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The High C Rate is also referred to as the high discharge current C rate, it describes the rate at which a battery is being discharged. If a 5000mAh LiPo battery with 1C continuous, it means the battery should be discharged within 5000mAh(5A).

Continuous Current

If you know the continuous current and the capacity of the lipo battery pack you want, you can easily determine the C rate you need. If you are drawing 10A from a 5000mAh pack, simply take the current and divide by the capacity: 10A = 10000mA, 10000mA / 5000mAh = 2C.

Burst Current

LiPo battery is also given a C rate in terms of burst, which is the rate at which the abttery discharges in a short period of time. A 5000mAh lipo battery, the burst rate is 5C, which means the battery can provide 5 x 5000mA=25000mA(25A) current for several seconds.

How to select High C Rated LiPo Battery?

To select a high c rated lipo battery for your RC helicopter, you first need to know what voltage you require and how much current you will be drawing continuously. If the motor in your RC helicopter is rated to work with 14.8V, you would need a 4 cell lipo battery. If you need to draw 10A, and you would like your RC helicopter to have a 10 minute (1/6th of an hour = 6C) flight, you would need a battery with 10A / 6 = 1.7A = 1700mAh. This means you would need to put a 3s 1700mAh battery with a C rating of 6 or higher in your RC helicopter.



ModelCapacityL*W*T(mm)C RateVoltage
LPHD401201835 mAh18 x 12 x 4.020C3,7V
LPHD451201840 mAh18 x 12 x 4.520C3,7V
LPHD451201545 mAh15 x 12 x 4.520C3,7V
LPHD351103270 mAh32 x 11 x 3.520C3,7V
LPHD551202070 mAh20 x 12 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD651202080 mAh20 x 12 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD651401780 mAh17 x 14 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD781301680 mAh16 x 13 x 7.820C3,7V
LPHD801301380 mAh13 x 13 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD901301390 mAh13 x 13 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHD3020025100 mAh25 x 20 x 3.020C3,7V
LPHD3020030100 mAh30 x 20 x 3.020C3,7V
LPHD4315028100 mAh28 x 15 x 4.320C3,7V
LPHD5515022100 mAh22 x 15 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD7214017100 mAh17 x 14 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD7215015100 mAh15 x 15 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD4220030110 mAh30 x 20 x 4.220C3,7V
LPHD7517017110 mAh17 x 17 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD9014017110 mAh17 x 14 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHD4815028120 mAh28 x 15 x 4.820C3,7V
LPHD4815030120 mAh30 x 15 x 4.820C3,7V
LPHD6212025120 mAh25 x 12 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD9015015120 mAh15 x 15 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHD5512030130 mAh30 x 12 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD7015022130 mAh22 x 15 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD5311040140 mAh40 x 11 x 5.320C3,7V
LPHD6817021140 mAh21 x 17 x 6.820C3,7V
LPHD3215045150 mAh45 x 15 x 3.220C3,7V
LPHD5020025150 mAh25 x 20 x 5.020C3,7V
LPHD5512037150 mAh37 x 12 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD5515028150 mAh28 x 15 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD6012035150 mAh35 x 12 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD6817023150 mAh23 x 17 x 6.820C3,7V
LPHD7515022150 mAh22 x 15 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD4520030180 mAh30 x 20 x 4.520C3,7V
LPHD5520030180 mAh30 x 20 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD6020025180 mAh25 x 20 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD7517023180 mAh23 x 17 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD6017030195 mAh30 x 17 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD4525030200 mAh30 x 25 x 4.520C3,7V
