High Discharge Rate LiPo Battery LPHDA124048 3.7V 1000mAh 3.7Wh with protection circuit and wires 50mm

Good performance high discharge rate lipo battery, low price, get datasheet & quotation. This LiPo Battery LPHDA124048 3.7V 1000mAh 3.7Wh size is 10.1mm x 24mm x 49mm, it with a protection circuit module and wires 50mm. The MOQ is 5 pieces with a lead-time of one week to ship when the High Discharge Rate LiPo Battery is in stock. The lead-time is 6-7 weeks for MOQ 5K of new production LiPo Batteries. Also, we provide customized services, you can custom your own rechargeable LiPo Battery in any shape and size.

If you want to customize High Discharge Rate LiPo Battery, please contact us to get battery solutions.


High Discharge Rate LiPo Battery LPHDA124048 3.7V 1000mAh 3.7Wh with protection circuit and wires 50mm

Battery Type:High Discharge Rate LiPo Battery
Model:LPHDA124048, A124048
Nominal Voltage:3.7V
Size:10.1mm x 24.0mm x 49.0mm
Protection circuit module(PCM):Yes
Wat-Hou Rating:3.7Wh
Max. Operating Voltage Range:2.75V to 4.2V
Max. Charge Voltage:4.2V±50mV
Max. Charge Current:1000mA
Max. Discharge Current:3300mA
Discharge Cut-off2.75V
Internal Impedance:<200mΩ
Expected Cycle Life @(0.5C/0.5C)@23±5°C)500 cycles ≥ 80%
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Product Details

High Discharge Rate LiPo Battery LPHDA124048 3.7V 1000mAh 3.7Wh with protection circuit and wires 50mm

Lithium Polymer battery, abbreviated as Li Po Battery, LiPo Battery,Li Poly Battery, LIP Battery, Li Polymer Battery, Lithium Poly Battery.

The LPHDA124048 3.7V 1000mAh 3.7Wh is a High Discharge Rate LiPo battery, which uses a polymer electrolyte. As we all know, this new type of battery now main uses in wearable devices, medical devices, radio-controlled equipment, personal electronics, and electric vehicles.

We are the best China High Discharge Rate LiPo Battery manufacturer, we produce and sell LiPo batteries for more than 10 years. We can make rectangular lithium polymer battery, round lithium polymer battery, ultra-thin li poly battery, curved lithium polymer battery, cylindrical li polymer battery, RC li-po battery, and high discharge rate li poly battery. The LPHDA124048 3.7V 1000mAh 3.7Wh is one of our popular rechargeable LiPo batteries, buy some batteries for prototyping. Our MOQ is only 5 pieces, friendly to the small company.

Our rechargeable High Discharge Rate LiPo Battery with a protection circuit module(PCM), and two standard 50mm wires. It’s possible to add NTC, our NTC spec is 10KΩ 1% +25C B3380. If you need connectors, it’s also possible, you can click the below link to choose the JST/Molex connectors. https://www.lipobattery.us/select-connectors/

