Li-Polymer Battery LP362227 3.7V 240mAh 0.89Wh with protection circuit and wires 25mm

Small Samples & Large Order Available, Built With PCM/NTC/Cables/JST Connectors. This Li-Polymer Battery LP362227 3.7V 240mAh 0.89Wh size is 3.6mm x 22mm x 27mm, it with a protection circuit module and wires 25mm. The MOQ is 5 pieces with a lead-time of one week to ship when the Li-Polymer Battery is in stock. The lead-time is 6-7 weeks for MOQ 5K of new production Li-Polymer Batteries. Also, we provide customized services, you can custom your own rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery in any shape and size.

If you want to customize Li-Polymer Battery, please contact us to get fast samples for testing now.

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Li-Polymer Battery LP362227 3.7V 240mAh 0.89Wh with protection circuit and wires 25mm

Lithium Polymer battery, abbreviated as Li Po Battery, LiPo Battery,Li Poly Battery, LIP Battery, Li Polymer Battery, Lithium Poly Battery.

The LP362227 3.7V 240mAh 0.89Wh is a Li-Polymer battery, which uses a polymer electrolyte. As we all know, this new type of battery now main uses in wearable devices, medical devices, radio-controlled equipment, personal electronics, and electric vehicles.

We are the best China Li-Polymer Battery manufacturer, we produce and sell Li-Polymer batteries for more than 10 years. We can make rectangular lithium polymer battery, round lithium polymer battery, ultra-thin li poly battery, curved lithium polymer battery, cylindrical li polymer battery, RC li-po battery, and high discharge rate li poly battery. The LP362227 3.7V 240mAh 0.89Wh is one of our popular rechargeable Li-Polymer batteries, buy some batteries for prototyping. Our MOQ is only 5 pieces, friendly to the small company.

Our rechargeable Li-Polymer Battery with a protection circuit module(PCM), and two standard 25mm wires. It’s possible to add NTC, our NTC spec is 10KΩ 1% +25C B3380. If you need connectors, it’s also possible, you can click the below link to choose the JST/Molex connectors.


Li-Polymer Battery LP362227 3.7V 240mAh 0.89Wh with protection circuit and wires 25mm

Battery Type:Rechargeable Li-Polymer Batteries
Model:LP362227, 362227
Nominal Voltage:3.7V
Size:3.6mm x 22.0mm x 27.0mm
Protection circuit module(PCM):Yes
Wat-Hou Rating:0.89Wh
Max. Operating Voltage Range:2.75V to 4.2V
Max. Charge Voltage:4.2V±50mV
Max. Charge Current:240mA
Max. Discharge Current:240mA
Discharge Cut-off2.75V
Internal Impedance:<200mΩ
Expected Cycle Life @(0.5C/0.5C)@23±5°C)500 cycles ≥ 80%

