900mAh Li Po Battery for Pocket Printer

This is an awesome handheld device——a pocket printer. Now, you can capture your photos in a whole new way. This device built-in a small 900mAh Li Po Battery, it only 20g, save a lots of space for other components. Press the shutter button and watch as your photo instantly and automatically prints. Just three step, you’ll get a beautiful sticky back paper photo. Perfect portable printing for wherever the adventure takes you.


Pocket Pinter Specifications

  • Dimension: 116mm(L) x 77mm(W) x 18mm(D)
  • Weight: 162g
  • Charging cable/port: Standard micro USB port
  • Battery: 900mAh li po battery
  • System: iOS and Android devices

1.Instant Sticker

With zero ink printing technology, your photo will arrive at your fingertips in less than a minute. And, amazing is the instant sticker. The finished photo is 2×3’’, and it easy peel off and sticky back in anywhere. Moreover, it water-resistant, tear-resistant and smudge-proof. Don’t worry, you can save your memories forever.

2.40 pictures per charge

This printer built-in a 900mAh li po battery, we can take 40 pictures then have a charge. With this camera & printer, create your own photos with fun editing tools like borders and filters to take your photos to the next level.

3. Easy to carry

This printer is pocket friendly, the size is 116mm x 77mm x 18mm, and it only weight 162g. The biggest credit is battery, we use a very small li po battery but with 900mAh capacity. The printer can always standby, Keep all your beautiful moments.

LP523450 900mAh Li Po Battery specification


Battery Type
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
3.7V @ 900mAh
UL1571 AWG28 50mm*2
Cut-off Voltage
Thermistor (NTC)
10K 1%@+25C
5,2mm x 34mm x 50mm
Charge Temperature
0°C to +45°C
Discharge Temperature
-20°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature
-20°C to +45°C
Li Po Battery List

900mAh+ Li Po Battery

ModelCapacityL x W x T(mm)Voltage
LP374249900mAh49 x 42 x 3.73.7V
LP503450900mAh50 x 34 x 53.7V
LP553246900mAh46 x 32 x 5.53.7V
LP623536900mAh36 x 35 x 6.23.7V
LP702840900mAh40 x 28 x 73.7V
LP762636900mAh36 x 26 x 7.63.7V
LP345054900mAh54 x 50 x 3.43.7V
LP802060900mAh60 x 20 x 83.7V
LP122735950mAh35 x 27 x 123.7V
LP703640950mAh40 x 36 x 73.7V
LP832937950mAh37 x 29 x 8.33.7V
LP583445980mAh45 x 34 x 5.83.7V
LP101563900mAh63 x 15 x 103.7V
LP305060900mAh60 x 50 x 33.7V
LP333085900mAh85 x 30 x 3.33.7V
LP353283930mAh83 x 32 x 3.53.7V
LP404355900mAh55 x 43 x 43.7V
LP414551950mAh51 x 45 x 4.13.7V
LP423562960mAh62 x 35 x 4.23.7V
LP432782980mAh82 x 27 x 4.33.7V
LP432970950mAh70 x 29 x 4.33.7V
LP433566960mAh66 x 35 x 4.33.7V
LP473653900mAh53 x 36 x 4.73.7V
LP473653900mAh53 x 36 x 4.73.7V
LP482860950mAh60 x 28 x 4.83.7V
LP484450900mAh50 x 44 x 4.83.7V
LP502272900mAh72 x 22 x 53.7V
LP502870950mAh70 x 28 x 53.7V
LP503055950mAh55 x 30 x 53.7V
LP503060960mAh60 x 30 x 53.7V
LP504045900mAh45 x 40 x 53.7V
LP523450900mAh50 x 34 x 5.23.7V
LP523450980mAh50 x 34 x 5.23.7V
LP533640950mAh40 x 36 x 5.33.7V
LP552080900mAh80 x 20 x 5.53.7V
LP552368900mAh68 x 23 x 5.53.7V
LP552370900mAh70 x 23 x 5.53.7V
LP552855900mAh55 x 28 x 5.53.7V
LP553048900mAh48 x 30 x 5.53.7V
LP553443900mAh43 x 34 x 5.53.7V
LP553450950mAh50 x 34 x 5.53.7V
LP553545950mAh45 x 35 x 5.53.7V
LP573445900mAh45 x 34 x 5.73.7V
LP573450980mAh50 x 34 x 5.73.7V
LP583444950mAh44 x 34 x 5.83.7V
LP583445900mAh45 x 34 x 5.83.7V
LP602072950mAh72 x 20 x 63.7V
LP602079950mAh79 x 20 x 63.7V
LP602080950mAh80 x 20 x 63.7V
LP603442900mAh42 x 34 x 63.7V
LP603448950mAh48 x 34 x 63.7V
LP604038920mAh38 x 40 x 63.7V
LP643343970mAh43 x 33 x 6.43.7V
LP643639900mAh39 x 36 x 6.43.7V
LP652753950mAh53 x 27 x 6.53.7V
LP653046900mAh46 x 30 x 6.53.7V
LP653048920mAh48 x 30 x 6.53.7V
LP673048950mAh48 x 30 x 6.73.7V
LP701970900mAh70 x 19 x 73.7V
LP702070950mAh70 x 20 x 73.7V
LP751870900mAh70 x 18 x 7.53.7V
LP753039900mAh39 x 30 x 7.53.7V
LP753040960mAh40 x 30 x 7.53.7V
LP753235900mAh35 x 32 x 7.53.7V
LP783237950mAh37 x 32 x 7.83.7V
LP801956920mAh56 x 19 x 83.7V
LP802548900mAh48 x 25 x 83.7V
LP802642900mAh42 x 26 x 83.7V
LP802643920mAh43 x 26 x 83.7V
LP803039900mAh39 x 30 x 83.7V
LP823038900mAh38 x 30 x 8.23.7V
LP851956950mAh56 x 19 x 8.53.7V
LP882934980mAh34 x 29 x 8.83.7V
LP901861950mAh61 x 18 x 93.7V
LP902248900mAh48 x 22 x 93.7V
LP902250900mAh50 x 22 x 93.7V
LP902540900mAh40 x 25 x 93.7V
LP903132900mAh32 x 31 x 93.7V
LP942045950mAh45 x 20 x 9.43.7V
LP942931920mAh31 x 29 x 9.43.7V
LP952440900mAh40 x 24 x 9.53.7V
LP962830900mAh30 x 28 x 9.63.7V

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