LPHD5320030200 mAh30 x 20 x 5.320C3,7V
LPHD5716036200 mAh36 x 16 x 5.720C3,7V
LPHD5811047200 mAh47 x 11 x 5.820C3,7V
LPHD6520025200 mAh25 x 20 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD9520020200 mAh20 x 20 x 9.520C3,7V
LPHD5012050210 mAh50 x 12 x 5.020C3,7V
LPHD8517023210 mAh23 x 17 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHD8816026220 mAh26 x 16 x 8.820C3,7V
LPHD5020035230 mAh35 x 20 x 5.020C3,7V
LPHD5524025240 mAh25 x 24 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD6518030240 mAh30 x 18 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD4525035250 mAh35 x 25 x 4.520C3,7V
LPHD6022027250 mAh27 x 22 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD6520030250 mAh30 x 20 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD7517030250 mAh30 x 17 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD8020025250 mAh25 x 20 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD7417030260 mAh30 x 17 x 7.420C3,7V
LPHD6222033280 mAh33 x 22 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD6416040290 mAh40 x 16 x 6.420C3,7V
LPHD4030048300 mAh48 x 30 x 4.020C3,7V
LPHD4525035300 mAh35 x 25 x 4.520C3,7V
LPHD6018044300 mAh44 x 18 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD6219035300 mAh35 x 19 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD7016037300 mAh37 x 16 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD8020030300 mAh30 x 20 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD8514035300 mAh35 x 14 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHD8520030320 mAh30 x 20 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHD4030048350 mAh48 x 30 x 4.020C3,7V
LPHD4030048350 mAh48 x 30 x 4.020C3,7V
LPHD4730040350 mAh40 x 30 x 4.720C3,7V
LPHD6518042350 mAh42 x 18 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD7020035350 mAh35 x 20 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD7215045350 mAh45 x 15 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD7220035350 mAh35 x 20 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD7520035350 mAh35 x 20 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD9020030350 mAh30 x 20 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHD8020036390 mAh36 x 20 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD4531042400 mAh42 x 31 x 4.520C3,7V
LPHD6522040400 mAh40 x 22 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD6822040400 mAh40 x 22 x 6.820C3,7V
LPHD4513100430 mAh100 x 13 x 4.520C3,7V
LPHD4530048430 mAh48 x 30 x 4.520C3,7V
LPHD4428045450 mAh45 x 28 x 4.420C3,7V
LPHD4430048450 mAh48 x 30 x 4.420C3,7V
LPHD4628045450 mAh45 x 28 x 4.620C3,7V
LPHD4730048450 mAh48 x 30 x 4.720C3,7V
LPHD7820040450 mAh40 x 20 x 7.820C3,7V
LPHD9025030450 mAh30 x 25 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHD7520040480 mAh40 x 20 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD7525035480 mAh35 x 25 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD4830048500 mAh48 x 30 x 4.820C3,7V
LPHD6023051500 mAh51 x 23 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD7025040500 mAh40 x 25 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD7031042500 mAh42 x 31 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD7218055500 mAh55 x 18 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD7531042500 mAh42 x 31 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD7825035500 mAh35 x 25 x 7.820C3,7V
LPHD5516075530 mAh75 x 16 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD7025040530 mAh40 x 25 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD8520040530 mAh40 x 20 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHD7224037550 mAh37 x 24 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD7520045550 mAh45 x 20 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD8525035550 mAh35 x 25 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHD9025035550 mAh35 x 25 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHD5530048600 mAh48 x 30 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD5830060600 mAh60 x 30 x 5.820C3,7V
