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High Discharge current C rating describes how quickly a lipo battery can be discharged. A 3000mAh Lipo battery with C rating of 1C continuous would mean it should not be discharged any faster than 3000mA (3A), which would take one hour. A 2000mAh lipo battery pack rated for 5C continuous would be able to discharge at 5 times its capacity (5 x 3000mA = 15000mA or 15A) at which rate it would discharge in 1/5th of an hour. Using a lipo battery pack with a higher C rating than you require will leave some room for safety, and extend the life of your lipo battery.

Continuous Current

If you know the continuous current and the capacity of the lipo battery pack you want, you can easily determine the C rate you need. If you are drawing 5A from a 1000mAh pack, simply take the current and divide by the capacity: 5A = 5000mA, 5000mA / 1000mAh = 5C.

Burst Current

High discharge LiPo battery is also given a C rate in terms of burst, which is the rate at which the battery discharges in a short period of time. A 1000mAh LiPo battery, the burst rate is 10C, which means the battery can provide 10 x 1000mA=30000mA current for several seconds.


First of all, you have to know what voltage you want, and also you need to know the continuous current you want. If the motor in your helicopter is work with 11.1V, you will need 3S lipo battery. And if the draw is 5A, and you need your helicopter to flight 6 minute(1/10th of an hour=10C), so the battery you need is 5A/10=1A=1000mAh.


