Applications Of LiPo Battery

High-tech Smart Design Devices

There are so many applications for high tech smart design devices, like fingerprint padlock, smart clock, it give you a more comfortable and convenient life. These devices power source are all from our LiPol company. We provide more than 2000 model lipo batteries, also we provide customize service. Find the pefect lipo battery solutions from us!

  • 500mAh lipo battery for fingerprint padlock
  • 500mAh lipo battery for handbag light
  • 2600mAh lipo battery for smartest bike lock
  • 3200mAh lipo battery for instant light
  • 4000mAh lipo battery for smart clock
  • 5000mAh lipo battery for palmtop computer
  • 10000mAh lipo batery for usb-c power dock

LiPo Batteries Application Focus on High-Tech Area

For over 15 years, LiPol Battery Co., Ltd has been a driving force in the LiPo battery industry, offering top-quality and cost-effective LiPo batteries. In this article, we take a closer look at the transformative impact of LiPo batteries across high-tech domains, emphasizing their versatility, reliability, and exceptional performance.

Unmanned Systems and Robotics
LiPo batteries have been instrumental in the rise of unmanned systems and robotics. They drive autonomous delivery robots navigating urban landscapes and underwater drones exploring ocean depths. These batteries offer the energy density and power required for uninterrupted operation in these high-tech marvels.

Electric Mobility Solutions
The electric mobility revolution owes much to LiPo batteries. Electric bikes, scooters, and skateboards rely on LiPo batteries for their agility and long-range capabilities. LiPo’s rapid charge and discharge capabilities are pivotal for swift acceleration and regenerative braking in electric vehicles.

Renewable Energy Storage
In the pursuit of renewable energy, efficient energy storage is essential. LiPo batteries play a crucial role in storing excess energy generated by solar panels and wind turbines. Their durability and ability to handle frequent charge-discharge cycles make them a perfect fit for sustainable energy applications.

Medical Devices and Healthcare Technology:
LiPo batteries power a wide array of medical devices and healthcare technology. Portable medical equipment, implantable devices, and wearable health trackers benefit from LiPo’s long-lasting performance and compact form factor, ensuring continuous monitoring and care.

Telecommunications and IoT
LiPo batteries are at the heart of telecommunications and the Internet of Things (IoT). They power remote sensors, smart devices, and communication hubs. Their small size and high energy density ensure these devices operate efficiently and provide real-time data.

Advanced Electronics and Gadgets
LiPo batteries have redefined possibilities in advanced electronics and gadgets. Racing drones and virtual reality headsets, among others, depend on LiPo batteries for the energy required for immersive experiences and rapid data processing.

Industrial Automation
In industrial automation, LiPo batteries are instrumental. They are used in automated guided vehicles (AGVs), autonomous machinery, and factory robots, ensuring uninterrupted operation in high-demand environments.

Research and Exploration
LiPo batteries empower scientists and researchers in the field. They power equipment used in environmental monitoring, geological surveys, and wildlife tracking, enabling data collection in remote and challenging terrains.

Emergency and Disaster Relief
In emergency and disaster relief efforts, LiPo batteries provide essential power for communication equipment, portable medical devices, and lighting systems. Their reliability in challenging conditions can be a lifeline during crises.

LiPol Battery Co., Ltd’s extensive experience, spanning over 15 years, in manufacturing LiPo batteries has significantly contributed to the proliferation of high-tech innovations across diverse industries. As pioneers in the field, we understand the multifaceted requirements of modern technology. Our unwavering commitment to quality, affordability, and innovation positions us as a trusted partner in powering the next wave of technological breakthroughs.

LiPo Battery Applications

LP453640 600mAh Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Application for World’s Smartest Wearable Breath Analyzer

LP453640 600mAh Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Application for World’s Smartest Wearable Breath Analyzer

Lithium-ion Polymer Battery Applications LP453640 600mAh Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Application for World's Smartest Wearable Breath Analyzer In the dynamic world of fitness technology, the emergence of smart wearable devices has significantly enhanced how athletes...

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LiPo Battery Applications

130mAh Li Po Battery for Controller Gadget

By introducing the controller gadget, it will always change the way you think about controller. It has an air mouse, joystick, presenter (with laser pointer) and a micro SC card reader. It solves the problem of packaging another device by combining a simple widget cube with its common Bluetooth controller. The 130mAh Li Po battery powers this gadget, and you can do a lot of cool things whether you are at home or using this gadget. This gadget is compatible with PC and Mac via Bluetooth 4.2. It is a perfect little toy that can control presentations, play videos and music, browse the internet, etc…

LiPo Battery 500mAh For FingerPrint Padlock

The Fingerprint Padlock is a game-changing travel-sized lock, designed and developed based on the core philosophy of defending your valuables, liberating your thoughts from luggage, and giving you a fun and car-free journey. With cutting-edge fingerprint scanner, no one can open your belongings. Built in 3.7v LP304045 500mah LiPo Battery give you a long using time, 2 years standby. 85 decibel alarm, safeguard your belongings. This device with 3 feet retractable cable, you can us it in backpack, luggage, bicycle, handbag