LPHD7225040600 mAh40 x 25 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD7519055600 mAh55 x 19 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD5830048620 mAh48 x 30 x 5.820C3,7V
LPHD7419055630 mAh55 x 19 x 7.420C3,7V
LPHD4835062650 mAh62 x 35 x 4.820C3,7V
LPHD6030048650 mAh48 x 30 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD7230040650 mAh40 x 30 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD7230040650 mAh40 x 30 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD7430048650 mAh48 x 30 x 7.420C3,7V
LPHD8525040650 mAh40 x 25 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHDC224033650 mAh33 x 24 x 12.020C3,7V
LPHD4430085700 mAh85 x 30 x 4.420C3,7V
LPHD6217089700 mAh89 x 17 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD7030040700 mAh40 x 30 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD8023051700 mAh51 x 23 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD8723043700 mAh43 x 23 x 8.720C3,7V
LPHD5830048730 mAh48 x 30 x 5.820C3,7V
LPHD5334056750 mAh56 x 34 x 5.320C3,7V
LPHD6017095750 mAh95 x 17 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD6326060750 mAh60 x 26 x 6.320C3,7V
LPHD5517095780 mAh95 x 17 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD4618123800 mAh123 x 18 x 4.620C3,7V
LPHD5035062800 mAh62 x 35 x 5.020C3,7V
LPHD5223075800 mAh75 x 23 x 5.220C3,7V
LPHD5834056800 mAh56 x 34 x 5.820C3,7V
LPHD6025062800 mAh62 x 25 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD7030048800 mAh48 x 30 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD7030048800 mAh48 x 30 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD7330048800 mAh48 x 30 x 7.320C3,7V
LPHD7630048800 mAh48 x 30 x 7.620C3,7V
LPHD6030060850 mAh60 x 30 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD6033051850 mAh51 x 33 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD6230060850 mAh60 x 30 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD7130048850 mAh48 x 30 x 7.120C3,7V
LPHD7630048850 mAh48 x 30 x 7.620C3,7V
LPHD6230060900 mAh60 x 30 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD8024056900 mAh56 x 24 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD40340961000 mAh96 x 34 x 4.020C3,7V
LPHD50340761000 mAh76 x 34 x 5.020C3,7V
LPHD58350621000 mAh62 x 35 x 5.820C3,7V
LPHD58350621000 mAh62 x 35 x 5.820C3,7V
LPHD61400501000 mAh50 x 40 x 6.120C3,7V
LPHD61400501000 mAh50 x 40 x 6.120C3,7V
LPHD62330701000 mAh70 x 33 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD62430581000 mAh58 x 43 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD63350621000 mAh62 x 35 x 6.320C3,7V
LPHD65250621000 mAh62 x 25 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD70230751000 mAh75 x 23 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD70300601000 mAh60 x 30 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD70300601000 mAh60 x 30 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD73240641000 mAh64 x 24 x 7.320C3,7V
LPHDA1240481000 mAh48 x 24 x 10.120C3,7V
LPHD48430601050 mAh60 x 43 x 4.820C3,7V
LPHD50340961050 mAh96 x 34 x 5.020C3,7V
LPHD54340961050 mAh96 x 34 x 5.420C3,7V
LPHD55171301080 mAh130 x 17 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD46300901100 mAh90 x 30 x 4.620C3,7V
LPHD55300851100 mAh85 x 30 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD61400501100 mAh50 x 40 x 6.120C3,7V
LPHD70171201100 mAh120 x 17 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD76350621100 mAh62 x 35 x 7.620C3,7V