Battery list

High Discharge Rate LiPo Batteries List

ModelCapacityT*W*L(mm)C RateVoltage(V)
LPHD4030048450 mAh4 x 30 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD4628045450 mAh4.6 x 28 x 4530C3.7V
LPHD6924037450 mAh6.9 x 24 x 3730C3.7V
LPHD6723042500 mAh6.7 x 23 x 4230C3.7V
LPHD6328045650 mAh6.3 x 28 x 4530C3.7V
LPHD7630048800 mAh7.6 x 30 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD7230048850 mAh7.2 x 30 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD7630048850 mAh7.6 x 30 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD8030048850 mAh8 x 30 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD8824048850 mAh8.8 x 24 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD8924048850 mAh8.9 x 24 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD5520122950 mAh5.5 x 20 x 12230C3.7V
LPHD36341011000 mAh3.6 x 34 x 10130C3.7V
LPHD55350621000 mAh5.5 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD56350621000 mAh5.6 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD62350621000 mAh6.2 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD65350621000 mAh6.5 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD68430581000 mAh6.8 x 43 x 5830C3.7V
LPHD86300481000 mAh8.6 x 30 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD92300481000 mAh9.2 x 30 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD40500691050 mAh4 x 50 x 6930C3.7V
LPHD55201221100 mAh5.5 x 20 x 12230C3.7V
LPHD50340961200 mAh5 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD69290781200 mAh6.9 x 29 x 7830C3.7V
LPHD80300601200 mAh8 x 30 x 6030C3.7V
LPHD86300601200 mAh8.6 x 30 x 6030C3.7V
LPHD70350621250 mAh7 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD70350621300 mAh7 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD71350621300 mAh7.1 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD77350621300 mAh7.7 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD78350621300 mAh7.8 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD80350621300 mAh8 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD88490401300 mAh8.8 x 49 x 4030C3.7V
LPHD9328651300 mAh9.3 x 28 x 6530C3.7V
LPHD49340961400 mAh4.9 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHDA0490401450 mAh10 x 49 x 4030C3.7V
LPHD68340801500 mAh6.8 x 34 x 8030C3.7V
LPHD78350621500 mAh7.8 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD80300821500 mAh8 x 30 x 8230C3.7V
LPHD84290781500 mAh8.4 x 29 x 7830C3.7V
LPHD90350621500 mAh9 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD86350621550 mAh8.6 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD87350621550 mAh8.7 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD57430801600 mAh5.7 x 43 x 8030C3.7V
LPHD71300851600 mAh7.1 x 30 x 8530C3.7V
LPHD74300851600 mAh7.4 x 30 x 8530C3.7V
LPHD84350621600 mAh8.4 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD85350621600 mAh8.5 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD55340961650 mAh5.5 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD70440681650 mAh7 x 44 x 6830C3.7V
LPHD41441201800 mAh4.1 x 44 x 12030C3.7V
LPHD61340961800 mAh6.1 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD62340961800 mAh6.2 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD68340961800 mAh6.8 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD70340821800 mAh7 x 34 x 8230C3.7V
LPHD71340821800 mAh7.1 x 34 x 8230C3.7V
LPHD72340961800 mAh7.2 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD76340821800 mAh7.6 x 34 x 8230C3.7V
LPHD77340821800 mAh7.7 x 34 x 8230C3.7V
LPHD80300821800 mAh8 x 30 x 8230C3.7V
LPHD85400661850 mAh8.5 x 40 x 6630C3.7V
LPHD42541061900 mAh4.2 x 54 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD60420951900 mAh6 x 42 x 9530C3.7V
LPHD70350921900 mAh7 x 35 x 9230C3.7V
LPHD42481182000 mAh4.2 x 48 x 11830C3.7V
LPHD43600942000 mAh4.3 x 60 x 9430C3.7V
LPHD75340962000 mAh7.5 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHDB0290782000 mAh11 x 29 x 7830C3.7V
LPHD69340962100 mAh6.9 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD70340962100 mAh7 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD78340962100 mAh7.8 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD60720602150 mAh6 x 72 x 6030C3.7V
LPHD68720602150 mAh6.8 x 72 x 6030C3.7V
LPHD45680882200 mAh4.5 x 68 x 8830C3.7V
LPHD60381102200 mAh6 x 38 x 11030C3.7V
LPHD70341062200 mAh7 x 34 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD72340962200 mAh7.2 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD76341062200 mAh7.6 x 34 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD80370952200 mAh8 x 37 x 9530C3.7V
LPHD82340962200 mAh8.2 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD83340962200 mAh8.3 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD74340962300 mAh7.4 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD82340962300 mAh8.2 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD50421262400 mAh5 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD59381152400 mAh5.9 x 38 x 11530C3.7V
LPHD52521062500 mAh5.2 x 52 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD55600942500 mAh5.5 x 60 x 9430C3.7V
LPHD57421262500 mAh5.7 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD59600782500 mAh5.9 x 60 x 7830C3.7V
LPHD60431282500 mAh60 x 43 x 12830C3.7V
LPHD60550822500 mAh6 x 55 x 8230C3.7V
LPHD60600802500 mAh6 x 60 x 8030C3.7V
LPHD88370952500 mAh8.8 x 37 x 9530C3.7V
LPHD53421262600 mAh5.3 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD58431282600 mAh5.8 x 43 x 12830C3.7V
LPHD60421252600 mAh6 x 42 x 12530C3.7V
LPHD60421262700 mAh6 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD64381152700 mAh6.4 x 38 x 11530C3.7V
