LPM1654 120mAh

LPM1654 3.6V 120mAh Micro Lithium-ion Battery

Compact Shape Micro Lithium-ion Battery, Design for Wearable Prototypes, Lowest Price and Sample Available. This Round Micro Steel Shell Lithium-ion Battery LPM1654 3.6V 120mAh cell size is 8.0mm(diameter) x 4mm(thickness). It’s possible to order micro lithium-ion batteries samples, our MOQ is 5pcs. When we have them in stock, it’s available to order small quantity order. If the batteries you want are out of stock, the MOQ is 5K pcs or 10K pcs. We are able to produce mass production, OEM or OEM services. Get micro steel shell lithium-ion battery stock list and price quotation. If our website micro lithium-ion batteries are not suitable for you, you can contact us to get further information. We also provide customized service, custom your own battery. LiPol Battery Co., Ltd is a China lipo battery and lithium-ion battery factory, we have over 20 years of experience in batteries. Our price is very competitive and with a fast lead time. Contact us through the sidebar contact form.

Micro Lithium-ion Battery Key Features and Advantages:

Micro steel shell lithium-ion batteries are a specific type of rechargeable lithium-ion battery that features a small round size and a durable steel shell for enhanced protection and stability. These batteries are commonly used in various electronic devices where compactness, reliability, and high energy density are crucial.

Small Size: Micro steel shell lithium-ion batteries are designed to be extremely compact, allowing them to fit into tight spaces within electronic devices. Their small round size makes them ideal for applications where size and weight are critical factors.

High Energy Density: Despite their small size, these batteries offer a high energy density, allowing them to deliver a significant amount of power for their size.

Steel Shell Construction: The steel shell provides excellent mechanical protection to the battery components, making it more resistant to physical damage or deformation. This robust construction enhances the safety and durability of the battery.

Rechargeable: These Lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable, which means they can be reused multiple times by recharging them using a compatible charger. This feature reduces the need for frequent battery replacements and is environmentally friendly.

Stable Voltage Output: Steel shell button lithium batteries provide a stable voltage output throughout their discharge cycle, ensuring consistent performance of the devices they power.

Long Shelf Life: Steel shell button lithium batteries have a relatively long shelf life compared to other battery types. They can retain their charge for extended periods, making them suitable for devices that are not frequently used.

Wide Operating Temperature Range: These batteries can typically operate in a wide range of temperatures, allowing them to function effectively in various environments.


Round Micro Steel Shell Lithium-ion Battery LPM1654 3.6V 120mAh

Battery typeRound Micro Lithium-ion Battery
SizeDiameter 16mm x Thickness 5.4mm
Capacity120mAh, 0.432Wh
Protection circuit module(PCM)No (Optional)
Thermistor(NTC)No (Optional)
WiresNo (Optional)
ConnectorNo (Optional)
Max Charge Current60mA
Max Discharge Current120mA
Expected Cycle Life500 cycles
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Product Details

Round Steel Round Micro Lithium-ion Battery LPM1654 3.6V 120mAh

We are the best China lipo battery and Lithium-ion battery factory, we have produced and sold rechargeable Round Micro Steel Shell Lithium-ion batteries for over 20 years. Our battery product lines have 18650 li-ion battery, micro lithium-ion battery, 10000mAh lipo battery, 5000mAh lipo battery, rectangular lipo battery, round lipo battery, ultra-thin lipo battery, curved lipo battery, cylindrical lipo battery, RC lipo battery, and high discharge rate lipo battery. The LPM1654 3.6V 120mAh is one of our popular rechargeable Round Micro Steel Shell Lithium-ion batteries, buy some samples for evaluation. Our MOQ is 5 pieces for stock Round Micro Steel Shell Lithium-ion batteries, friendly to small companies and new start-up companies. Some of our Li-ion batteries are IEC62133, UN38.3, RoHS, MSDS, UL1642, and UL2054 certified, we also can help you apply these certifications for your new battery. We sell stock Lithium-ion batteries and provide customized Round Micro Steel Shell Lithium-ion battery service. Send us your request, we will design a perfect rechargeable Lithium-ion battery plan.

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Applications of Micro Lithium-ion Batteries

Micro steel shell lithium-ion batteries find applications in a wide range of electronic devices, including:

Wearable Devices: They are commonly used in wearable technology such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, and wireless earbuds, where small size and long battery life are essential.

Portable Electronics: These batteries are employed in various portable electronic devices, including Bluetooth speakers, portable medical devices, handheld barcode scanners, and miniaturized electronic gadgets.

Internet of Things (IoT) Devices: Micro steel shell lithium-ion batteries are utilized in IoT devices, such as sensors, smart home devices, and wireless modules, providing reliable power for connectivity and operation.

Medical Devices: They are used in miniature medical devices like insulin pumps, hearing aids, and medical monitoring devices due to their small size and long-lasting power.

Remote Controls and Key Fobs: These batteries power remote controls, key fobs, and other small electronic devices that require a compact power source.

Electronic Toys: They are employed in small electronic toys and gadgets, providing the necessary power for their operation.

LiPol Battery Co., Ltd is a reputable manufacturer of micro steel shell lithium-ion batteries, offering high-quality and reliable battery solutions. Our expertise in battery technology ensures that our batteries meet stringent quality standards and provide exceptional performance. Visit our website to explore our range of micro steel shell lithium-ion batteries and find the perfect power solution for your electronic devices.

Battery list

Rechargeable Hard Case Micro Lithium-ion Battery List

The below micro lithium-ion battery list is the cell size.
Except for LPM0840 3.6V 18mAh, all the battery models can add the protection circuit module(PCM) and wires. If add the PCM, the battery thickness increase by 3mm, diameter increase by 0.5mm

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery Applications

How to order a Micro Lithium-ion battery?

1. Contact us
Send your Micro Steel Shell Lithium-ion battery requirement via the sidebar contact form or contact us page. We need to know Lithium-ion battery dimensions(thickness x width x length), voltage, capacity, max working current, protection circuit module(PCM), wires request, thermistor(NTC), connector type, etc. The more specific the information, the better we can find the best Lithium-ion battery for you.

2. Evaluate & Quotation
When we receive your inquiries, we will reply to you within 12 hours. We will communicate the specific information of the Micro Steel Shell Lithium-ion battery via email.

3. Order Process
Once we are agreed on the Micro Steel Shell Lithium-ion battery models, quantities, prices, and other details, we will provide you with an invoice for payment. Generally, our payment terms are 100% payment in advance, payment methods are PayPal, credit card, and bank transfer. After we receive the payment, we will arrange your order. The lead time depends on specific orders.

4. Shipment
When the Micro Steel Shell Lithium-ion batteries are ready, we will ship them out via DHL/UPS/FedEx Door to Door. We mainly use air shipping to ship the batteries, it is safe and fast. Later, we will provide the tracking number for you. We will also track the orders until the customer signs for the batteries

5. Warranty
Our warranty for the Micro Steel Shell Lithium-ion battery is one year after the sale. (Refund or Resend batteries)
Range of warranty: There is low voltage, expansion, or leakage with the correct use of the cell in the warranty period.