LPHD60201221150 mAh122 x 20 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD60201221150 mAh122 x 20 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD60201221150 mAh122 x 20 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD65280921150 mAh92 x 28 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD90300521150 mAh52 x 30 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHD38341061200 mAh106 x 34 x 3.820C3,7V
LPHD48340961200 mAh96 x 34 x 4.820C3,7V
LPHD50340801200 mAh80 x 34 x 5.020C3,7V
LPHD6020121200 mAh120 x 20 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD65181231200 mAh123 x 18 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD65350621200 mAh62 x 35 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD68350621200 mAh62 x 35 x 6.820C3,7V
LPHD70350621200 mAh62 x 35 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD75201001200 mAh100 x 20 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD93300481200 mAh48 x 30 x 9.320C3,7V
LPHD60300851250 mAh85 x 30 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD44341061300 mAh106 x 34 x 4.420C3,7V
LPHD45340961300 mAh96 x 34 x 4.520C3,7V
LPHD45340961300 mAh96 x 34 x 4.520C3,7V
LPHD50161851300 mAh185 x 16 x 5.020C3,7V
LPHD53300901300 mAh90 x 30 x 5.320C3,7V
LPHD68350621300 mAh62 x 35 x 6.820C3,7V
LPHD72350621300 mAh62 x 35 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD72350621300 mAh62 x 35 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD75350621300 mAh62 x 35 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD82300601300 mAh60 x 30 x 8.220C3,7V
LPHD55340961400 mAh96 x 34 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD59340761400 mAh76 x 34 x 5.920C3,7V
LPHD64340761400 mAh76 x 34 x 6.420C3,7V
LPHD78350621400 mAh62 x 35 x 7.820C3,7V
LPHD48341061450 mAh106 x 34 x 4.820C3,7V
LPHD52460941500 mAh94 x 46 x 5.220C3,7V
LPHD57340961500 mAh96 x 34 x 5.720C3,7V
LPHD59340821500 mAh82 x 34 x 5.920C3,7V
LPHD62340821500 mAh82 x 34 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD65340801500 mAh80 x 34 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD69430581500 mAh58 x 43 x 6.920C3,7V
LPHD70370681500 mAh68 x 37 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD70430601500 mAh60 x 43 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD72430581500 mAh58 x 43 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD75201201500 mAh120 x 20 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD80350621500 mAh62 x 35 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD82350621500 mAh62 x 35 x 8.220C3,7V
LPHD95250951500 mAh95 x 25 x 9.520C3,7V
LPHD78300821550 mAh82 x 30 x 7.820C3,7V
LPHD90350621550 mAh62 x 35 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHD54420801600 mAh80 x 42 x 5.420C3,7V
LPHD54460941600 mAh94 x 46 x 5.420C3,7V
LPHD60340961600 mAh96 x 34 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD60340961600 mAh96 x 34 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD60340961600 mAh96 x 34 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD70440601600 mAh60 x 44 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD72430581600 mAh58 x 43 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD74300851600 mAh85 x 30 x 7.420C3,7V
LPHD75340761600 mAh76 x 34 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD84350621600 mAh62 x 35 x 8.420C3,7V
LPHD85350621600 mAh62 x 35 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHDA0340501600 mAh50 x 34 x 10.020C3,7V
LPHD54490921650 mAh92 x 49 x 5.420C3,7V
LPHD68340761650 mAh76 x 34 x 6.820C3,7V
LPHD71430581650 mAh58 x 43 x 7.120C3,7V
LPHD78300821650 mAh82 x 30 x 7.820C3,7V
LPHD80300821650 mAh82 x 30 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD55341001750 mAh100 x 34 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD70301001750 mAh100 x 30 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD57430801800 mAh80 x 43 x 5.720C3,7V
