LiPo Battery Applications

800mAh Rechargeable Li-Poly Battery Application to Razor

Looking for a grooming solution that’s innovative and convenient? Look no further than the Electric Razor! This cutting-edge razor is the ultimate travel companion, combining sleek design with superior performance. Not only is it a superb shaver, but it’s also an exquisite gift! With a built-in 800mAh rechargeable li-poly battery, transparent diamond-cut body, and a sporty car shape, the Electric Razor is both sophisticated and stylish. Get ready to elevate your grooming game to the next level!

800mAh Rechargeable Li-Poly Battery Application to Razor


Electric Razor Specifications

  • Diamond Cut Craftsmanship
  • Portable Design
  • 110g Lightweight
  • Self-sharpening tips
  • Rechargeable 3.7V 800mAh Li-Poly Battery
  • Replaceable tips
  • LED Smart Display
  • Transparent body
  • IPX7 Waterproof

Rechargeable 800mAh Li-Poly Battery Application to Razor

The razor is a sleek and stylish device that draws inspiration from sports cars. It is made of an impact-resistant polymer material commonly used in sports car lampshades, ensuring it can keep up with your fast-paced lifestyle. With its captivating breathing taillights and futuristic design elements, it embodies modern craft aesthetics. It’s a must-have for anyone who loves to stay ahead of the latest trends! With a rechargeable 800mAh li-poly battery, you can carry it everywhere.

The fully transparent body of the razor showcases its inner workings like a work of art. You can see the magic as it happens with precision and grace, and peek under the hood to marvel at the intricate internal components and precise structure as they work their magic. At first glance, you’ll be captivated by its mesmerizing design. Inspired by the future of technology, the Electric Razor boasts a striking mecha shape that’s sleek, compact, and undeniably cool.

With a 7200 RPM motor and rechargeable 800mAh li-poly batteries, the razor boasts unparalleled power and battery life. Plus, Type-C fast charging offers 120 days of usage with a one-hour charge. Battery technology is a key area of development in the future of electric razor.

Featuring double-ring arc magnetic heads and German steel blades, this Electric Razor sharpens itself with every use. With each shave, it becomes sharper, providing you with a consistently precise grooming experience. Bid farewell to the mess and fuss, as this razor comes with an IPX7 rating, making it completely washable. The magnetic head is easy to disassemble, ensuring convenient cleaning every time.

LiPo Battery Specification

Rechargeable Li-Poly Battery 800mAh Details

Battery Type
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
3.7V @ 800mAh
UL1571 AWG26 50mm*2
Molex 78172-0002
Cut-off Voltage
Thermistor (NTC)

