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800mAh Rechargeable LiPo Battery Application to Wearable Mini Walkie-Talkie

Introducing the Wearable Mini Walkie-Talkie – your new communication partner that you can use without using your hands. It’s helmet-friendly, has Bluetooth 5.3 for that extra cool factor, is IPX6 waterproof, has an 800mAh rechargeable lipo battery, and weighs just 57g. This walkie-talkie is like a superhero, but without the cape – more like a tech-savvy sidekick that’s always ready for any adventure!

800mAh Rechargeable LiPo Battery Application to Wearable Mini Walkie-Talkie


Wearable Mini Walkie-Talkie Specifications

  • Slim & Light Design
  • Voice-Activated
  • Hands-Free
  • Open Face Helmet
  • Noise Reduction
  • Phone Calls
  • 800 Meters Range
  • 7 Channels Comms
  • IPX6 Waterproof
  • Bluetooth 5.3
  • 800mAh LiPo Battery
  • 24 Hours Battery Lift

Rechargeable 800mAh LiPo Battery Application to Wearable Mini Walkie-Talkie

The walkie-talkie feature provides seven channels for easy communication, allowing for hands-free convenience and increased safety. To get started, simply press the button – communication has never been simpler! The device comes equipped with an 800mAh lipo battery that is both rechargeable and environmentally friendly.

This mini wearable walkie-talkie is versatile and can be used with a range of accessories such as helmets, goggles, backpacks, and bike racks, giving you a customized and flexible experience. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife of walkie-talkies that ensures you stay connected during your adventures, whether you’re exploring a jungle, navigating a desert, cruising the sea, or conquering mountains.

The Mini Walkie-Talkie is equipped with a high-performance speaker and excellent noise reduction technology that ensures crystal-clear voice quality. Thanks to Bluetooth 5.3, you can stay connected to your device and enjoy immersive sound no matter where you go. Despite its size, the Walkie-Talkie is powerful, measuring just 7.2 x 3.8 x 2 cm and weighing only 57 grams each. With a rechargeable 3.7v 800mAh lipo battery, you can hike longer and more comfortably, cover wider terrain, and explore more.

The Mini Walkie-Talkie comes with IPX6 waterproof and dustproof features that keep you covered during intense workouts or light rain jogs. It effectively repels dust, and water jets from all directions won’t cause any adverse effects. This gadget is perfect for any adventure you are up for.

LiPo Battery Specification

800mAh Rechargeable LiPo Battery Details

Battery Type
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
3.7V @ 800mAh
UL1571 AWG26 50mm*2
Cut-off Voltage
Thermistor (NTC)

Cell Size

Max Charger Current


Max Discharge Current

As technology advances, people’s need for communication equipment is on the rise. To meet this demand, communication equipment manufacturers are continuously improving their products. For instance, in terms of battery life, rechargeable lipo batteries are commonly used in communication devices due to their small size, lightweight, and long lifespan. The application of lipo batteries in communication equipment can be categorized into two aspects, one being the power supply of the communication equipment itself, and the other being the power supply of mobile phones. The power supply of communication equipment primarily uses lithium batteries to provide power for base station equipment, which is the core component of the entire communication system. The base station equipment’s proper functioning is crucial to the quality of communication services. Therefore, a stable and reliable power supply is essential, and lipo batteries’ stable performance, long life, and high safety make them an ideal choice for powering base station equipment.

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800mAh LiPo Battery Recommendation

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CB IEC 62133 UN 38.3 Certified LiPo Battery LP583443 800mAh 3.7V 2.96Wh

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UN38.3 IEC62133 MSDS Certified LiPo Battery LP402480 800mAh 3.7V 2.96Wh with PCM NTC Wires Molex 78172-0003

UN38.3 IEC62133 MSDS Certified LiPo Battery LP402480 800mAh 3.7V 2.96Wh with PCM NTC Wires Molex 78172-0003

UN38.3 IEC62133 MSDS Certified LiPo Battery LP402480 800mAh 3.7V 2.96Wh with PCM NTC Wires Molex 78172-0003 Specialized In LiPo Battery, Industrial Experts, UN38.3 MSDS Certifed Battery, Inquiry Now. UN38.3 Certified lipo battery, IEC 62133 Certified lipo battery,...