LPHD60460941800 mAh94 x 46 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD66340961800 mAh96 x 34 x 6.620C3,7V
LPHD68340961800 mAh96 x 34 x 6.820C3,7V
LPHD70340821800 mAh82 x 34 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD78340961800 mAh96 x 34 x 7.820C3,7V
LPHD82300821800 mAh82 x 30 x 8.220C3,7V
LPHD84300821800 mAh82 x 30 x 8.420C3,7V
LPHD88300821800 mAh82 x 30 x 8.820C3,7V
LPHD90350621800 mAh62 x 35 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHD80430801900 mAh80 x 43 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD80450751900 mAh75 x 45 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD56420851950 mAh85 x 42 x 5.620C3,7V
LPHD57420851950 mAh85 x 42 x 5.720C3,7V
LPHD46421262000 mAh126 x 42 x 4.620C3,7V
LPHD50430832000 mAh83 x 43 x 5.020C3,7V
LPHD57420852000 mAh85 x 42 x 5.720C3,7V
LPHD58420852000 mAh85 x 42 x 5.820C3,7V
LPHD62640742000 mAh74 x 64 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD65700682000 mAh68 x 70 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD92430582000 mAh58 x 43 x 9.220C3,7V
LPHD92430582000 mAh58 x 43 x 9.220C3,7V
LPHDA0350622000 mAh62 x 35 x 10.020C3,7V
LPHD57420832050 mAh83 x 42 x 5.720C3,7V
LPHD57420852050 mAh85 x 42 x 5.720C3,7V
LPHD73340962100 mAh96 x 34 x 7.320C3,7V
LPHD74340962100 mAh96 x 34 x 7.420C3,7V
LPHD76340962100 mAh96 x 34 x 7.620C3,7V
LPHD78340962100 mAh96 x 34 x 7.820C3,7V
LPHD90430602100 mAh60 x 43 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHD92340962100 mAh96 x 34 x 9.220C3,7V
LPHD97430562100 mAh56 x 43 x 9.720C3,7V
LPHD97430602100 mAh60 x 43 x 9.720C3,7V
LPHD58720602150 mAh60 x 72 x 5.820C3,7V
LPHD55430832200 mAh83 x 43 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD58361282200 mAh128 x 36 x 5.820C3,7V
LPHD58421262200 mAh126 x 42 x 5.820C3,7V
LPHD60361282200 mAh128 x 36 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD70341062200 mAh106 x 34 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD72341222200 mAh122 x 34 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD73340962200 mAh96 x 34 x 7.320C3,7V
LPHD73340962200 mAh96 x 34 x 7.320C3,7V
LPHD75340962200 mAh96 x 34 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD78340962200 mAh96 x 34 x 7.820C3,7V
LPHD78340962200 mAh96 x 34 x 7.820C3,7V
LPHD79340962200 mAh96 x 34 x 7.920C3,7V
LPHD88340762200 mAh76 x 34 x 8.820C3,7V
LPHD96340762200 mAh76 x 34 x 9.620C3,7V
LPHD77320942300 mAh94 x 32 x 7.720C3,7V
LPHD78430802300 mAh80 x 43 x 7.820C3,7V
LPHD80340962300 mAh96 x 34 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD80340962300 mAh96 x 34 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD81340962300 mAh96 x 34 x 8.120C3,7V
LPHD53421262400 mAh126 x 42 x 5.320C3,7V
LPHD53421262400 mAh126 x 42 x 5.320C3,7V
LPHD53431282400 mAh128 x 43 x 5.320C3,7V
LPHD62361282400 mAh128 x 36 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD68340962400 mAh96 x 34 x 6.820C3,7V
LPHD76341062400 mAh106 x 34 x 7.620C3,7V
LPHD82340962400 mAh96 x 34 x 8.220C3,7V
LPHD85340962400 mAh96 x 34 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHD85340962400 mAh96 x 34 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHD53421242500 mAh124 x 42 x 5.320C3,7V
LPHD54431282500 mAh128 x 43 x 5.420C3,7V
LPHD54431282500 mAh128 x 43 x 5.420C3,7V
LPHD55431282500 mAh128 x 43 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD56430832500 mAh83 x 43 x 5.620C3,7V
LPHD60600782500 mAh78 x 60 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD61600782500 mAh78 x 60 x 6.120C3,7V
LPHD62600782500 mAh78 x 60 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD70381102500 mAh110 x 38 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD73341062500 mAh106 x 34 x 7.320C3,7V
