Li Po Battery LP5259109 3.7V 5000mAh 18.5Wh with protection circuit & wires 100mm

2000+ Models Li Po Battery on Sell, Variety Of Dimensions & Capacity, Get a Free Quotation. This Li Po Battery LP5259109 3.7V 5000mAh 18.5Wh size is 5.2mm x 59mm x 109mm, it with a protection circuit module and wires 100mm. The MOQ is 5 pieces with a lead-time of one week to ship when the Li Po Battery is in stock. The lead-time is 6-7 weeks for MOQ 5K of new production Li Po Batteries. Also, we provide customized services, you can custom your own rechargeable Li Po Battery in any shape and size.

If you want to customize Li Po Battery, please contact us to get fast samples for testing now.

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Li Po Battery LP5259109 3.7V 5000mAh 18.5Wh with protection circuit & wires 100mm

Lithium Polymer battery, abbreviated as Li Po Battery, LiPo Battery,Li Poly Battery, LIP Battery, Li Polymer Battery, Lithium Poly Battery.

The LP5259109 3.7V 5000mAh 18.5Wh is a Li Po battery, which uses a polymer electrolyte. As we all know, this new type of battery now main uses in wearable devices, medical devices, radio-controlled equipment, personal electronics, and electric vehicles.

We are the best China Li Po Battery manufacturer, we produce and sell Li Po batteries for more than 10 years. We can make rectangular lithium polymer battery, round lithium polymer battery, ultra-thin li poly battery, curved lithium polymer battery, cylindrical li polymer battery, RC li-po battery, and high discharge rate li poly battery. The LP5259109 3.7V 5000mAh 18.5Wh is one of our popular rechargeable Li Po batteries, buy some batteries for prototyping. Our MOQ is only 5 pieces, friendly to the small company.

Our rechargeable Li Po Battery with a protection circuit module(PCM), and two standard 100mm wires. It’s possible to add NTC, our NTC spec is 10KΩ 1% +25C B3380. If you need connectors, it’s also possible, you can click the below link to choose the JST/Molex connectors.


Li Po Battery LP5259109 3.7V 5000mAh 18.5Wh with protection circuit & wires 100mm

Battery Type:Rechargeable Li Po Batteries
Model:LP5259109, 5259109
Nominal Voltage:3.7V
Size:5.2mm x 59.0mm x 109.0mm
Protection circuit module(PCM):Yes
Wat-Hou Rating:18.5Wh
Max. Operating Voltage Range:2.75V to 4.2V
Max. Charge Voltage:4.2V±50mV
Max. Charge Current:2000mA
Max. Discharge Current:3000mA
Discharge Cut-off2.75V
Internal Impedance:<200mΩ
Expected Cycle Life @(0.5C/0.5C)@23±5°C)500 cycles ≥ 80%

