the digital universe. As we demand more from our mobile companions, the need for advanced, reliable, and compact power solutions has never been greater. LiPol Battery Co., Ltd, a leading lipo battery manufacturer in China, is at the forefront of this transformation, delivering innovative li po batteries that drive the mobile phone and accessories industry to new heights.

The Mobile Revolution: Beyond Communication
Mobile phones have evolved from simple communication tools to multifunctional hubs that connect us, entertain us, and keep us informed. From the latest flagship smartphones to an array of accessories that enhance our mobile experience, LiPol Battery Co., Ltd’s lipo batteries are key components driving these advancements.

LiPol Battery Co., Ltd: Powering Mobile Phones and Accessories

Here’s how LiPol Battery Co., Ltd’s li-polymer batteries are revolutionizing the world of mobile phones and accessories:

1. Slim, Compact, and Lightweight: In an era of sleek and slim designs, our lipo batteries are engineered to be space-efficient without compromising on power. They seamlessly fit into the slim profiles of modern smartphones and accessories.

2. High Energy Density: LiPol Battery Co., Ltd’s lipo batteries are renowned for their impressive energy density, providing longer usage times between charges. This means more talk time, more gaming, and more productivity on a single charge.

3. Customization: Mobile phone and accessory manufacturers have unique power requirements. We understand this and offer customization options to tailor our lipo batteries to their specific needs, whether it’s for a high-capacity smartphone or a compact Bluetooth earbud.

4. Fast Charging: Our li-polymer batteries support fast charging, getting you back to using your devices quickly. No more waiting around for hours for a full charge.

5. Safety Features: Safety is paramount in the world of mobile devices. LiPol Battery Co., Ltd’s li po batteries are equipped with advanced safety mechanisms to prevent overcharging, over-discharging, and other potential risks, ensuring peace of mind for users.

Applications Beyond Phones
Our lipo batteries aren’t limited to just mobile phones. They power a diverse range of accessories, from wireless earbuds and power banks to smartwatches and fitness trackers. With LiPol Battery Co., Ltd, your accessories are not just functional; they are powered to perform beyond expectations.

Partnering for Innovation
LiPol Battery Co., Ltd doesn’t just provide batteries; we enable innovation. We understand the evolving landscape of mobile technology, and we are committed to delivering lipo batteries that empower your ideas.

LiPol Battery Co., Ltd’s Battery Lines

Our company battery line includes rectangular lipo battery, ultra-thin lipo battery, round lipo battery, cylinder lipo battery, 18650 battery, high rate 18650 battery, curved lipo battery, high discharge rate lipo battery, micro round lipo battery, hard case lithium-ion battery, rc lipo battery.

Li Po battery for Simple Phone

It’s a visit card with an original design. It is a phone that Gold’s only you. It is assistant for your customers. It is lightweight durable and always ready to use. Only two buttons, easy operation. It’s a mobile phone and a business card. Thanks to infinite variety of the shape color, printing and a surface. It can leave long lasting impression and can be used in many situations of a business and personal life. It is a mobile made to call you.

LP352323 135mAh Li Po Battery for Keychain Camera

The newest and most advanced mini keychain camera, this device is ideal for use as a sports camera, mounted on a bicycle, skateboard or any type of helmet. The camera can also be used as an automotive instrument camera by purchasing an optional car mount and cigarette lighter adapter. The camera is equipped with a small li po battery, the LP352332, which is only 3.5mm thickness, but has a capacity of 135mAh, making this camera a long standby.

Lithium Polymer Battery LP501035 140mAh for Touch-less Faucet Adapters

The smart touchless faucet adapter is a device with lithium polymer battery LP501035 3.7V 140mAh to make any faucet automatic for saving water and limit of germs in your kitchen & bathroom. There is a motion sensor LED light in it to help you to find the water in the night. Another wireless infrared sensor built-in keeps your hands germ free. You don’t need to charge it very often. The powerful lithium polymer battery supports it working for more than 8 months.