LPHD80341222500 mAh122 x 34 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD80361282500 mAh128 x 36 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD81341222500 mAh122 x 34 x 8.120C3,7V
LPHD82341002500 mAh100 x 34 x 8.220C3,7V
LPHD60600782550 mAh78 x 60 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD78430802550 mAh80 x 43 x 7.820C3,7V
LPHD85341062550 mAh106 x 34 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHD52421262600 mAh126 x 42 x 5.220C3,7V
LPHD58421262600 mAh126 x 42 x 5.820C3,7V
LPHD82341062600 mAh106 x 34 x 8.220C3,7V
LPHD82341222600 mAh122 x 34 x 8.220C3,7V
LPHD85341062600 mAh106 x 34 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHD86341222600 mAh122 x 34 x 8.620C3,7V
LPHD58431282700 mAh128 x 43 x 5.820C3,7V
LPHD62450952700 mAh95 x 45 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD65441002700 mAh100 x 44 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD66441002700 mAh100 x 44 x 6.620C3,7V
LPHD71381152700 mAh115 x 38 x 7.120C3,7V
LPHD75381102700 mAh110 x 38 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD84341062700 mAh106 x 34 x 8.420C3,7V
LPHD85340962700 mAh96 x 34 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHD93340962700 mAh96 x 34 x 9.320C3,7V
LPHD55421262750 mAh126 x 42 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD69381102750 mAh110 x 38 x 6.920C3,7V
LPHD55421242800 mAh124 x 42 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD60421242800 mAh124 x 42 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD62640962800 mAh96 x 64 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD72430832800 mAh83 x 43 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD57531052900 mAh105 x 53 x 5.720C3,7V
LPHD65700922950 mAh92 x 70 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD53451353000 mAh135 x 45 x 5.320C3,7V
LPHD55431253000 mAh125 x 43 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD58451353000 mAh135 x 45 x 5.820C3,7V
LPHD63421263000 mAh126 x 42 x 6.320C3,7V
LPHD68421253000 mAh125 x 42 x 6.820C3,7V
LPHD72361283000 mAh128 x 36 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD74361283000 mAh128 x 36 x 7.420C3,7V
LPHD75361283000 mAh128 x 36 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD79341223000 mAh122 x 34 x 7.920C3,7V
LPHD64421263100 mAh126 x 42 x 6.420C3,7V
LPHD64431283100 mAh128 x 43 x 6.420C3,7V
LPHD75421263100 mAh126 x 42 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD76421263100 mAh126 x 42 x 7.620C3,7V
LPHD68421263150 mAh126 x 42 x 6.820C3,7V
LPHD52431253200 mAh125 x 43 x 5.220C3,7V
LPHD54461433200 mAh143 x 46 x 5.420C3,7V
LPHD55451503200 mAh150 x 45 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD64421263200 mAh126 x 42 x 6.420C3,7V
LPHD65431283200 mAh128 x 43 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD66421263200 mAh126 x 42 x 6.620C3,7V
LPHD70431283200 mAh128 x 43 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD74550823200 mAh82 x 55 x 7.420C3,7V
LPHD92351123200 mAh112 x 35 x 9.220C3,7V
LPHDA0390923250 mAh92 x 39 x 10.020C3,7V
LPHD53461433300 mAh143 x 46 x 5.320C3,7V
LPHD66421263300 mAh126 x 42 x 6.620C3,7V
LPHD67421263300 mAh126 x 42 x 6.720C3,7V
LPHD67441153300 mAh115 x 44 x 6.720C3,7V
LPHD85421213300 mAh121 x 42 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHD92341223350 mAh122 x 34 x 9.220C3,7V
LPHD58451503400 mAh150 x 45 x 5.820C3,7V
LPHD72431283400 mAh128 x 43 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD80430833400 mAh83 x 43 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD88341223400 mAh122 x 34 x 8.820C3,7V
LPHD55431253500 mAh125 x 43 x 5.520C3,7V
LPHD59451503500 mAh150 x 45 x 5.920C3,7V
LPHD66421263500 mAh126 x 42 x 6.620C3,7V
LPHD86361283500 mAh128 x 36 x 8.620C3,7V
LPHD96450903500 mAh90 x 45 x 9.620C3,7V
LPHD74431283600 mAh128 x 43 x 7.420C3,7V
LPHD76421263600 mAh126 x 42 x 7.620C3,7V
LPHD76431283600 mAh128 x 43 x 7.620C3,7V