3.7V Li Po Batteries Applications

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LP1044795000 mAh7944103.7V
LP1050785000 mAh7850103.7V
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LP1055755000 mAh7555103.7V
LP1060905000 mAh9060103.7V
LP1061685000 mAh6861103.7V
LP1148655000 mAh6548113.7V
LP1150735000 mAh7350113.7V
LP1150755000 mAh7550113.7V
LP1152715000 mAh7152113.7V
LP1205465000 mAh6554123.7V
LP1240805000 mAh8040123.7V
LP1241755000 mAh7541123.7V
LP1247705000 mAh7047123.7V
LP1248615000 mAh6148123.7V
LP1252785000 mAh7852123.7V
LP1254655000 mAh6554123.7V
LP1258605000 mAh6058123.7V
LP261081435000 mAh1431082.63.7V
LP271081505000 mAh1501082.73.7V
LP30951235000 mAh1239533.7V
LP321031005000 mAh1001033.23.7V
LP35961055000 mAh105963.53.7V
LP37103985000 mAh981033.73.7V
LP38791375000 mAh137793.83.7V
LP40801135000 mAh1138043.7V
LP451021205000 mAh1201024.53.7V
LP46671155000 mAh115674.63.7V
LP47761105000 mAh110764.73.7V
LP50701025000 mAh1027053.7V
LP50701155000 mAh1157053.7V
LP5090955000 mAh959053.7V
LP52541385000 mAh138545.23.7V
LP53601055000 mAh105605.33.7V
LP5380905000 mAh90805.33.7V
LP55561365000 mAh136565.53.7V
LP55651105000 mAh110655.53.7V
LP55651125000 mAh112655.53.7V
LP55651135000 mAh113655.53.7V
LP56661135000 mAh113665.63.7V
LP58631065000 mAh106635.83.7V
LP58641005000 mAh100645.83.7V
LP5868885000 mAh88685.83.7V
LP60531285000 mAh1285363.7V
LP60601105000 mAh1106063.7V
LP60651255000 mAh1256563.7V
LP6066845000 mAh846663.7V
LP62561055000 mAh105566.23.7V
LP6262905000 mAh90626.23.7V
LP6265955000 mAh95656.23.7V
LP6266995000 mAh99666.23.7V
LP64571085000 mAh108576.43.7V
LP6461915000 mAh91616.43.7V
LP65571055000 mAh105576.53.7V
LP6563955000 mAh95636.53.7V
LP6563965000 mAh96636.53.7V
LP65651255000 mAh125656.53.7V
LP66471125000 mAh112476.63.7V
LP66491065000 mAh106496.63.7V
LP6678665000 mAh66786.63.7V
LP67571055000 mAh105576.73.7V
LP67621055000 mAh105626.73.7V
LP68561055000 mAh105566.83.7V
LP6860955000 mAh95606.83.7V
LP7055905000 mAh905573.7V
LP70591015000 mAh1015973.7V
LP7060905000 mAh906073.7V
LP7156925000 mAh92567.13.7V
LP72481155000 mAh115487.23.7V
LP7258885000 mAh88587.23.7V
LP73501075000 mAh107507.33.7V
LP75451225000 mAh122457.53.7V
LP75551035000 mAh103557.53.7V
LP7565705000 mAh70657.53.7V
LP7668855000 mAh85687.63.7V
LP7854845000 mAh84547.83.7V
LP8055755000 mAh755583.7V
LP8055905000 mAh905583.7V
LP8055955000 mAh955583.7V
LP8057905000 mAh905783.7V
LP8060905000 mAh906083.7V
LP8060955000 mAh956083.7V
LP80631645000 mAh1646383.7V
LP8065835000 mAh836583.7V
LP83471125000 mAh112478.33.7V
LP83581015000 mAh101588.33.7V
LP8455905000 mAh90558.43.7V
LP85421155000 mAh115428.53.7V
LP8657765000 mAh76578.63.7V
LP8861745000 mAh74618.83.7V
LP8865705000 mAh70658.83.7V
LP90341285000 mAh1283493.7V
LP9048905000 mAh904893.7V
LP9060685000 mAh686093.7V
LP9060705000 mAh706093.7V
LP9067725000 mAh726793.7V
LP9150875000 mAh87509.13.7V
LP9541905000 mAh90419.53.7V
LP9548965000 mAh96489.53.7V
LP9553785000 mAh78539.53.7V
LP9554655000 mAh65549.53.7V
LP9557785000 mAh78579.53.7V
LP9558805000 mAh80589.53.7V
LP9656735000 mAh73569.63.7V
LP9851665000 mAh66519.83.7V
LP1043735000 mAh7343103.7V
LP1047695000 mAh6947103.7V
LP1047705000 mAh7047103.7V
LP1048845000 mAh8448103.7V
LP1053595000 mAh5953103.7V
LP1055685000 mAh6855103.7V
LP1154535000 mAh5354113.7V
LP1155705000 mAh7055113.7V
LP1250655000 mAh6550123.7V
LP1346635000 mAh6346133.7V
LP28981255000 mAh125982.83.7V
LP301021255000 mAh12510233.7V
LP31107945000 mAh941073.13.7V
LP32801285000 mAh128803.23.7V
LP35711235000 mAh23713.53.7V
LP36701385000 mAh138703.63.7V
LP40881105000 mAh1108843.7V
LP41801005000 mAh100804.13.7V
LP41881105000 mAh110884.13.7V
LP41881115000 mAh111884.13.7V
LP4271995000 mAh99714.23.7V
