Li-ion Battery LP15270 400mAh with Molex 50375023

Hard Case Li-ion Battery LP15270 400mAh 3.7V 5C

Specialized In Rechargeable Hard Case Li-ion Battery, Industrial Experts, Huge Savings, Inquiry Now. This Hard Case Li-ion Battery LP15270 400mAh 3.7V 5C cell size is 15.0mm(diameter) x 27mm(length). For samples, our MOQ is 5pcs. We accept small quantity orders for the hard case Li-ion batteries when we have them in stock. For out-of-stock Li-ion batteries, the mass production orders time is 6-7 weeks. Contact us to get the battery stock and price information. If you can’t find suitable batteries in our existing hard case Li-ion battery lists, you can consider customizing a new Li-ion battery. We are a China lipo battery and Li-ion battery factory, we provide custom battery service, and we have 20 years of production experience in Li-ion batteries. Trust LiPol Battery Co., Ltd, we will offer you perfect hard case Li-ion batteries. Contact us through the sidebar contact form.

What is hard case Li-ion Battery

A hard case Li-ion battery is a cylinder shape Li-ion battery with a hard shell, the durable hard case can protect the battery from impact, vibration, or other mechanical stress. If your devices are remote-controlled vehicles, power tools, flashlights, electric toys, cameras, or ships, the hard case li-ion battery will be your good choice.

The positive electrode of a hard case Li-ion battery is lithium cobalt oxide, and the negative electrode is graphite and lithium-ion electrolyte. The internal cells of the hard case Li-ion battery is the same as the lipo battery. The hard case of a Li-ion battery is made of metal, plastic, and composite materials, it is very hard, they are designed to protect the cell from outside damage.

The advantages of the hard case Li-ion battery. cost-effective choice for a wide range of low-power applications

1. Durable Case
The biggest advantage of the hard case Li-ion battery is it has a hard shell. The hard case can protect the battery from damage and extend the overall battery life. And hard case Li-ion batteries are also less prone to leakage or rupture than soft-shell Li-ion batteries, which can be an important consideration in some applications.
2. Cheaper Price
The hard case Li-ion battery is cheaper than the standard lipo battery. It is a cost-effective choice for a wide range of low-power applications. Choose a hard case Li-ion battery or a soft-shell lipo battery, depending on your allocation and protection level requirements.
3. High Energy Density
The rechargeable hard case Li-ion batteries with high energy density , it store large amounts of energy in a relatively small space. They are also capable of delivering high power, making them ideal for use in power tools and other applications requiring high performance.
4. High Discharge Rate
All of our hard case Li-ion battery is a high discharge rate versions, it can support 3C, 5C, 8C, and 10C discharge currents. The high discharge rate li-ion battery meets your requirements for a large current.
5. Easy to buy
These hard case Li-ion batteries with a global standard size, various size and capacities meet your needs. The common standard hard case Li-ion batteries have 10180, 10220, 10400, 12630, 13310, 14250, 14500, 14650, 15270, 16280, 16450, 16500, 18350, 18500, 18650, 26650, 21700. It is easy to find and purchase them on the market.
6. No Memory Effect
One of the advantages of rechargeable hard case Li-ion batteries is that they are not affected by the “memory effect” that plagued older rechargeable batteries. This means they can be charged at any time without fully discharging first.

How to order a hard case li-ion battery?

1. Contact us
Send your hard case li-ion battery requirement via the sidebar contact form or contact us page. We need to know li-ion battery dimensions(thickness x width x length), voltage, capacity, max working current, protection circuit module(PCM), wires request, thermistor(NTC), connector type, etc. The more specific the information, the better we can find the best li-ion battery for you.

2. Evaluate & Quotation
When we receive your inquiries, we will reply to you within 12 hours. We will communicate the specific information of the hard case li-ion battery via email.

3. Order Process
Once we are agreed on the hard case li-ion battery models, quantities, prices, and other details, we will provide you with an invoice for payment. Generally, our payment terms are 100% payment in advance, payment methods are PayPal, credit card, and bank transfer. After we receive the payment, we will arrange your order. The lead time depends on specific orders.

4. Shipment
When the hard case li-ion batteries are ready, we will ship them out via DHL/UPS/FedEx Door to Door. We mainly use air shipping to ship the batteries, it is safe and fast. Later, we will provide the tracking number for you. We will also track the orders until the customer signs for the batteries

5. Warranty
Our warranty for the hard case li-ion battery is one year after the sale. (Refund or Resend batteries)
Range of warranty: There is low voltage, expansion, or leakage with the correct use of the cell in the warranty period.


3.7V Hard Case Li-ion Battery LP15270 400mAh 3.7V 5C

Battery typeHard Case Li-ion Battery
SizeDiameter 15mm x Length 27mm
Capacity400mAh, 1.48Wh
Protection circuit module(PCM)No (Optional)
Thermistor(NTC)No (Optional)
WiresNo (Optional)
ConnectorNo (Optional)
Max Charge Current800mA
Max Discharge Current4000mA
Expected Cycle Life500 cycles
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Hard Case Li-ion Battery LP15270 400mAh 3.7V 5C

We are the best China lipo battery and Li-ion battery factory, we have produced and sold rechargeable hard case Li-ion batteries for over 20 years. Our product lines have 18650 li-ion battery, micro lithium-ion battery, 10000mAh lipo battery, 5000mAh lipo battery, rectangular lipo battery, round lipo battery, ultra-thin lipo battery, curved lipo battery, cylindrical lipo battery, RC lipo battery, and high discharge rate lipo battery. The LP15270 400mAh 3.7V 5C is one of our popular rechargeable hard case Li-ion batteries, buy some samples for evaluation. Our MOQ is 5 pieces for stock Li-ion batteries, friendly to small companies and new start-up companies. Some of our Li-ion batteries are IEC62133, UN38.3, RoHS, MSDS, UL1642, and UL2054 certified, we also can help you apply these certifications for your new battery. We sell stock Li-ion batteries and provide customized hard case Li-ion battery service. Send us your request, we will design a perfect rechargeable Li-ion battery plan.

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