Best High C Rated Lithium Polymer Battery 25C

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About High C Rated Lithium Polymer Battery

High C rated describes how quickly a battery can be discharged. A 2000mAh Lithium polymer battery with C rating of 1C continuous would mean it should not be discharged any faster than 2000mA (2A), which would take one hour. A 2000mAh pack rated for 5C continuous would be able to discharge at 5 times its capacity (5 x 2000mA = 10000mA or 10A) at which rate it would discharge in 1/5th of an hour. Using a pack with a higher C rating than you require will leave some room for safety, and extend the life of your lithium polymer battery.

To select a high c rated lithium polymer battery for your RC helicopter, you first need to know what voltage you require and how much current you will be drawing continuously. If the motor in your RC helicopter is rated to work with 11.1V, you would need a 3 cell lithium polymer battery. If you need to draw 10A, and you would like your RC helicopter to have a 10 minute (1/6th of an hour = 6C) flight, you would need a battery with 10A / 6 = 1.7A = 1700mAh. This means you would need to put a 3s 1700mAh lithium polymer battery with a C rating of 6 or higher in your RC helicopter.

What is C Rated?

C rated is the discharge rate of the lithium polymer battery or lithium polymer battery pack. Ordinary lithium polymer batteries have an average c-rated value of 1-2C, and this special high c rated lithium polymer battery is made of a special electrolyte that can support polymer batteries drain at 5C-50C rate without overheating and damage.

Why you need high c rated battery?

While most consumer applications only require 1C lithium polymer batteries, but these high c rated lithium polymer batteries are ideal for high-emission applications such as RC Auto, RC Heli, Airsoft, Robotics, E-Bikes, etc. Essentially any demanding applications that require higher amounts of amps or bursts of amps.


