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8000mAh Li-Polymer Battery Application to 5K OLED Cinematic Head-mounted Display

This is a state-of-the-art 5K OLED HMD with a high resolution of 2560×1440, 3528PPI, and 65° FOV. It provides an incredible cinematic and gaming experience with high-quality images, no edge blur, and no screen door effect. With an intelligent chip and cutting-edge speakers, it can deliver a true Blu-ray 3D experience. It also has diopter and pupillary distance adjustments for optimal viewing comfort. The built-in 8000mAh li-polymer battery allows for use anytime and anywhere.

8000mAh Li-Polymer Battery Application to 5K OLED Cinematic Head-mounted Display


5K OLED Cinematic Head-mounted Display Specifications

  • 5K OLED Display
  • 2560*1440*2 Resolution
  • 120Hz Refresh Rate
  • 3528 PPI, 46PPD High Image Quality
  • Lightweight only 300g
  • Anti-fog, excellent heat dissipation
  • HDMI & Type-C connection
  • Built-in 8000mAh Li-Polymer Battery
  • Glass Free Dioptger: 2D – 7D, Pupillary Distance 56mm-72mm

Li-Polymer Battery 8000mAh Application to 5K OLED Cinematic Head-mounted Display

This device, known as the Cinematic Head-mounted Display, offers users an incredibly advanced visual experience. The Micro-OLED displays are top-of-the-line, providing a smooth and delicate quality. The result is equivalent to watching a 1000-inch ultra-clear screen from 20 meters away. The FOV 65° angle allows for immersive viewing, giving you the feeling of being at an IMAX theater anywhere and anytime.

The Cinematic Head-mounted Display offers a 2560*1440 resolution, providing full detail in highlights and shadows. The picture quality is clearer, smoother, and more delicate than ordinary displays. The display achieves a perfect balance between FOV PPI and PPD. It has a high resolution of 3528 PPI and 46 PPD, and there’s no screen door effect when watching or playing video games. Every detail can be seen clearly, giving you an unprecedented visual experience.

The Cinematic Head-mounted Display has a single-eye 6-piece 0.83″ mixed aspheric lens (ASPH), which improves image clarity and reduces visual distortion and narrow field of view. This results in clearer, more comfortable, natural, and realistic visual effects. The device also uses DCI-P3, covering a larger area of the color space visible to the human eye and providing a higher level of color accuracy than other displays. The result is a vibrant, vivid image full of life and sharpness without losing any detail.

The powerful 100,000:1 dynamic contrast makes every detail of the picture stand out, while not causing eye strain or fatigue. The colors of our screens are more vibrant and brighter, which enhances your movie-grade experience. Compared to watching movies in a theater, this 5K OLED Cinematic Head-mounted Display can present a better picture.

In addition to being able to play 2D movies, there is also a more powerful function that supports 3D Blu-ray, so you can enjoy a large number of high-quality 3D movies anytime, anywhere. Compared to watching 3D movies in a theater with 3D glasses, no extra glasses are required with this display and it can display flawless 3D movies as long as the source is 3D.

This Cinematic Head-mounted Display features 5K OLED technology and is compatible with smartphones, tablets, PCs, and gaming consoles like Xbox, Switch, and PlayStation. It allows you to watch movies in bed without the need to hold your phone and supports both Type-C and HDMI connections. Plus, it lets you extend your display to two screens, making it perfect for efficient work, seamless group meetings, and easy social sharing.

With its powerful 8000mAh li-polymer battery, this device can provide up to six hours of continuous use. It is compatible with various devices including TVs, headsets, and home theater systems, and can read SD cards. Additionally, you can easily load your preferred streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix, and Amazon Prime for an uninterrupted viewing experience.

LiPo Battery Specification

Rechargeable 8000mAh Li-Polymer Battery Details

Battery Type
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
3.7V @ 8000mAh
UL1571 AWG24 50mm*2
Cut-off Voltage
Thermistor (NTC)

Cell Size

Max Charger Current


Max Discharge Current

It’s available to order samples for this 8000mAh li-polymer battery, if you want 100pcs, 1000pcs, or 5000pcs, it’s also possible. We ship the li-polymer batteries via DHL, FedEx, UPS, do not worry about the shipping time and safety. Contact us for more information.

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LP78651268000 mAh126657.83.7V
LP80701188000 mAh1187083.7V
LP80761058000 mAh1057683.7V
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LP85641258000 mAh125648.53.7V
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LP1065888000 mAh8865103.7V
LP11521008000 mAh10052113.7V
LP1179968000 mAh9679113.7V
LP1256788000 mAh7856123.7V
LP12601108000 mAh11060123.7V
LP1260908000 mAh9060123.7V
LP55781308000 mAh130785.53.7V
LP62921068000 mAh106926.23.7V
LP63541658000 mAh165546.33.7V
LP75651218000 mAh121657.53.7V
LP76100698000 mAh691007.63.7V
LP8080958000 mAh958083.7V
LP90601008000 mAh1006093.7V
LP92531028000 mAh102539.23.7V
LP93531028000 mAh102539.33.7V
LP85691028200 mAh102698.53.7V
LP75451528200 mAh152457.53.7V
LP98651108400 mAh110659.83.7V
LP11601008500 mAh10060113.7V
LP52711658500 mAh165715.23.7V
LP85651268750 mAh126658.53.7V
LP73731298800 mAh129737.33.7V
LP80681358800 mAh1356883.7V
LP81651238800 mAh123658.13.7V

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LP90731219000 mAh1217393.7V
LP92731219000 mAh121739.23.7V
LP12601109000 mAh11060123.7V
LP81581339000 mAh133588.13.7V
LP93731299000 mAh129739.33.7V
LP10481609000 mAh16048103.7V
LP61861459100 mAh145866.13.7V
LP11611079200 mAh10761113.7V
LP86661009200 mAh100668.63.7V
LP87661009200 mAh100668.73.7V
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LP90651139400 mAh1136593.7V
LP7090909400 mAh909073.7V
LP10631209500 mAh12063103.7V
LP11601109500 mAh11060113.7V
LP1261959500 mAh9561123.7V
LP1261969500 mAh9661123.7V
LP12601109500 mAh11060123.7V
LP11651109600 mAh1106511.53.7V
LP1259989600 mAh9859123.7V
LP90681319600 mAh1316893.7V

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