Li Poly Battery LP502540 3.7V 500mAh 1.85Wh for Smart Tape Measure

This is a smart tape measure that helps you measure, organize, and analyze any size measurement in an intelligent way. Built-in li poly battery LP502540 3.7V 500mAh 1.85Wh, can be used anywhere. This is the only tape measure you need. There are three different measurement modes that allow you to measure anything. It also saves measurement data, records voice memos, and sends the data to its mobile app where you can easily organize and analyze your measurements. This is why we call it a smart tape measure.

Lithium Polymer Battery 500mAh For Handbag Light & Power Bank

This device is not only a handbag light, it also a useful power bank. Square Handbag Light with external power bank, you can charge your phone or tablet. Give yourself a handbag that does more than just illuminate your purse. This handbag not only emits a bright glow with a simple touch, but also comes with a built-in lithium polymer battery pack. It’s a thing of the past to blindly explore things in your handbag, and your electronic devices are constantly charging

Small LiPo Battery LP283562 3.7v 600mAh for Tiny Pod

In tech-speak, it’s a smart interactive pod for your smartphone photography. In plain English, it’s just awesome turning awesomeness! Built-in a small lipo battery LP283562 3.7V 600mAh, give you long use time. It’s not going to make your life better, but it is going to let you be insanely creative with your photos and videos. Here is how, The tiny pod can follow you as you move, with both front and back cameras, so now your video blogs look pro. The tiny pod partnered with Restream as whatever you shoot, with Pivo you can go live on over 20 platforms at once.

750mAh Li Po Battery for Smart Bike Lock

The design and engineering of the smart bike lock has only one goal; by eliminating bicycle theft, bicycles are the first tool for urban transport. Of course, it is friendly. It has keyless locking, remote access sharing, solar 750mAh Li Po Battery and many other great features. However, as bicycle crime continues to rise globally, as security locks deeper, we put safety first.

2600mAh Li Po Battery for Smartest Bike Lock

The most advance smart bike lock. Auto lock as you walk away, the invisible look mechanism, non-cuttable, proprietary design. Auto unlock as you approach. Three integrated motion sensors, speedometer, gyroscope, accelerometer. High responsive to speed, monitor your riding with the app( speed, distance, riding time, calories burned).100db waring alarm and theft notification, always monitor your bike.

3200mAh Lithium Batteries LP18650A For Instant Light

The World’s Most Efficient Manually-Powered Light: it generates instant renewable light & power, simply with the pull of a cord! instant power, anytime, anywher.
Prepare for that powercut, brighten up your BBQ, glamp in the garden, power up your phone, tidy the tent, sort out the shed……
This ligh built in 3200mAh Lithium Battereis LP18650A, provides over 60 minutes of light or charges 1 smartphone.

4000mAh Lithium Polymer Battery For Smart Clock

This clock will change the way you see clocks. It combines with beauty and brains with a design that fits into any home, and connectivity that makes your day easier. The smart clock generation is designed to allow everyone to use Internet technology, not just for use, but also for meaningful interaction and creation on the user’s side. We use the Internet to make smart clock more beautiful and practical. A combination of new ways and clocks, smart alarm clocks have multiple functions and may surprise you!

LP803848 1200mAh Li-Po Battery for Robots

This Robots is a cool, application-connected robot with amazing creative sparks. It has a 1200mAh li-po battery charged with a micro USB cable that comes with the robot. A full charge takes 60 min. and supports approximately 60 min. of playtime. We make robots for the next generation of creators. Our bots are used in over 10,000 schools, where they inspire young minds to go from consuming technology to creating it.

LP18650 3P 8000mAh LiPo Battery for Smart Luggage

This smart luggage perfect for all travelers, especially those combining both work and play. The luggage has the world’s first and only patented hanger system. Finally, a wrinkle-free and comfortable solution that wraps your best suits and dresses. You can also get all technology stacks, your own personalized smart locks (face ID, touch ID, Morse code), built-in digital scales, a detachable 8000mAh LP18650 3P LiPo battery pack, and a GPS location tracker, so You always know where your luggage is, all connected to the luggage app.

12000mAh Li Po Battery for Smart Power Systems

This is the world’s largest power system which built-in four 12000mAh Li Po Batteries. It has three modules(main module, AC module, car module) that you can choose. Also, it gives you 100W more capacity and you can charge your laptops, drones, cameras, mobiles, machines and more.In addition, it can stack two modules together or gather capacity and it’s airplane friendly. You can charge wirelessly, can transfer your files using the USB Hub, can plug in up to 6 devices at the same time and also can recharge using solar power.