3.7V Li-Polymer Batteries Applications

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LP261755200 mAh55172.63.7V
LP282335200 mAh35232.83.7V
LP301452200 mAh521433.7V
LP301745200 mAh451733.7V
LP302040200 mAh402033.7V
LP313424200 mAh24343.13.7V
LP322424200 mAh24243.23.7V
LP322724200 mAh24273.23.7V
LP323030200 mAh30303.23.7V
LP342430200 mAh30243.43.7V
LP342530200 mAh30253.43.7V
LP351445200 mAh45143.53.7V
LP351455200 mAh55143.53.7V
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LP352530200 mAh30253.53.7V
LP401058200 mAh581043.7V
LP401542200 mAh421543.7V
LP401736200 mAh361743.7V
LP402030200 mAh302043.7V
LP402624200 mAh242643.7V
LP421635200 mAh35164.23.7V
LP422030200 mAh30204.23.7V
LP422122200 mAh22214.23.7V
LP422222200 mAh22224.23.7V
LP422525200 mAh25254.23.7V
LP451730200 mAh30174.53.7V
LP452323200 mAh23234.53.7V
LP452525200 mAh25254.53.7V
LP471735200 mAh35174.73.7V
LP492228200 mAh28224.93.7V
LP501048200 mAh481053.7V
LP501050200 mAh501053.7V
LP501240200 mAh401253.7V
LP501244200 mAh441253.7V
LP501435200 mAh351453.7V
LP501436200 mAh361453.7V
LP501522200 mAh221553.7V
LP501530200 mAh301553.7V
LP501630200 mAh301653.7V
LP501728200 mAh281753.7V
LP501735200 mAh351753.7V
LP502025200 mAh252053.7V
LP502224200 mAh242253.7V
LP503068200 mAh683053.7V
LP503562200 mAh623553.7V
LP532025200 mAh25205.33.7V
LP551530200 mAh30155.53.7V
LP561630200 mAh30165.63.7V
LP571225200 mAh25125.73.7V
LP601135200 mAh351163.7V
LP601233200 mAh331263.7V
LP601235200 mAh351263.7V
LP601236200 mAh361263.7V
LP601325200 mAh251363.7V
LP601337200 mAh371363.7V
LP601428200 mAh281463.7V
LP601430200 mAh301463.7V
LP651520200 mAh20156.53.7V
LP651523200 mAh23156.53.7V
LP651826200 mAh26186.53.7V
LP652123200 mAh23216.53.7V
LP682220200 mAh20226.83.7V
LP701327200 mAh271373.7V
LP701425200 mAh251473.7V
LP702019200 mAh192073.7V
LP702120200 mAh202173.7V
LP801325200 mAh251383.7V
LP801552200 mAh521583.7V
LP801621200 mAh211683.7V
LP801622200 mAh221683.7V
LP491730200 mAh30174.93.7V
LP751723200 mAh23177.53.7V
LP541240205 mAh40125.43.7V
LP801522205 mAh221583.7V
LP531434205 mAh34145.33.7V
LP193555210 mAh55351.93.7V
LP261943210 mAh43192.63.7V
LP302830210 mAh302833.7V
LP303030210 mAh303033.7V
LP411735210 mAh35174.13.7V
LP421430210 mAh30144.23.7V
LP491540210 mAh40154.93.7V
LP492327210 mAh27234.93.7V
LP501335210 mAh351353.7V
LP501830210 mAh301853.7V
LP501927210 mAh271953.7V
LP502124210 mAh242153.7V
LP651822210 mAh22186.53.7V
LP701525210 mAh251573.7V
LP801225210 mAh251283.7V
LP801920210 mAh201983.7V
LP851522210 mAh22158.53.7V
LP921131210 mAh31119.23.7V
LP501245210 mAh451253.7V
LP501630210 mAh301653.7V
LP621337210 mAh37136.23.7V
LP302045220 mAh452033.7V
LP302535220 mAh352533.7V
LP303424220 mAh243433.7V
LP321650220 mAh50163.23.7V
LP332730220 mAh30273.33.7V
LP402033220 mAh332043.7V
LP402441220 mAh412443.7V
LP402831220 mAh312843.7V
LP422228220 mAh28224.23.7V
LP442030220 mAh30204.43.7V
LP452030220 mAh30204.53.7V