LPHD87361283600 mAh128 x 36 x 8.720C3,7V
LPHD94450903600 mAh90 x 45 x 9.420C3,7V
LPHD74421263650 mAh126 x 42 x 7.420C3,7V
LPHD70421263700 mAh126 x 42 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD76421263700 mAh126 x 42 x 7.620C3,7V
LPHD78421263700 mAh126 x 42 x 7.820C3,7V
LPHD59461433800 mAh143 x 46 x 5.920C3,7V
LPHD64461433800 mAh143 x 46 x 6.420C3,7V
LPHD71421263800 mAh126 x 42 x 7.120C3,7V
LPHD75431283800 mAh128 x 43 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD79421263800 mAh126 x 42 x 7.920C3,7V
LPHD79421263800 mAh126 x 42 x 7.920C3,7V
LPHD85361283800 mAh128 x 36 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHD90361283800 mAh128 x 36 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHD90421263800 mAh126 x 42 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHD94381103800 mAh110 x 38 x 9.420C3,7V
LPHD80421263850 mAh126 x 42 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD80430833900 mAh83 x 43 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD81430833900 mAh83 x 43 x 8.120C3,7V
LPHD56431254000 mAh125 x 43 x 5.620C3,7V
LPHD58441754000 mAh175 x 44 x 5.820C3,7V
LPHD60441754000 mAh175 x 44 x 6.020C3,7V
LPHD62461484000 mAh148 x 46 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD62481504000 mAh150 x 48 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD62651354000 mAh135 x 65 x 6.220C3,7V
LPHD64431504000 mAh150 x 43 x 6.420C3,7V
LPHD64651324000 mAh132 x 65 x 6.420C3,7V
LPHD65451504000 mAh150 x 45 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD69451504000 mAh150 x 45 x 6.920C3,7V
LPHD71431284000 mAh128 x 43 x 7.120C3,7V
LPHD75451354000 mAh135 x 45 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD77431354000 mAh135 x 43 x 7.720C3,7V
LPHD80421244000 mAh124 x 42 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD80431254000 mAh125 x 43 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD80431284000 mAh128 x 43 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD81421264000 mAh126 x 42 x 8.120C3,7V
LPHD82421264000 mAh126 x 42 x 8.220C3,7V
LPHD82431284000 mAh128 x 43 x 8.220C3,7V
LPHD87560864000 mAh86 x 56 x 8.720C3,7V
LPHD90560864000 mAh86 x 56 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHD94361284000 mAh128 x 36 x 9.420C3,7V
LPHD95361284000 mAh128 x 36 x 9.520C3,7V
LPHD95441004000 mAh100 x 44 x 9.520C3,7V
LPHD80671004100 mAh100 x 67 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD85421264150 mAh126 x 42 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHD68461434200 mAh143 x 46 x 6.820C3,7V
LPHD69431434200 mAh143 x 43 x 6.920C3,7V
LPHD84431284200 mAh128 x 43 x 8.420C3,7V
LPHDA0430954200 mAh95 x 43 x 10.020C3,7V
LPHD88431284250 mAh128 x 43 x 8.820C3,7V
LPHD72431254300 mAh125 x 43 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD86431284300 mAh128 x 43 x 8.620C3,7V
LPHD73491354400 mAh135 x 49 x 7.320C3,7V
LPHD74461434400 mAh143 x 46 x 7.420C3,7V
LPHD80451354400 mAh135 x 45 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD86421244400 mAh124 x 42 x 8.620C3,7V
LPHD88421264400 mAh126 x 42 x 8.820C3,7V
LPHD90431284400 mAh128 x 43 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHD54491454500 mAh145 x 49 x 5.420C3,7V
LPHD69491354500 mAh135 x 49 x 6.920C3,7V
LPHD70461434500 mAh143 x 46 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD73451504500 mAh150 x 45 x 7.320C3,7V
LPHD82421264500 mAh126 x 42 x 8.220C3,7V
LPHD90421264500 mAh126 x 42 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHD95560864500 mAh86 x 56 x 9.520C3,7V
LPHD85421264600 mAh126 x 42 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHD92421264600 mAh126 x 42 x 9.220C3,7V
LPHD93421264600 mAh126 x 42 x 9.320C3,7V
LPHD65751064700 mAh106 x 75 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD75451504700 mAh150 x 45 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD75451504700 mAh150 x 45 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD78431504800 mAh150 x 43 x 7.820C3,7V
