LiPo Battery Applications

LiPo Battery Apply to Wearable Devices

Our LiPol Battery Company specializes in the lipo battery, and we produce rectangle lipo battery, round lipo battery, ultrathin lipo battery, curved lipo battery, cylindrical lipo battery, RC lipo battery, and high discharge c rate lipo battery. Our lipo battery has so much potential for consumer wearables devices, such wearable smart ring, smart spectacles, wearable camera, health tracking headband, wearable hydration monitor and wireless earbuds and so on.

Slight Li Po Battery LP421266 For Health Tracking Headband

Our slight Li-Po Battery is used for more and more headbands and the applications because these batteries have a smaller width from 8mm to 20mm but the length is significant. They can be built-in limited and narrow space. The following application is health tracking headband.
Because Dreams & Sleep are vital for optimal health and happiness. It is not a medical device. It is a consumer electronic product not meant to diagnose or treat any disease or illness. Brain cells use electrical pulses to transmit messages. Electroencephalography(EGG) is a technology to measure brains faces, which are the summed electrical activities of many neurons. It is the EEG headband that reads and records activity in the brain through its dry electrodes.

1450mAh Li Po Battery for Wearable Hydration Monitor

We’re properly hydrated we feel better, think better, look better, we just are better. This wearable hydration monitor is not just another fitness tracker, it is the first and only wearable to measure your hydration, letting you know precisely how much water you need to fell and perform your best. This device also measures your heart rate, sleep quality, calories activity and mood, it integrates all of that information to show you what kind of improvements you can see in your sleep and during exercise. Built-in 1450mAh Li Po Battery designed for 24/7 wear.

The Most Interactive Wireless Earbuds Power By 3000mAh Lithium Polymer Batteries

This wireless earbud designed for life on the move, it is a truly wireless headset designed with ultimate touch control, optimized Bluetooth connectivity and clear sound experience for listeners. They are the most interactive earbuds, so you can control more.

  • Ultra-intuitive touch controls
  • Automatic in-ear detection –
  • Noise cancellation + noise isolation –
  • 3000mAh Lithium Polymer Batteries life w/ case = 18 hours
  • water resistant
  • iOS and Android compatible