Cell Size

Max Charger Current


Max Discharge Current
LiPo Battery Hot Models

800mAh Li-Poly Battery Recommendation

LiPo Battery List

Rechargeable 800mAh Li-Poly Battery Lists

ModelCapacityL x W x T(mm)Voltage
LP303072800mAh72 x 30 x 33.7V
LP333564800mAh64 x 35 x 3.33.7V
LP703035800mAh35 x 30 x 73.7V
LP603042800mAh42 x 30 x 63.7V
LP773433810mAh33 x 34 x 7.73.7V
LP582850830mAh50 x 28 x 5.83.7V
LP111844840mAh44 x 18 x 113.7V
LP404050850mAh50 x 40 x 43.7V
LP903036850mAh36 x 30 x 93.7V
LP101751800mAh51 x 17 x 103.7V
LP102535800mAh35 x 25 x 103.7V
LP102535850mAh35 x 25 x 103.7V
LP102634820mAh34 x 26 x 103.7V
LP102640800mAh40 x 26 x 103.7V
LP103048800mAh48 x 30 x 103.7V
LP245064800mAh64 x 50 x 2.43.7V
LP304265800mAh65 x 42 x 33.7V
LP364551880mAh51 x 45 x 3.63.7V
LP373258870mAh58 x 32 x 3.73.7V
LP373260890mAh60 x 32 x 3.73.7V
LP382775850mAh75 x 27 x 3.83.7V
LP383562840mAh62 x 35 x 3.83.7V
LP383562850mAh62 x 35 x 3.83.7V
LP402480800mAh80 x 24 x 43.7V
LP403759850mAh59 x 37 x 43.7V
LP403759850mAh59 x 37 x 43.7V
LP403760850mAh60 x 37 x 43.7V
LP405065880mAh65 x 50 x 43.7V
LP423450800mAh50 x 34 x 4.23.7V
LP463450800mAh50 x 34 x 4.63.7V
LP483448820mAh48 x 34 x 4.83.7V
LP502460800mAh60 x 24 x 53.7V
LP503048800mAh48 x 30 x 53.7V
LP503442800mAh42 x 34 x 53.7V
LP503450850mAh50 x 34 x 53.7V
LP503450850mAh50 x 34 x 53.7V
LP503450850mAh50 x 34 x 53.7V
LP503648850mAh48 x 36 x 53.7V
LP523048850mAh48 x 30 x 5.23.7V
LP533448870mAh48 x 34 x 5.33.7V
LP552072800mAh72 x 20 x 5.53.7V
LP552360800mAh60 x 23 x 5.53.7V
LP553442800mAh42 x 34 x 5.53.7V
LP553444850mAh44 x 34 x 5.53.7V
LP553740800mAh40 x 37 x 5.53.7V
LP582750800mAh50 x 27 x 5.83.7V
LP583045800mAh45 x 30 x 5.83.7V
LP583048850mAh48 x 30 x 5.83.7V
LP603045800mAh45 x 30 x 63.7V
LP603048850mAh48 x 30 x 63.7V
LP603048870mAh48 x 30 x 63.7V
LP603443800mAh43 x 34 x 63.7V
LP603443850mAh43 x 34 x 63.7V
LP603839850mAh39 x 38 x 63.7V
LP613442800mAh42 x 34 x 6.13.7V
LP632265800mAh65 x 22 x 6.33.7V
LP633137800mAh37 x 31 x 6.33.7V
LP633235800mAh35 x 32 x 6.33.7V
LP643040800mAh40 x 30 x 6.43.7V
LP652535800mAh35 x 25 x 6.53.7V
LP653040800mAh40 x 30 x 6.53.7V
LP653040800mAh40 x 30 x 6.53.7V
LP653235800mAh35 x 32 x 6.53.7V
LP673436850mAh36 x 34 x 6.73.7V
LP681966880mAh66 x 19 x 6.83.7V
LP701488850mAh88 x 14 x 73.7V
LP702058800mAh58 x 20 x 73.7V
LP702060850mAh60 x 20 x 73.7V
LP702250800mAh50 x 22 x 73.7V
LP702549800mAh49 x 25 x 73.7V
LP703040800mAh40 x 30 x 73.7V
LP703043800mAh43 x 30 x 73.7V
LP703434800mAh34 x 34 x 73.7V
LP753042850mAh42 x 30 x 7.53.7V
LP762252850mAh52 x 22 x 7.63.7V
LP762740800mAh40 x 27 x 7.63.7V
LP773436850mAh36 x 34 x 7.73.7V
LP783235850mAh35 x 32 x 7.83.7V
LP801470800mAh70 x 14 x 83.7V
LP801672850mAh72 x 16 x 83.7V
LP801955850mAh55 x 19 x 83.7V
LP802055850mAh55 x 20 x 83.7V
LP802059800mAh59 x 20 x 83.7V
LP802540800mAh40 x 25 x 83.7V
LP802540860mAh40 x 25 x 83.7V
LP803035800mAh35 x 30 x 83.7V
LP803035820mAh35 x 30 x 83.7V
LP803235850mAh35 x 32 x 83.7V
LP822243800mAh43 x 22 x 8.23.7V
LP851660850mAh60 x 16 x 8.53.7V
LP852143800mAh43 x 21 x 8.53.7V
LP852444830mAh44 x 24 x 8.53.7V
LP852538800mAh38 x 25 x 8.53.7V
LP852540800mAh40 x 25 x 8.53.7V
LP853328800mAh28 x 33 x 8.53.7V
LP861556800mAh56 x 15 x 8.63.7V
LP872045800mAh45 x 20 x 8.73.7V
LP882240860mAh40 x 22 x 8.83.7V
LP901943800mAh43 x 19 x 93.7V
LP902045800mAh45 x 20 x 93.7V
LP902050850mAh50 x 20 x 93.7V
LP933229850mAh29 x 32 x 9.33.7V
LP952045850mAh45 x 20 x 9.53.7V
LP952240800mAh40 x 22 x 9.53.7V
LP952438830mAh38 x 24 x 9.53.7V
LP952535810mAh35 x 25 x 9.53.7V
LP952536800mAh36 x 25 x 9.53.7V
LP952537830mAh37 x 25 x 9.53.7V
LP952540850mAh40 x 25 x 9.53.7V
LP962830850mAh30 x 28 x 9.63.7V

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