25C High C Rated Lithium Polymer Battery Tables

ModelCapacity(mAh)C ratingT x W x L(mm)Voltage(V)
LPHD551401760 mAh25C5.5 x 14 x 173.7V
LPHD3720030120 mAh25C3.7 x 20 x 303.7V
LPHD5816037200 mAh25C5.8 x 16 x 373.7V
LPHD5817037200 mAh25C5.8 x 17 x 373.7V
LPHD5520036250 mAh25C5.5 x 20 x 363.7V
LPHD6820030250 mAh25C6.8 x 20 x 303.7V
LPHD5520040300 mAh25C5.5 x 20 x 403.7V
LPHD7520030300 mAh25C7.5 x 20 x 303.7V
LPHD7820035350 mAh25C7.8 x 20 x 353.7V
LPHD4025050380 mAh25C4 x 25 x 503.7V
LPHD8020036390 mAh25C8 x 20 x 363.7V
LPHD8220036390 mAh25C8.2 x 20 x 363.7V
LPHD5818055420 mAh25C5.8 x 18 x 553.7V
LPHD6218055420 mAh25C6.2 x 18 x 553.7V
LPHD8520036420 mAh25C8.5 x 20 x 363.7V
LPHD4820055430 mAh25C4.8 x 20 x 553.7V
LPHD4530048450 mAh25C4.5 x 30 x 483.7V
LPHD4730048450 mAh25C4.7 x 30 x 483.7V
LPHD6616054450 mAh25C6.6 x 16 x 543.7V
LPHD7318050460 mAh25C7.3 x 18 x 503.7V
LPHD4830048500 mAh25C4.8 x 30 x 483.7V
LPHD5030048500 mAh25C5 x 30 x 483.7V
LPHD5130048600 mAh25C5.1 x 30 x 483.7V
LPHD6928045730 mAh25C6.9 x 28 x 453.7V
LPHD7630048800 mAh25C7.6 x 30 x 483.7V
LPHD6430060850 mAh25C6.4 x 30 x 603.7V
LPHD63350621000 mAh25C6.3 x 35 x 623.7V
LPHD64300601000 mAh25C6.4 x 30 x 603.7V
LPHD59350621100 mAh25C5.9 x 35 x 623.7V
LPHD70350621200 mAh25C7 x 35 x 623.7V
LPHD52191601250 mAh25C5.2 x 19 x 1603.7V
LPHD55301001250 mAh25C5.5 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD69350621300 mAh25C6.9 x 35 x 623.7V
LPHD78350621300 mAh25C7.8 x 35 x 623.7V
LPHD58340961500 mAh25C5.8 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD78300851600 mAh25C7.8 x 30 x 853.7V
LPHD82350621600 mAh25C8.2 x 35 x 623.7V
LPHD56340961650 mAh25C5.6 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD54640741700 mAh25C5.4 x 64 x 743.7V
LPHD59340961800 mAh25C5.9 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD63340961800 mAh25C6.3 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD68340961800 mAh25C6.8 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD79340962100 mAh25C7.9 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD44650862200 mAh25C4.4 x 65 x 863.7V
LPHD58421262200 mAh25C5.8 x 42 x 1263.7V
LPHD74340962200 mAh25C7.4 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD82340962200 mAh25C8.2 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD78340962400 mAh25C7.8 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD89340962400 mAh25C8.9 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD82490922500 mAh25C8.2 x 49 x 923.7V
LPHD95340962600 mAh25C9.5 x 34 x 963.7V
LPHD50451502650 mAh25C5 x 45 x 1503.7V
LPHD68501152800 mAh25C6.8 x 50 x 1153.7V
LPHD60531052900 mAh25C6 x 53 x 1053.7V
LPHD66431283000 mAh25C6.6 x 43 x 1283.7V
LPHD74451353000 mAh25C7.4 x 45 x 1353.7V
LPHD75540903100 mAh25C7.5 x 40 x 903.7V
LPHD58451503200 mAh25C5.8 x 45 x 1503.7V
LPHD78590983300 mAh25C7.8 x 59 x 983.7V
LPHD66421263550 mAh25C6.6 x 42 x 1263.7V
LPHD78431283600 mAh25C7.8 x 43 x 1283.7V
LPHD69650863700 mAh25C6.9 x 65 x 863.7V
LPHD74650863700 mAh25C7.4 x 65 x 863.7V
LPHD76451354000 mAh25C7.6 x 45 x 1353.7V
LPHD84671054000 mAh25C8.4 x 67 x 1053.7V
LPHD85451354000 mAh25C8.5 x 45 x 1353.7V
LPHD85451354000 mAh25C8.5 x 45 x 1353.7V
LPHD66461434200 mAh25C6.6 x 46 x 1433.7V
LPHD72461434200 mAh25C7.2 x 46 x 1433.7V
LPHD80421264200 mAh25C8 x 42 x 1263.7V
LPHD85421264200 mAh25C8.5 x 42 x 1263.7V
LPHD92421264200 mAh25C9.2 x 42 x 1263.7V
LPHD69651324300 mAh25C6.9 x 65 x 1323.7V
LPHD82451354400 mAh25C8.2 x 45 x 1353.7V
LPHD74451354500 mAh25C7.4 x 45 x 1353.7V
LPHD85451354500 mAh25C8.5 x 45 x 1353.7V
LPHD78461434600 mAh25C7.8 x 46 x 1433.7V
LPHD83451505000 mAh25C8.3 x 45 x 1503.7V
LPHD84451505000 mAh25C8.4 x 45 x 1503.7V
LPHD90431255000 mAh25C9 x 43 x 1253.7V
LPHDA3421265100 mAh25C10.3 x 42 x 1263.7V
LPHDA5431285100 mAh25C10.5 x 43 x 1283.7V
LPHD89451505300 mAh25C8.9 x 45 x 1503.7V
LPHD80451505500 mAh25C8 x 45 x 1503.7V
LPHD80451805500 mAh25C8 x 45 x 1803.7V
LPHDA1421265500 mAh25C10.1 x 42 x 1263.7V
LPHD72451805600 mAh25C7.2 x 45 x 1803.7V
LPHD85451505800 mAh25C8.5 x 45 x 1503.7V
LPHD93451505800 mAh25C9.3 x 45 x 1503.7V
LPHD94491355800 mAh25C9.4 x 49 x 1353.7V
LPHD65781566000 mAh25C6.5 x 78 x 1563.7V
LPHD66781566000 mAh25C6.6 x 78 x 1563.7V
LPHD85781568000 mAh25C8.5 x 78 x 1563.7V

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