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High Discharge current C rating describes how quickly a lithium ion battery can be discharged. A 5000mAh Lithium ion battery with C rating of 1C continuous would mean it should not be discharged any faster than 5000mA (5A), which would take one hour. A 2000mAh pack rated for 5C continuous would be able to discharge at 5 times its capacity (5 x 2000mA = 10000mA or 10A) at which rate it would discharge in 1/5th of an hour. Using a lithium ion battery pack with a higher C rating than you require will leave some room for safety, and extend the life of your lithium ion polymer battery.


The high discharge lithium ion battery is mainly used in R/C helicopter, military power, racing car, aviation model and electric power tools, which require higher amounts of amps or bursts of amps.


  • 3.7V Stable operating voltage
  • Higher discharge rate for applications
  • Outstanding discharge rate with lithium Ion battery
  • Huge capacity can support to motor and other power device
  • High energy desity for your choose
  • Good performance and long cycly life
  • Safety and friendly

Continuous Current

If you know the continuous current and the capacity of the pack you want, you can easily determine the C rate you need. If you are drawing 10A from a 5000mAh pack, simply take the current and divide by the capacity: 10A = 10000mA, 10000mA / 5000mAh = 2C.

Burst Current

Lithium ion battery is also given a C rate in terms of burst, which is the rate at which the abttery discharges in a short period of time. A 5000mAh lithium ion battery, the burst rate is 5C, which means the battery can provide 5 x 5000mA=25000mA current for several seconds.