LPHD83431254800 mAh125 x 43 x 8.320C3,7V
LPHD93431284800 mAh128 x 43 x 9.320C3,7V
LPHD94421264800 mAh126 x 42 x 9.420C3,7V
LPHD97421264800 mAh126 x 42 x 9.720C3,7V
LPHD98431284800 mAh128 x 43 x 9.820C3,7V
LPHD70701355000 mAh135 x 70 x 7.020C3,7V
LPHD72451505000 mAh150 x 45 x 7.220C3,7V
LPHD74461435000 mAh143 x 46 x 7.420C3,7V
LPHD79451505000 mAh150 x 45 x 7.920C3,7V
LPHD79451505000 mAh150 x 45 x 7.920C3,7V
LPHD82451505000 mAh150 x 45 x 8.220C3,7V
LPHD83461435000 mAh143 x 46 x 8.320C3,7V
LPHD85431505000 mAh150 x 43 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHD88431185000 mAh118 x 43 x 8.820C3,7V
LPHD90431255000 mAh125 x 43 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHD97421265000 mAh126 x 42 x 9.720C3,7V
LPHD99421265000 mAh126 x 42 x 9.920C3,7V
LPHDA0421265000 mAh126 x 42 x 10.020C3,7V
LPHD76491355100 mAh135 x 49 x 7.620C3,7V
LPHD82451355100 mAh135 x 45 x 8.220C3,7V
LPHD83451505100 mAh150 x 45 x 8.320C3,7V
LPHD85461435100 mAh143 x 46 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHD87451355100 mAh135 x 45 x 8.720C3,7V
LPHD77461435200 mAh143 x 46 x 7.720C3,7V
LPHD94421265200 mAh126 x 42 x 9.420C3,7V
LPHD96431285200 mAh128 x 43 x 9.620C3,7V
LPHDA2421265200 mAh126 x 42 x 10.220C3,7V
LPHDA3421265200 mAh126 x 42 x 10.320C3,7V
LPHDA5421265200 mAh126 x 42 x 10.520C3,7V
LPHD75451505300 mAh150 x 45 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD82451505300 mAh150 x 45 x 8.220C3,7V
LPHD85451505300 mAh150 x 45 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHDA2421265450 mAh126 x 42 x 10.220C3,7V
LPHDA2421265450 mAh126 x 42 x 10.220C3,7V
LPHD69451805500 mAh180 x 45 x 6.920C3,7V
LPHD78451805500 mAh180 x 45 x 7.820C3,7V
LPHD82451505500 mAh150 x 45 x 8.220C3,7V
LPHD85451455500 mAh145 x 45 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHD89451505500 mAh150 x 45 x 8.920C3,7V
LPHDA0421245500 mAh124 x 42 x 10.020C3,7V
LPHDA4421245500 mAh124 x 42 x 10.420C3,7V
LPHDA5421245500 mAh124 x 42 x 10.520C3,7V
LPHDA6421245500 mAh124 x 42 x 10.620C3,7V
LPHD77441755600 mAh175 x 44 x 7.720C3,7V
LPHD79441755600 mAh175 x 44 x 7.920C3,7V
LPHDA7431285600 mAh128 x 43 x 10.720C3,7V
LPHDA7421265700 mAh126 x 42 x 10.720C3,7V
LPHDA8421245700 mAh124 x 42 x 10.820C3,7V
LPHD96451355750 mAh135 x 45 x 9.620C3,7V
LPHD76451495800 mAh149 x 45 x 7.620C3,7V
LPHD80441755900 mAh175 x 44 x 8.020C3,7V
LPHD82441755900 mAh175 x 44 x 8.220C3,7V
LPHD65701356000 mAh135 x 70 x 6.520C3,7V
LPHD67701356000 mAh135 x 70 x 6.720C3,7V
LPHD71701356000 mAh135 x 70 x 7.120C3,7V
LPHD79481506000 mAh150 x 48 x 7.920C3,7V
LPHD85481506000 mAh150 x 48 x 8.520C3,7V
LPHDA0431256000 mAh125 x 43 x 10.020C3,7V
LPHDA1431186000 mAh118 x 43 x 11.020C3,7V
LPHDA2421266050 mAh126 x 42 x 11.220C3,7V
LPHD92761196400 mAh119 x 76 x 9.220C3,7V
LPHD94771236400 mAh123 x 77 x 9.420C3,7V
LPHDA3451506900 mAh150 x 45 x 10.320C3,7V
LPHDA6451506900 mAh150 x 45 x 10.620C3,7V
LPHDA7451506900 mAh150 x 45 x 10.720C3,7V
LPHD90451807050 mAh180 x 45 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHD91451807050 mAh180 x 45 x 9.120C3,7V
LPHD92451807050 mAh180 x 45 x 9.220C3,7V
LPHD75641597500 mAh159 x 64 x 7.520C3,7V
LPHD81641558000 mAh155 x 64 x 8.120C3,7V
LPHD81641598000 mAh159 x 64 x 8.120C3,7V
LPHD82641558000 mAh155 x 64 x 8.220C3,7V
LPHD83641558000 mAh155 x 64 x 8.320C3,7V
LPHD95451808000 mAh180 x 45 x 9.520C3,7V
LPHD956415910000 mAh159 x 64 x 9.520C3,7V
LPHDA15915610000 mAh156 x 59 x 11.020C3,7V
LPHD787017012000 mAh170 x 70 x 7.820C3,7V
LPHD916721713900 mAh217 x 67 x 9.120C3,7V
LPHD907022014000 mAh220 x 70 x 9.020C3,7V
LPHDA17017016000 mAh170 x 70 x 11.020C3,7V
LPHDA18416516000 mAh165 x 84 x 11.020C3,7V
LPHDA19019021000 mAh190 x 90 x 11.020C3,7V