LP43841155000 mAh115844.33.7V
LP4395935000 mAh93954.33.7V
LP4665895000 mAh89654.63.7V
LP48531455000 mAh145534.83.7V
LP4896705000 mAh70964.83.7V
LP49561215000 mAh121564.93.7V
LP4962925000 mAh92624.93.7V
LP5282755000 mAh75825.23.7V
LP56581045000 mAh104585.63.7V
LP5680905000 mAh90805.63.7V
LP57581015000 mAh101585.73.7V
LP58621065000 mAh106625.83.7V
LP60401575000 mAh1574063.7V
LP60601005000 mAh1006063.7V
LP6260905000 mAh90606.23.7V
LP65501005000 mAh100506.53.7V
LP6560905000 mAh90606.53.7V
LP6854775000 mAh77546.83.7V
LP6950875000 mAh87506.93.7V
LP6957775000 mAh77576.93.7V
LP6957805000 mAh80576.93.7V
LP7060745000 mAh746073.7V
LP7060815000 mAh816073.7V
LP7354745000 mAh74547.33.7V
LP7355905000 mAh90557.33.7V
LP7550775000 mAh77507.53.7V
LP7653755000 mAh75537.63.7V
LP7656735000 mAh73567.63.7V
LP7955765000 mAh76557.93.7V
LP8455765000 mAh76558.43.7V
LP85501255000 mAh125508.53.7V
LP8550855000 mAh85508.53.7V
LP8655805000 mAh80558.63.7V
LP88381235000 mAh123388.83.7V
LP8853675000 mAh67538.83.7V
LP9055805000 mAh805593.7V
LP9147745000 mAh74479.13.7V
LP9252665000 mAh66529.23.7V
LP9355625000 mAh62559.33.7V
LP9554655000 mAh65549.53.7V
LP75481505000 mAh150487.53.7V
LP5462805000 mAh80625.43.7V
LP5462805000 mAh80625.43.7V
LP55601005000 mAh100605.53.7V
LP6062805000 mAh806263.7V
LP60601005000 mAh1006063.7V
LP60601105000 mAh1106063.7V
LP6262805000 mAh80626.23.7V
LP6560905000 mAh90606.53.7V
LP6560805000 mAh80606.53.7V
LP6860745000 mAh74606.83.7V
LP7256765000 mAh76567.23.7V
LP7555905000 mAh90557.53.7V
LP7857675000 mAh67577.83.7V
LP9543905000 mAh90439.53.7V
LP9554655000 mAh65549.53.7V
LP1043735000 mAh7343103.7V
LP1055685000 mAh6855103.7V
LP1055555000 mAh5555103.7V
LP1155705000 mAh7055113.7V
LP1152525000 mAh5252113.7V
LP1248615000 mAh6148123.7V
LP28981225020 mAh122982.83.7V
LP40881115020 mAh1118843.7V
LP6458935050 mAh93586.43.7V
LP48601005050 mAh100604.83.7V
LP1141875100 mAh8741113.7V
LP1142875100 mAh8742113.7V
LP9553855100 mAh85539.53.7V
LP50491315100 mAh1314953.7V
LP8257935100 mAh93578.23.7V
LP8542915100 mAh91428.53.7V
LP6070935140 mAh937063.7V
LP33100995150 mAh991003.33.7V
LP8552905200 mAh90528.53.7V
LP90351355200 mAh1353593.7V
LP7547945200 mAh94477.53.7V
LP7654765200 mAh76547.63.7V
LP78501075200 mAh107507.83.7V
LP8944815200 mAh81448.93.7V
LP54651255250 mAh125655.43.7V
LP9249905300 mAh90499.23.7V
LP6856845300 mAh84566.83.7V
LP9847705300 mAh70479.83.7V
LP1154725400 mAh7254113.7V
LP43951125400 mAh112954.33.7V
LP451001005400 mAh1001004.53.7V
LP78501165400 mAh116507.83.7V
LP8164885400 mAh88648.13.7V
LP8578545400 mAh54788.53.7V
LP1245755400 mAh7545123.7V
LP88361155400 mAh115368.83.7V
LP8956665400 mAh66568.93.7V
LP1057815500 mAh8157103.7V
LP1245855500 mAh8545123.7V
LP47721355500 mAh135724.73.7V
LP60661135500 mAh1136663.7V
LP6380955500 mAh95806.33.7V
LP75521135500 mAh113527.53.7V
LP78551055500 mAh105557.83.7V
LP1249625500 mAh6249123.7V
LP5565885500 mAh88655.53.7V
LP6774705500 mAh70746.73.7V
LP6874705500 mAh70746.83.7V
LP71501055500 mAh105507.13.7V
LP8575635500 mAh63758.53.7V
LP1058675600 mAh6758103.7V
LP8569805600 mAh80698.53.7V
LP9761755600 mAh75619.73.7V
LP1052655600 mAh6552103.7V
LP1249625600 mAh6249123.7V
LP7163955600 mAh95637.13.7V
LP1141905700 mAh9041113.7V
LP5466965700 mAh96665.43.7V
LP72491355700 mAh135497.23.7V
LP75551155700 mAh115557.53.7V
LP75551185700 mAh118557.53.7V
LP77671005700 mAh100677.73.7V
LP1059745800 mAh7459103.7V
LP1160755800 mAh7560113.7V
LP55591505800 mAh150595.53.7V
LP75481185800 mAh118487.53.7V
LP9060905800 mAh906093.7V
LP9867715800 mAh71679.83.7V
LP6874705800 mAh70746.83.7V
LP9052985900 mAh985293.7V
LP9261835900 mAh83619.23.7V
LP7551935900 mAh93517.53.7V
LP6572925950 mAh92726.53.7V
LP9166705980 mAh70669.13.7V