Round Li Poly Battery

For Electronic Toothbrush

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Round Li Poly Battery applied for eletronic toothbrush

Fully automatic toothbrush, and finishes in just ten seconds, you will have perfectly clean teeth! Using full electric toothbrush, in order to make life more efficient, brush your teeth faster and more automatically. The toothbrush built in our round li poly battery LPR755040,  1500mAh capacity can lasts for a month.

Automatic toothbrush takes into account all the problems, the brush is aligned with the gums at 45 degrees and soft enough to prevent scratching while brushing teeth, to better clean the bacteria and plaque in your gums, and to keep your healthy and beautiful teeth. Our round li poly battery powered for this handpiece, create a low-energy wireless charging module, so you could even use your wireless smartphone charger to charge the brush.

This electronic toothbruch are powered by our round li poly battery LPR755040. With 1500 capacity, give your a super long using life, you only need to charge per month. The  handpiece includes a low-energy wireless charging module, integrated battery can continue to discharge, even if the absence of charging stations, you can brush your teeth without fear. Our round li poly battery can apply in different shapes and design.

Battery TypeRound Li Poly Battery
Part NumberLPR755040
Voltage @ Capacity3.7V @ 1500mAh
WiresUL 1571 AWG28 50mm
Cut-off Voltage2.75V
Thermistor (NTC)NO
Dimension75×50 mm
Charge Temperature0°C to +45°C
Discharge Temperature-20°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature-20°C to +45°C

Full automatic toothbrush is made out of three parts:

The mouthpiece, the handpiece and the toothpaste capsules.

  1. The flexible mouthpiece has built-in micro-channels to facilitate the delivery of toothpaste to your mouth. The mouthpiece is made of antibacterial silicone, can kill 99% of bacteria in the mouth, 3D-arranged bristles on both side to clean your teeth. The replacement time and cleaning method is same as the regular toothbrush, with the simple maintenance methods to achieve efficient results.
  2. The handpiece include all kinds of the complex technology. It  can produce 9.5G amplitudeso that the brush resonance and coordinated movement.
  3. The toothpaste capsules are simply put into the handpiece, it will automatically provide a certain amount of toothpaste.
Part No.Voltage CapacitySize
LPR2530273.7V @ 135mAh2.5x30mm
LPR2535353.7V @ 220mAh2.5x35mm
LPR3028233.8V @ 140mAh3.0x28mm
LPR3030273.7V @ 170mAh3.0x30mm
LPR3030283.8V @ 185mAh3.0x30mm
LPR3035353.7V @ 275mAh3.0x35mm
LPR3135353.8V @ 300mAh3.1x35mm
LPR3335353.7V @ 300mAh3.3x35mm
LPR3337363.8V @ 385mAh3.3x37mm
LPR3530273.7V @ 210mAh3.5x30mm
LPR3533313.8V @ 295mAh3.5x33mm
LPR3535353.7V @ 330mAh3.5x35mm
LPR3630273.8V @ 225mAh3.6x30mm
LPR4030273.7V @ 250mAh4.0x30mm
LPR4035303.8V @ 360mAh4.0x35mm
LPR4035353.7V @ 390mAh4.0x35mm
LPR4337363.8V @ 530mAh4.3x37mm
LPR4435353.7V @ 450mAh4.4x35mm
LPR4437353.7V @ 450mAh4.4x37mm
LPR4530273.7V @ 285mAh4.5x30mm
LPR4535353.7V @ 450mAh4.5x35mm
LPR4535353.8V @ 475mAh4.5x35mm
LPR4535353.8V @ 490mAh4.5x35mm
LPR4635353.8V @ 480mAh4.6x35mm
LPR4730273.8V @ 330mAh4.7x30mm
LPR4737363.8V @ 580mAh4.7x37mm
LPR4835353.8V @ 530mAh4.8x35mm
LPR5030273.7V @ 300mAh5.0x30mm
LPR5335353.8V @ 560mAh5.3x35mm
LPR5435353.8V @ 610mAh5.4x35mm
LPR5535323.8V @ 600mAh5.5x35mm
LPR5535353.7V @ 580mAh5.5x35mm
LPR5535353.7V @ 600mAh5.5x35mm
LPR6035333.7V @ 630mAh6.0x35mm
LPR6035353.8V @ 650mAh6.0x35mm
LPR6045433.7V @ 1050mAh6.0x45mm
LPR6530273.8V @ 430mAh6.5x30mm
LPR6539293.8V @ 665mAh6.5x39mm
LPR7035353.7V @ 725mAh7.0x35mm
LPR7035353.8V @ 785mAh7.0x35mm
LPR7042303.7V @ 835mAh7.0x42mm
LPR7550403.7V @ 1500mAh7.5x50mm
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