LP852933 750mAh Li Po Battery for Smartest Smart Charger

This is the worlds smallest smart charger, the charger with a custom-developed magnetic and integrated safety and smart systems with two powerful LP852933 750mAh slim li po battery that charge to your device up to a hundred percent. All of that is combined with eco-friendly materials and beautiful color variety. This charge can works with iPhone, Android phones, new generation MacBooks and similar laptops, various tablets, with custom developed magnetic connection makes it universal for almost any modern device.

Li Po Battery LP103436 Powered for Smart LED Light

The LED Light is a smart bluetooth controlled pocket-sized lifestyle light for iPhone,Android, DSLR, GoPro or the best camera, create the proper light for you to capture those special moments. Built in non-replaceable Lithium Polymer Battery, no matter where you are, the light enables you to keep the fun going and capture every moment along the way. It’s the smart, social, portable light that can go virtually anywhere you go. It truly is your everyday light.

900mAh Li Po Battery for Pocket Printer

This is an awesome handheld device——a pocket printer. Now, you can capture your photos in a whole new way. This device built-in a small 900mAh Li Po Battery, it only 20g, save a lots of space for other components. Press the shutter button and watch as your photo instantly and automatically prints. Just three step, you’ll get a beautiful sticky back paper photo. Perfect portable printing for wherever the adventure takes you.

Li Po Battery LP476067 2000mAh 3.7v for Super Mini Solar Speaker

The super-mini solar speaker powered by solar energy & rechargeable li poly battery LP476067 2000mAh are designed for fantastic adventures. It stand out from other speaker because of its rugged mini shape, excellent power supply, wonderful audio enjoyment. Big sound from a pocket size body! With outdoor pocket size body, the mini solar speaker is ready for any exciting adventures.The SolarBox Mini is the world’s most affordable and powerful solar powered speaker that combines:

LiPo Battery LP803454 2000mAh for Wireless Controller

This wireless controller with built-in LiPo battery LP803454 2000mAh defines this generation of games, combining revolutionary functionality and comfort with intuitive, precise control. Evolving analog joysticks and trigger buttons deliver unparalleled precision, while innovative technology provides an exciting way to experience your game and share your best moments. Refresh your settings this spring with this contrasting green and white wireless controller.

Li-Pol Battery LP605175 for Sport Wireless Speaker

It’s is a portable wireless Bluetooth speaker, Maximum water resistance IPX 7 – allows soaking up to 1 meter, underwater for 30 minutes. 20W powerful crystal clear sound, TWS pairing function. Built-in high-capacity rechargeable li-pol battery LP605175 2500mAh for 12 hours of continuous playback. Bluetooth version 4.0, stable connection to Bluetooth signals in the 33-foot range. Smooth rubber case protects the speaker from scratches and impact

Li Po battery for Mini Scanner

The world’s fastest mini-scanner built-in the Lithium Polymer Battery LP18650 is changing the way of our life. It can scan anything you want in anywhere and anytime: storing and saving your commercial papers, sending your receipts to your accounting, , capturing everyday images, sharing your children drawing with your loves ones, scanning into Word. LP18650 lithium polymer battery with 3200mAh capacity, give you a super long using time.

3.7 V LiPo Battery 5000mAh For Palmtop Computer

Our 3.7 V LiPo Battery 5000mAh is mainly used in Palmtop computer, it’s Design company’s good partner. This 3.7 v lipo battery with a huge range of current, built-in PCM/NTC, safe warranty with Japan IC & MOS, free add cables and JST/Molex Connectors. Ask 3.7 v lipo battery datasheet and quotation now, we’ll reply to you within 12 hours.

10000mAh Li Po Battery for Wireless Charger

With a minimalist design, quality materials and respect for the environment, this wireless charger delivers a powerful statement that brings order to complexity. The charger case is 100% aluminum and includes a 10000mAh Li Po Battery with 10W wireless output. A complete experience of beauty, simplicity and technology. The wireless charger is a unique wireless power library and minimalist design object that provides powerful fast energy to go. 

Li-Po Battery LP8873129 3.7V 10000mAh For USB-C Power Dock

USB-C Power Dock built in 3.7V Li-Po battery LP8873129 10000mAh can smart charge multiple devices simultaneously: iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook/Laptop. It makes our travel more convenient and get rid of the cable chaos.

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