30C High Discharge Lithium Ion Battery List

ModelCapacityT*W*L(mm)C RateVoltage(V)
LPHD4030048450 mAh4 x 30 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD4628045450 mAh4.6 x 28 x 4530C3.7V
LPHD6924037450 mAh6.9 x 24 x 3730C3.7V
LPHD6723042500 mAh6.7 x 23 x 4230C3.7V
LPHD6328045650 mAh6.3 x 28 x 4530C3.7V
LPHD7630048800 mAh7.6 x 30 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD7230048850 mAh7.2 x 30 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD7630048850 mAh7.6 x 30 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD8030048850 mAh8 x 30 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD8824048850 mAh8.8 x 24 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD8924048850 mAh8.9 x 24 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD5520122950 mAh5.5 x 20 x 12230C3.7V
LPHD36341011000 mAh3.6 x 34 x 10130C3.7V
LPHD55350621000 mAh5.5 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD56350621000 mAh5.6 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD62350621000 mAh6.2 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD65350621000 mAh6.5 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD68430581000 mAh6.8 x 43 x 5830C3.7V
LPHD86300481000 mAh8.6 x 30 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD92300481000 mAh9.2 x 30 x 4830C3.7V
LPHD40500691050 mAh4 x 50 x 6930C3.7V
LPHD55201221100 mAh5.5 x 20 x 12230C3.7V
LPHD50340961200 mAh5 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD69290781200 mAh6.9 x 29 x 7830C3.7V
LPHD80300601200 mAh8 x 30 x 6030C3.7V
LPHD86300601200 mAh8.6 x 30 x 6030C3.7V
LPHD70350621250 mAh7 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD70350621300 mAh7 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD71350621300 mAh7.1 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD77350621300 mAh7.7 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD78350621300 mAh7.8 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD80350621300 mAh8 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD88490401300 mAh8.8 x 49 x 4030C3.7V
LPHD9328651300 mAh9.3 x 28 x 6530C3.7V
LPHD49340961400 mAh4.9 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHDA0490401450 mAh10 x 49 x 4030C3.7V
LPHD68340801500 mAh6.8 x 34 x 8030C3.7V
LPHD78350621500 mAh7.8 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD80300821500 mAh8 x 30 x 8230C3.7V
LPHD84290781500 mAh8.4 x 29 x 7830C3.7V
LPHD90350621500 mAh9 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD86350621550 mAh8.6 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD87350621550 mAh8.7 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD57430801600 mAh5.7 x 43 x 8030C3.7V
LPHD71300851600 mAh7.1 x 30 x 8530C3.7V
LPHD74300851600 mAh7.4 x 30 x 8530C3.7V
LPHD84350621600 mAh8.4 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD85350621600 mAh8.5 x 35 x 6230C3.7V
LPHD55340961650 mAh5.5 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD70440681650 mAh7 x 44 x 6830C3.7V
LPHD41441201800 mAh4.1 x 44 x 12030C3.7V
LPHD61340961800 mAh6.1 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD62340961800 mAh6.2 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD68340961800 mAh6.8 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD70340821800 mAh7 x 34 x 8230C3.7V
LPHD71340821800 mAh7.1 x 34 x 8230C3.7V
LPHD72340961800 mAh7.2 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD76340821800 mAh7.6 x 34 x 8230C3.7V
LPHD77340821800 mAh7.7 x 34 x 8230C3.7V
LPHD80300821800 mAh8 x 30 x 8230C3.7V
LPHD85400661850 mAh8.5 x 40 x 6630C3.7V
LPHD42541061900 mAh4.2 x 54 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD60420951900 mAh6 x 42 x 9530C3.7V
LPHD70350921900 mAh7 x 35 x 9230C3.7V
LPHD42481182000 mAh4.2 x 48 x 11830C3.7V
LPHD43600942000 mAh4.3 x 60 x 9430C3.7V
LPHD75340962000 mAh7.5 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHDB0290782000 mAh11 x 29 x 7830C3.7V
LPHD69340962100 mAh6.9 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD70340962100 mAh7 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD78340962100 mAh7.8 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD60720602150 mAh6 x 72 x 6030C3.7V
LPHD68720602150 mAh6.8 x 72 x 6030C3.7V
LPHD45680882200 mAh4.5 x 68 x 8830C3.7V
LPHD60381102200 mAh6 x 38 x 11030C3.7V
LPHD70341062200 mAh7 x 34 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD72340962200 mAh7.2 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD76341062200 mAh7.6 x 34 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD80370952200 mAh8 x 37 x 9530C3.7V
LPHD82340962200 mAh8.2 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD83340962200 mAh8.3 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD74340962300 mAh7.4 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD82340962300 mAh8.2 x 34 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD50421262400 mAh5 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD59381152400 mAh5.9 x 38 x 11530C3.7V
LPHD52521062500 mAh5.2 x 52 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD55600942500 mAh5.5 x 60 x 9430C3.7V
LPHD57421262500 mAh5.7 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD59600782500 mAh5.9 x 60 x 7830C3.7V
LPHD60431282500 mAh60 x 43 x 12830C3.7V
LPHD60550822500 mAh6 x 55 x 8230C3.7V
LPHD60600802500 mAh6 x 60 x 8030C3.7V
LPHD88370952500 mAh8.8 x 37 x 9530C3.7V
LPHD53421262600 mAh5.3 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD58431282600 mAh5.8 x 43 x 12830C3.7V
LPHD60421252600 mAh6 x 42 x 12530C3.7V
