7000mAh+ LiPo Batteries

You will see more on this page and added a 7000mAh+ lipo battery. Extensive inventory and delivery time are much lower than other suppliers. We provide fast shipping services to most countries/regions through DHL or FedEx or UPS. Before the load includes voltage, internal resistance, surface, and capacity, we never reduce the test.

Are you looking for a business colleague of lipo batteries, we are the best choice. Some of our lipo batteries 7000mAh+ now require IEC62133 UN38.3 CE certification.

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7000mAh + LiPo Batteries

LP1066747000 mAh7466103.7V
LP61761057000 mAh105766.13.7V
LP63671327000 mAh132676.33.7V
LP75631137000 mAh113637.53.7V
LP75651137000 mAh113657.53.7V
LP75661187000 mAh118667.53.7V
LP75661217000 mAh121667.53.7V
LP9063957000 mAh956393.7V
LP31921407000 mAh140923.13.7V
LP6081967000 mAh968163.7V
LP63671317000 mAh131676.33.7V
LP75651217000 mAh121657.53.7V
LP1355707000 mAh705513
LP8064897000 mAh896483.7V
LP57671057020 mAh105675.73.7V
LP11381147056 mAh11438113.7V
LP8567997200 mAh99678.53.7V
LP82491357300 mAh135498.23.7V
LP95561057300 mAh105569.53.7V
LP95451357300 mAh135459.53.7V
LP40851507400 mAh1508543.7V
LP9876807400 mAh80769.83.7V
LP10501007500 mAh10050103.7V
LP10501207500 mAh12050103.7V
LP1080757500 mAh7580103.7V
LP12501007500 mAh10050123.7V
LP65681307500 mAh130686.53.7V
LP75651257500 mAh125657.53.7V
LP78671207500 mAh120677.83.7V
LP10551007500 mAh10055103.7V
LP48741327500 mAh132744.83.7V
LP56621587500 mAh158625.63.7V
LP70541507500 mAh1505473.7V
LP98451257500 mAh125459.83.7V
LP9067987600 mAh986793.7V
LP61721487700 mAh148726.13.7V
LP74651257800 mAh125657.43.7V
LP80801027800 mAh1028083.7V
LP1054887800 mAh8854103.7V
LP61721117800 mAh111726.13.7V
LP1258717800 mAh1115812
LP62551657900 mAh165556.23.7V