LP452225220 mAh25224.53.7V
LP471342220 mAh42134.73.7V
LP521535220 mAh35155.23.7V
LP551730220 mAh30175.53.7V
LP581534220 mAh34155.83.7V
LP601725220 mAh251763.7V
LP601726220 mAh261763.7V
LP651430220 mAh30146.53.7V
LP701430220 mAh301473.7V
LP701626220 mAh261673.7V
LP751524220 mAh24157.53.7V
LP751525220 mAh25157.53.7V
LP801228220 mAh281283.7V
LP801826220 mAh261883.7V
LP851721220 mAh21178.53.7V
LP901720220 mAh201793.7V
LP551245220 mAh45125.53.7V
LP382128225 mAh28213.83.7V
LP312239230 mAh39223.13.7V
LP322238230 mAh38223.23.7V
LP332238230 mAh38223.33.7V
LP352730230 mAh30273.53.7V
LP362133230 mAh33213.63.7V
LP382530230 mAh30253.83.7V
LP392725230 mAh25273.93.7V
LP402035230 mAh352043.7V
LP411166230 mAh66114.13.7V
LP421640230 mAh40164.23.7V
LP431446230 mAh46144.33.7V
LP451152230 mAh52114.53.7V
LP451830230 mAh30184.53.7V
LP452526230 mAh26254.53.7V
LP461535230 mAh35154.63.7V
LP501535230 mAh351553.7V
LP501537230 mAh371553.7V
LP501921230 mAh211953.7V
LP512028230 mAh28205.13.7V
LP512323230 mAh23235.13.7V
LP551240230 mAh40125.53.7V
LP551435230 mAh35145.53.7V
LP551927230 mAh27195.53.7V
LP552025230 mAh25205.53.7V
LP701725230 mAh251773.7V
LP702020230 mAh202073.7V
LP831723230 mAh23178.33.7V
LP581541230 mAh41155.83.7V
LP243530235 mAh30352.43.7V
LP322730240 mAh30273.23.7V
LP362227240 mAh27223.63.7V
LP422035240 mAh35204.23.7V
LP451545240 mAh45154.53.7V
LP481538240 mAh38154.83.7V
LP512222240 mAh22225.13.7V
LP541244240 mAh44125.43.7V
LP551728240 mAh28175.53.7V
LP622025240 mAh25206.23.7V
LP652021240 mAh21206.53.7V
LP701235240 mAh351273.7V
LP801921240 mAh211983.7V
LP802020240 mAh202083.7V
LP552525240 mAh25255.53.7V
LP232084250 mAh84202.33.7V
LP243439250 mAh39342.43.7V
LP272250250 mAh50222.73.7V
LP272828250 mAh28282.73.7V
LP283034250 mAh34302.83.7V
LP302630250 mAh302633.7V
LP303032250 mAh323033.7V
LP322438250 mAh38243.23.7V
LP332832250 mAh32283.33.7V
LP343030250 mAh30303.43.7V
LP343031250 mAh31303.43.7V
LP372527250 mAh27253.73.7V
LP372528250 mAh28253.73.7V
LP382427250 mAh27243.83.7V
LP392530250 mAh30253.93.7V
LP402228250 mAh282243.7V
LP402528250 mAh282543.7V
LP402826250 mAh262843.7V
LP422025250 mAh25204.23.7V
LP422227250 mAh27224.23.7V
LP431642250 mAh42164.33.7V
LP450868250 mAh6884.53.7V
LP451635250 mAh35164.53.7V
LP471163250 mAh63114.73.7V
LP472328250 mAh28234.73.7V
LP501055250 mAh551053.7V
LP501245250 mAh451253.7V
LP501345250 mAh451353.7V
LP501543250 mAh431553.7V
LP502029250 mAh292053.7V
LP502030250 mAh302053.7V
LP512030250 mAh30205.13.7V
LP531732250 mAh32175.33.7V
LP551142250 mAh42115.53.7V
LP551144250 mAh44115.53.7V
LP551145250 mAh45115.53.7V
LP551340250 mAh40135.53.7V
LP551732250 mAh32175.53.7V
LP581248250 mAh48125.83.7V
LP581435250 mAh35145.83.7V
LP601240250 mAh401263.7V
LP601242250 mAh421263.7V
LP601243250 mAh431263.7V
LP601435250 mAh351463.7V
LP602323250 mAh232363.7V
LP602934250 mAh342963.7V
LP652024250 mAh24206.53.7V
LP681530250 mAh30156.83.7V
LP701723250 mAh231773.7V
LP752020250 mAh20207.53.7V