LPHD60421262700 mAh6 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD64381152700 mAh6.4 x 38 x 11530C3.7V
LPHD68550852700 mAh6.8 x 55 x 8530C3.7V
LPHD85720602700 mAh8.5 x 72 x 6030C3.7V
LPHD58421262800 mAh5.8 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD64421262800 mAh6.4 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD56531052900 mAh5.6 x 53 x 10530C3.7V
LPHD70550852900 mAh7 x 55 x 8530C3.7V
LPHD58521062950 mAh5.8 x 52 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD70421253000 mAh7 x 42 x 12530C3.7V
LPHD75600803000 mAh7.5 x 60 x 8030C3.7V
LPHD89341063000 mAh8.9 x 34 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD70421263100 mAh7 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD65421263200 mAh6.5 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD68521063200 mAh6.8 x 52 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD72421253200 mAh7.2 x 42 x 12530C3.7V
LPHD73441153200 mAh7.3 x 44 x 11530C3.7V
LPHD73650803200 mAh7.3 x 65 x 8030C3.7V
LPHD82600803200 mAh8.2 x 60 x 8030C3.7V
LPHD66421263300 mAh6.6 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD75421263300 mAh7.5 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD66421263400 mAh6.6 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD72421263500 mAh7.2 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD75421253500 mAh7.5 x 42 x 12530C3.7V
LPHD90500953500 mAh9 x 50 x 9530C3.7V
LPHD72421263700 mAh7.2 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD73521063700 mAh7.3 x 52 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD80421253700 mAh8 x 42 x 12530C3.7V
LPHD80680953700 mAh8 x 68 x 9530C3.7V
LPHD59461433800 mAh5.9 x 46 x 14330C3.7V
LPHD82421263800 mAh8.2 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD65671023900 mAh6.5 x 67 x 10230C3.7V
LPHD60641454000 mAh6 x 64 x 14530C3.7V
LPHD65571304000 mAh6.5 x 57 x 13030C3.7V
LPHD67471524000 mAh6.7 x 47 x 15230C3.7V
LPHD70660954000 mAh7 x 66 x 9530C3.7V
LPHD76421264000 mAh7.6 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD77421264000 mAh7.7 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD82670864000 mAh8.2 x 67 x 8630C3.7V
LPHD85451354000 mAh8.5 x 45 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD88431284000 mAh8.8 x 43 x 12830C3.7V
LPHD92421254000 mAh9.2 x 42 x 12530C3.7V
LPHD70671024100 mAh7 x 67 x 10230C3.7V
LPHD82421264300 mAh8.2 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD68491354400 mAh6.8 x 49 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD73491354400 mAh7.3 x 49 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD78451354400 mAh7.8 x 45 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD78491354400 mAh7.8 x 49 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD82451354400 mAh8.2 x 45 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD86421264500 mAh8.6 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD96521064500 mAh9.6 x 52 x 10630C3.7V
LPHD75451504580 mAh7.5 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD69451504600 mAh6.9 x 45 x15030C3.7V
LPHD75671024600 mAh7.5 x 67 x 10230C3.7V
LPHD58701304700 mAh5.8 x 70 x 13030C3.7V
LPHD60671354700 mAh6 x 67 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD87481354800 mAh8.7 x 48 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD74451805000 mAh7.4 x 45 x 18030C3.7V
LPHD76451505000 mAh7.6 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD76451505000 mAh7.6 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD76461435000 mAh7.6 x 46 x 14330C3.7V
LPHD78641105000 mAh7.8 x 64 x 11030C3.7V
LPHD82671025000 mAh8.2 x 67 x 10230C3.7V
LPHD86451505000 mAh8.6 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD90451505000 mAh9 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD95431255000 mAh9.5 x 43 x 12530C3.7V
LPHD96421265000 mAh9.6 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD97421265000 mAh9.7 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHDA0421255000 mAh10 x 42 x 12530C3.7V
LPHDA0521065000 mAh10 x 52 x 10630C3.7V
LPHDA3421265000 mAh10.3 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHDA4421265000 mAh10.4 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHDA5421245000 mAh10.5 x 42 x 12430C3.7V
LPHDA5421265000 mAh10.5 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHD83451505200 mAh8.3 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD90451505200 mAh9 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD95481355200 mAh9.5 x 48 x 13530C3.7V
LPHDA3421265300 mAh10.3 x 42 x 12630C3.7V
LPHDB0700805300 mAh11 x 70 x 8030C3.7V
LPHD67701305400 mAh6.7 x 70 x 13030C3.7V
LPHD92451505550 mAh9.2 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD88451505600 mAh8.8 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHDB0421245800 mAh11 x 42 x 12430C3.7V
LPHD60771506000 mAh6 x 77 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD70751306000 mAh7 x 75 x 13030C3.7V
LPHD75671356000 mAh7.5 x 67 x 13530C3.7V
LPHD85541506000 mAh8.5 x 54 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD92451506000 mAh9.2 x 45 x 15030C3.7V
LPHD92461436000 mAh9.2 x 46 x 14330C3.7V
LPHDA0461486000 mAh10 x 46 x 14830C3.7V
LPHDA0671026100 mAh10 x 67 x 10230C3.7V
LPHD85950966600 mAh8.5 x 95 x 9630C3.7V
LPHD90591568000 mAh9 x 59 x 15630C3.7V
LPHD92591568000 mAh9.2 x 59 x 15630C3.7V
LPHD96591568000 mAh9.6 x 59 x 15630C3.7V
LPHD97591568000 mAh9.7 x 59 x 15630C3.7V
LPHD98591568000 mAh9.8 x 59 x 15630C3.7V
LPHDA0641458000 mAh10 x 64 x 14530C3.7V

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