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LiPo Battery List

800mAh+ Rechargeable LiPo Battery Lists

LP101462800 mAh6214103.7V
LP101751800 mAh5117103.7V
LP112031800 mAh3120113.7V
LP245064800 mAh64502.43.7V
LP284362800 mAh62432.83.7V
LP294649800 mAh49462.93.7V
LP304060800 mAh604033.7V
LP304265800 mAh654233.7V
LP304362800 mAh624333.7V
LP314055800 mAh55403.13.7V
LP354355800 mAh55433.53.7V
LP402480800 mAh802443.7V
LP402572800 mAh722543.7V
LP423258800 mAh58324.23.7V
LP423450800 mAh50344.23.7V
LP473347800 mAh47334.73.7V
LP483840800 mAh40384.83.7V
LP502460800 mAh602453.7V
LP502755800 mAh552753.7V
LP502950800 mAh502953.7V
LP503345800 mAh453353.7V
LP503744800 mAh443753.7V
LP504040800 mAh404053.7V
LP523048800 mAh48305.23.7V
LP552360800 mAh60235.53.7V
LP553051800 mAh51305.53.7V
LP553442800 mAh42345.53.7V
LP563440800 mAh40345.63.7V
LP582750800 mAh50275.83.7V
LP583045800 mAh45305.83.7V
LP583443800 mAh43345.83.7V
LP583638800 mAh38365.83.7V
LP602070800 mAh702063.7V
LP602844800 mAh442863.7V
LP602848800 mAh482863.7V
LP603045800 mAh453063.7V
LP603047800 mAh473063.7V
LP632065800 mAh65206.33.7V
LP632265800 mAh65226.33.7V
LP633137800 mAh37316.33.7V
LP633235800 mAh35326.33.7V
LP643040800 mAh40306.43.7V
LP652535800 mAh35256.53.7V
LP653040800 mAh40306.53.7V
LP653043800 mAh43306.53.7V
LP653235800 mAh35326.53.7V
LP653237800 mAh37326.53.7V
LP683234800 mAh34326.83.7V
LP693040800 mAh40306.93.7V
LP701865800 mAh651873.7V
LP702058800 mAh582073.7V
LP702250800 mAh502273.7V
LP702440800 mAh402473.7V
LP702549800 mAh492573.7V
LP761561800 mAh61157.63.7V
LP762740800 mAh40277.63.7V
LP801470800 mAh701483.7V
LP802253800 mAh532283.7V
LP822243800 mAh43228.23.7V
LP832832800 mAh32288.33.7V
LP851750800 mAh50178.53.7V
LP852143800 mAh43218.53.7V
LP852538800 mAh38258.53.7V
LP852540800 mAh40258.53.7V
LP853328800 mAh28338.53.7V
LP861556800 mAh56158.63.7V
LP872045800 mAh45208.73.7V
LP901943800 mAh431993.7V
LP902045800 mAh452093.7V
LP902330800 mAh302393.7V
LP902728800 mAh282793.7V
LP952040800 mAh40209.53.7V
LP303072800 mAh723033.7V
LP333564800 mAh64353.33.7V
LP703035800 mAh353073.7V
LP603042800 mAh423063.7V
LP502262810 mAh622253.7V
LP952535810 mAh35259.53.7V
LP773433810 mAh33347.73.7V
LP102634820 mAh3426103.7V
LP483448820 mAh48344.83.7V
LP653338820 mAh38336.53.7V
LP403550830 mAh503543.7V
LP553444830 mAh44345.53.7V
LP872535830 mAh35258.73.7V
LP952438830 mAh38249.53.7V
LP582850830 mAh50285.83.7V
LP383562840 mAh62353.83.7V
LP384046840 mAh46403.83.7V
LP653432840 mAh32346.53.7V
LP702050840 mAh502073.7V
LP111844840 mAh4418113.7V
LP102042850 mAh4220103.7V
LP102528850 mAh2825103.7V
LP102535850 mAh3525103.7V
LP102735850 mAh3527103.7V
LP103028850 mAh2830103.7V
LP112529850 mAh2925113.7V
LP274462850 mAh62442.73.7V
LP382780850 mAh80273.83.7V
LP383560850 mAh60353.83.7V
LP393658850 mAh58363.93.7V
LP402680850 mAh802643.7V
LP403658850 mAh583643.7V
LP403760850 mAh603743.7V
LP404050850 mAh504043.7V
LP463450850 mAh50344.63.7V
LP472958850 mAh58294.73.7V
LP501884850 mAh841853.7V
LP502850850 mAh502853.7V
LP503648850 mAh483653.7V
LP531884850 mAh84185.33.7V
LP552466850 mAh66245.53.7V
LP553443850 mAh43345.53.7V
LP583048850 mAh48305.83.7V
LP583443850 mAh43345.83.7V
LP602455850 mAh552463.7V
LP701488850 mAh881473.7V
LP702060850 mAh602073.7V
LP751765850 mAh65177.53.7V
LP753042850 mAh42307.53.7V
LP773030850 mAh30307.73.7V
LP779090850 mAh90907.73.7V
LP783235850 mAh35327.83.7V
LP801672850 mAh721683.7V
LP801955850 mAh551983.7V
LP802055850 mAh552083.7V
LP802540850 mAh402583.7V
LP803232850 mAh323283.7V
LP803235850 mAh353283.7V
LP823235850 mAh35328.23.7V
LP833033850 mAh33308.33.7V
LP851660850 mAh60168.53.7V
LP853035850 mAh35308.53.7V
LP902144850 mAh442193.7V
LP902438850 mAh382493.7V
LP902535850 mAh352593.7V
LP902835850 mAh352893.7V
LP933229850 mAh29329.33.7V
LP952045850 mAh45209.53.7V
LP952537850 mAh37259.53.7V
LP952540850 mAh40259.53.7V
LP972829850 mAh29289.73.7V
LP404050850 mAh504043.7V
LP903036850 mAh363093.7V
LP882240860 mAh40228.83.7V
LP373258870 mAh58323.73.7V
LP533448870 mAh48345.33.7V
LP603048870 mAh483063.7V
LP802438870 mAh382483.7V
LP364451880 mAh51443.63.7V
LP364551880 mAh51453.63.7V
LP552365880 mAh65235.53.7V
LP681966880 mAh66196.83.7V
LP972831880 mAh31289.73.7V
LP101948890 mAh4819103.7V

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