LPHD68550852700 mAh6.8 x 55 x 8530C3.7V
LPHD85720602700 mAh8.5 x 72 x 6030C3.7V
LPHD58421262800 mAh5.8 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD64421262800 mAh6.4 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD56531052900 mAh5.6 x 53 x 10530C3.7V
LPHD70550852900 mAh7 x 55 x 8530C3.7V
LPHD58521062950 mAh5.8 x 52 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD70421253000 mAh7 x 42 x 12530C3.7V
LPHD75600803000 mAh7.5 x 60 x 8030C3.7V
LPHD89341063000 mAh8.9 x 34 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD70421263100 mAh7 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD65421263200 mAh6.5 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD68521063200 mAh6.8 x 52 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD72421253200 mAh7.2 x 42 x 12530C3.7V
LPHD73441153200 mAh7.3 x 44 x 11530C3.7V
LPHD73650803200 mAh7.3 x 65 x 8030C3.7V
LPHD82600803200 mAh8.2 x 60 x 8030C3.7V
LPHD66421263300 mAh6.6 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD75421263300 mAh7.5 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD66421263400 mAh6.6 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD72421263500 mAh7.2 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD75421253500 mAh7.5 x 42 x 12530C3.7V
LPHD90500953500 mAh9 x 50 x 9530C3.7V
LPHD72421263700 mAh7.2 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD73521063700 mAh7.3 x 52 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD80421253700 mAh8 x 42 x 12530C3.7V
LPHD80680953700 mAh8 x 68 x 9530C3.7V
LPHD59461433800 mAh5.9 x 46 x 14330C3.7V
LPHD82421263800 mAh8.2 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD65671023900 mAh6.5 x 67 x 10230C3.7V
LPHD60641454000 mAh6 x 64 x 14530C3.7V
LPHD65571304000 mAh6.5 x 57 x 13030C3.7V
LPHD67471524000 mAh6.7 x 47 x 15230C3.7V
LPHD70660954000 mAh7 x 66 x 9530C3.7V
LPHD76421264000 mAh7.6 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD77421264000 mAh7.7 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD82670864000 mAh8.2 x 67 x 8630C3.7V
LPHD85451354000 mAh8.5 x 45 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD88431284000 mAh8.8 x 43 x 12830C3.7V
LPHD92421254000 mAh9.2 x 42 x 12530C3.7V
LPHD70671024100 mAh7 x 67 x 10230C3.7V
LPHD82421264300 mAh8.2 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD68491354400 mAh6.8 x 49 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD73491354400 mAh7.3 x 49 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD78451354400 mAh7.8 x 45 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD78491354400 mAh7.8 x 49 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD82451354400 mAh8.2 x 45 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD86421264500 mAh8.6 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD96521064500 mAh9.6 x 52 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD75451504580 mAh7.5 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD69451504600 mAh6.9 x 45 x15030C3.7V
LPHD75671024600 mAh7.5 x 67 x 10230C3.7V
LPHD58701304700 mAh5.8 x 70 x 13030C3.7V
LPHD60671354700 mAh6 x 67 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD87481354800 mAh8.7 x 48 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD74451805000 mAh7.4 x 45 x 18030C3.7V
LPHD76451505000 mAh7.6 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD76451505000 mAh7.6 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD76461435000 mAh7.6 x 46 x 14330C3.7V
LPHD78641105000 mAh7.8 x 64 x 11030C3.7V
LPHD82671025000 mAh8.2 x 67 x 10230C3.7V
LPHD86451505000 mAh8.6 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD90451505000 mAh9 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD95431255000 mAh9.5 x 43 x 12530C3.7V
LPHD96421265000 mAh9.6 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD97421265000 mAh9.7 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHDA0421255000 mAh10 x 42 x 12530C3.7V
LPHDA0521065000 mAh10 x 52 x 10630C3.7V
LPHDA3421265000 mAh10.3 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHDA4421265000 mAh10.4 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHDA5421245000 mAh10.5 x 42 x 12430C3.7V
LPHDA5421265000 mAh10.5 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD83451505200 mAh8.3 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD90451505200 mAh9 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD95481355200 mAh9.5 x 48 x 13530C3.7V
LPHDA3421265300 mAh10.3 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHDB0700805300 mAh11 x 70 x 8030C3.7V
LPHD67701305400 mAh6.7 x 70 x 13030C3.7V
LPHD92451505550 mAh9.2 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD88451505600 mAh8.8 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHDB0421245800 mAh11 x 42 x 12430C3.7V
LPHD60771506000 mAh6 x 77 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD70751306000 mAh7 x 75 x 13030C3.7V
LPHD75671356000 mAh7.5 x 67 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD85541506000 mAh8.5 x 54 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD92451506000 mAh9.2 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD92461436000 mAh9.2 x 46 x 14330C3.7V
LPHDA0461486000 mAh10 x 46 x 14830C3.7V
LPHDA0671026100 mAh10 x 67 x 10230C3.7V
LPHD85950966600 mAh8.5 x 95 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD90591568000 mAh9 x 59 x 15630C3.7V
LPHD92591568000 mAh9.2 x 59 x 15630C3.7V
LPHD96591568000 mAh9.6 x 59 x 15630C3.7V
LPHD97591568000 mAh9.7 x 59 x 15630C3.7V
LPHD98591568000 mAh9.8 x 59 x 15630C3.7V
LPHDA0641458000 mAh10 x 64 x 14530C3.7V

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