LP901425250 mAh251493.7V
LP101425250 mAh2514103.7V
LP272247260 mAh47222.73.7V
LP301848260 mAh481833.7V
LP301850260 mAh501833.7V
LP302247260 mAh472233.7V
LP302540260 mAh402533.7V
LP392826260 mAh26283.93.7V
LP401845260 mAh451843.7V
LP402226260 mAh262243.7V
LP402824260 mAh242843.7V
LP422033260 mAh33204.23.7V
LP422326260 mAh26234.23.7V
LP452224260 mAh24224.53.7V
LP461842260 mAh42184.63.7V
LP471736260 mAh36174.73.7V
LP492328260 mAh28234.93.7V
LP501250260 mAh501253.7V
LP502028260 mAh282053.7V
LP551245 H260 mAh45125.53.7V
LP551246260 mAh46125.53.7V
LP601436260 mAh361463.7V
LP621345260 mAh45136.23.7V
LP651240260 mAh40126.53.7V
LP732025260 mAh25207.33.7V
LP751530260 mAh30157.53.7V
LP801823260 mAh231883.7V
LP451645260 mAh45164.53.7V
LP452226265 mAh26224.53.7V
LP332141270 mAh41213.33.7V
LP342428270 mAh28243.43.7V
LP352535270 mAh35253.53.7V
LP352830270 mAh30283.53.7V
LP382730270 mAh30273.83.7V
LP402530270 mAh302543.7V
LP501444270 mAh441453.7V
LP501445270 mAh451453.7V
LP502525270 mAh252553.7V
LP521831270 mAh31185.23.7V
LP551243270 mAh43125.53.7V
LP552225270 mAh25225.53.7V
LP601927270 mAh271963.7V
LP602025270 mAh252063.7V
LP701530270 mAh301573.7V
LP902020270 mAh202093.7V
LP341752270 mAh52173.43.7V
LP351650270 mAh50163.53.7V
LP351752270 mAh52173.53.7V
LP522028270 mAh28205.23.7V
LP352044270 mAh44203.53.7V
LP601440270 mAh401463.7V
LP651340270 mAh40136.53.7V
LP721238270 mAh38127.23.7V
LP502522275 mAh222553.7V
LP253041280 mAh41302.53.7V
LP273048280 mAh48302.73.7V
LP283040280 mAh40302.83.7V
LP302053280 mAh532033.7V
LP302934280 mAh342933.7V
LP372727280 mAh27273.73.7V
LP401842280 mAh421843.7V
LP401843280 mAh431843.7V
LP403525280 mAh253543.7V
LP421555280 mAh55154.23.7V
LP451438280 mAh38144.53.7V
LP501446280 mAh461453.7V
LP501447280 mAh471453.7V
LP501548280 mAh481553.7V
LP501638280 mAh381653.7V
LP501739280 mAh391753.7V
LP502033280 mAh332053.7V
LP521730280 mAh30175.23.7V
LP541438280 mAh38145.43.7V
LP544066280 mAh66405.43.7V
LP551253280 mAh53125.53.7V
LP562224280 mAh24225.63.7V
LP562527280 mAh27255.63.7V
LP601437280 mAh371463.7V
LP601535280 mAh351563.7V
LP641730280 mAh30176.43.7V
LP651532280 mAh32156.53.7V
LP651630280 mAh30166.53.7V
LP651730280 mAh30176.53.7V
LP652525280 mAh25256.53.7V
LP682525280 mAh25256.83.7V
LP701240280 mAh401273.7V
LP701335280 mAh351373.7V
LP701728280 mAh281773.7V
LP751335280 mAh35137.53.7V
LP762022280 mAh22207.63.7V
LP101525280 mAh2515103.7V
LP122222280 mAh2222123.7V
LP501543280 mAh431553.7V
LP501738280 mAh381753.7V
LP601245280 mAh451263.7V
LP701241280 mAh411273.7V
LP751335280 mAh35137.53.7V
LP273034290 mAh34302.73.7V
LP303530290 mAh303533.7V
LP372428290 mAh28243.73.7V
LP432625290 mAh25264.33.7V
LP482035290 mAh35204.83.7V
LP482826290 mAh26284.83.7V
LP501641290 mAh411653.7V
LP501743290 mAh431753.7V
LP502826290 mAh262853.7V
LP552030290 mAh30205.53.7V
LP802022290 mAh222083.7V
LP852022290 mAh22208.53.7V
LP601538290 mAh381563.7V
LP651243290 mAh43126.53.7V