ModelCapacity(mAh)C ratingT x W x (mm)Voltage(V)
LPHD321402970 mAh10C3.2 x 14 x 293.7V
LPHD40430851250 mAh10C4 x 43 x 853.7V
LPHD4124048420 mAh10C4.1 x 24 x 483.7V
LPHD4220030150 mAh10C4.2 x 20 x 303.7V
LPHD48340961450 mAh10C4.8 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD50161451100 mAh10C5 x 16 x 1453.7V
LPHD50350621000 mAh10C5 x 35 x 623.7V
LPHD5030030300 mAh10C5 x 30 x 303.7V
LPHD50350621000 mAh10C5 x 35 x 623.7V
LPHD5019040280 mAh10C5 x 19 x 403.7V
LPHD52341222100 mAh10C5.2 x 34 x 1223.7V
LPHD52460941600 mAh10C5.2 x 46 x 943.7V
LPHD5234060930 mAh10C5.2 x 34 x 603.7V
LPHD5433051800 mAh10C5.4 x 33 x 513.7V
LPHD5516075630 mAh10C5.5 x 16 x 753.7V
LPHD55511434200 mAh10C5.5 x 51 x 1343.7V
LPHD56722009000 mAh10C5.6 x 72 x 2003.7V
LPHD5624064800 mAh10C5.6 x 24 x 643.7V
LPHD60722009000 mAh10C6 x 72 x 2003.7V
LPHD60340821550 mAh10C6 x 34 x 823.7V
LPHD6016075700 mAh10C6 x 16 x 753.7V
LPHD6024064850 mAh10C6 x 24 x 643.7V
LPHD6020030200 mAh10C6 x 20 x 303.7V
LPHD60452708300 mAh10C6 x 45 x 2703.7V
LPHD61341182500 mAh10C6.1 x 34 x 1183.7V
LPHD61560521900 mAh10C6.1 x 56 x 523.7V
LPHD61400501150 mAh10C6.1 x 40 x 503.7V
LPHD64560521900 mAh10C6.4 x 56 x 523.7V
LPHD64491405000 mAh10C6.4 x 49 x 1403.7V
LPHD64820734100 mAh10C6.4 x 82 x 733.7V
LPHD6424064850 mAh10C6.4 x 24 x 643.7V
LPHD657220010000 mAh10C6.5 x 72 x 2003.7V
LPHD6517075800 mAh10C6.5 x 17 x 753.7V
LPHD65330651100 mAh10C6.5 x 33 x 653.7V
LPHD6521038400 mAh10C6.5 x 21 x 383.7V
LPHD66491405000 mAh10C6.6 x 49 x 1403.7V
LPHD67341222800 mAh10C6.7 x 34 x 1223.7V
LPHD68511435450 mAh10C6.8 x 51 x 1433.7V
LPHD68650854200 mAh10C6.8 x 65 x 853.7V
LPHD69420581800 mAh10C6.9 x 42 x 583.7V
LPHD69430581800 mAh10C6.9 x 43 x 583.7V
LPHD70300821650 mAh10C7 x 30 x 823.7V
LPHD70820734100 mAh10C7 x 82 x 733.7V
LPHD70330511100 mAh10C7 x 33 x 513.7V
LPHD70300481000 mAh10C7 x 30 x 483.7V
LPHD717220011000 mAh10C7.1 x 72 x 2003.7V
LPHD7243058200 mAh10C7.2 x 43 x 583.7V
LPHD73430581800 mAh10C7.3 x 43 x 583.7V
LPHD73350621450 mAh10C7.3 x 50 x 623.7V
LPHD74340961800 mAh10C7.4 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD74350621100 mAh10C7.4 x 35 x 623.7V
LPHD747017510000 mAh10C7.4 x 70 x 1753.7V
LPHD7424037550 mAh10C7.4 x 24 x 373.7V
LPHD75300601300 mAh10C7.5 x 30 x 603.7V
LPHD75421244550 mAh10C7.5 x 42 x 1243.7V
LPHD767017510000 mAh10C7.6 x 70 x 1753.7V
LPHD7620035400 mAh10C7.6 x 20 x 353.7V
LPHD777017510000 mAh10C7.7 x 70 x 1753.7V
LPHD777017010000 mAh10C7.7 x 70 x 1703.7V
LPHD787017010000 mAh10C7.8 x 70 x 1703.7V
LPHD78350421000 mAh10C7.8 x 35 x 423.7V
LPHD78300481000 mAh10C7.8 x 30 x 483.7V
LPHD807017010000 mAh10C8 x 70 x 1703.7V
LPHD80300601300 mAh10C8 x 30 x 603.7V
LPHD81340962100 mAh10C8.1 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD82420401300 mAh10C8.2 x 42 x 403.7V
LPHD828515512000 mAh10C8.2 x 85 x 1553.7V
LPHD82340962100 mAh10C8.2 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD83420401300 mAh10C8.3 x 42 x 403.7V
LPHD83341223500 mAh10C8.3 x 34 x 1223.7V
LPHD84651469450 mAh10C8.4 x 65 x 1463.7V
LPHD84321153300 mAh10C8.4 x 32 x 1153.7V
LPHD857017512000 mAh10C8.5 x 70 x 1753.7V
LPHD858518715000 mAh10C8.5 x 85 x 1873.7V
LPHD85451506600 mAh10C8.5 x 45 x 1503.7V
LPHD87590985600 mAh10C8.7 x 59 x 983.7V
LPHD877017512000 mAh10C8.7 x 70 x 1753.7V
LPHD878518315000 mAh10C8.7 x 85 x 1833.7V
LPHD88590985300 mAh10C8.8 x 59 x 983.7V
LPHD88501407150 mAh10C8.8 x 85 x 1403.7V
LPHD887017512000 mAh10C8.8 x 70 x 1753.7V
LPHD88280922450 mAh10C8.8 x 28 x 923.7V
LPHD88341224000 mAh10C8.8 x 34 x 1223.7V
LPHD917017512000 mAh10C9.1 x 70 x 1753.7V
LPHD927017512000 mAh10C9.2 x 70 x 1753.7V
LPHD937017514000 mAh10C9.3 x 70 x 1753.7V
LPHD93421265000 mAh10C9.3 x 42 x 1263.7V
LPHD947017512000 mAh10C9.4 x 70 x 1753.7V
LPHD947017514000 mAh10C9.4 x 70 x 1753.7V
LPHD957017012000 mAh10C9.5 x 70 x 1703.7V
LPHD97421265900 mAh10C9.7 x 42 x 1263.7V
LPHD987517515000 mAh10C9.8 x 75 x 1753.7V
LPHD987517515000 mAh10C9.8 x 75 x 1753.7V
LPHD987017012000 mAh10C9.8 x 70 x 1703.7V
LPHD987517516000 mAh10C9.8 x 75 x 1753.7V
LPHD997517516800 mAh10C9.9 x 75 x 1753.7V
LPHD997517515000 mAh10C9.9 x 75 x 1753.7V
LPHDA09623527500 mAh10C10 x 96 x 2353.7V
LPHDA07517515000 mAh10C10 x 75 x 1753.7V
LPHDA17517516000 mAh10C10.1 x 75 x 1753.7V
LPHDA17517516800 mAh10C10.1 x 75 x 1753.7V
LPHDA3421246000 mAh10C10.3 x 42 x 1243.7V
LPHDA57517515000 mAh10C10.5 x 75 x 1753.7V
LPHDA5421266000 mAh10C10.5 x 42 x 1263.7V
LPHDA5421266550 mAh10C10.5 x 42 x 1263.7V
LPHDA57517516800 mAh10C10.5 x 75 x 1753.7V
LPHDA67517515000 mAh10C10.6 x 75 x 1753.7V
LPHDA6421266800 mAh10C10.6 x 42 x 1263.7V
LPHDA67517515000 mAh10C10.6 x 75 x 1753.7V
LPHDA77517515000 mAh10C10.7 x 75 x 1753.7V
LPHDA88515516800 mAh10C10.8 x 85 x 1553.7V
LPHDA87517515000 mAh10C10.8 x 75 x 1753.7V
LPHDA87517015000 mAh10C10.8 x 75 x 1703.7V
LPHDA87517516800 mAh10C10.8 x 75 x 1753.7V
LPHDA8421266550 mAh10C10.8 x 42 x 1263.7V
LPHDA8320883400 mAh10C10.8 x 32 x 883.7V
LPHDA98515516800 mAh10C10.9 x 85 x 1553.7V
LPHDA9421266550 mAh10C10.9 x 42 x 1263.7V
LPHDB0421266550 mAh10C11 x 42 x 1263.7V
LPHDB07517516800 mAh10C11 x 75 x 1753.7V
LPHDB0421267000 mAh10C11 x 42 x 1263.7V
LPHDB0640795900 mAh10C11 x 64 x 793.7V
LPHDB1421266550 mAh10C11 x 142 x 1263.7V