750mAh Li Po Battery for Smart Bike Lock

The design and engineering of the smart bike lock has only one goal; by eliminating bicycle theft, bicycles are the first tool for urban transport. Of course, it is friendly. It has keyless locking, remote access sharing, solar 750mAh Li Po Battery and many other great features. However, as bicycle crime continues to rise globally, as security locks deeper, we put safety first.


Smart Bike Lock Specifications

  • Dimension: 132mm x 162mm x 32mm
  • Weight: 630g
  • Locking Mechanism: Hardened Steel
  • Alarm: Up to 110dB @20cm
  • Motion Sensor: 3-Axis Accelerometer
  • Tracking: GPS tracking with GSM/LTE data transmission to server
  • Locking/Unlocking: Bluetooth low energy wireless connectio with ECC encryption
  • Anti-theft Alerts: GSM
  • Battery: 750mAh li po battery, 3.7V rechargerable

Position your bike anytime, anywhere

This smart bike lock is the smartest lock on the market with integrated GPS, allows you to accurately monitor where your bike is.

Keyless mounted reinforced steel lock

Mount directly to your bike, the lock 1.2 cm reinforced steel lock to secure your bike by connecting your smartphone with asymmetric encryption. The hardened outer casing of the lock part is steel reinforced

Anti-theft Alerts

If the lock detects any suspicious activity while your bike is locked, you will receive an immediate warning alert directly to your phone. The Lock app uses a Bluetooth 4.0 connection to send you alerts. This gives it an unlimited range; you can get instant alerts anywhere in the world.


The smart lock’s 750mAh li po battery can be recharged whenever you ride out, thanks to the built-in two interconnected solar cells. After fully charged, the battery can be used for 3 months. And it only takes three days of outdoor charging every month.

LP102040 750mAh Li Po Battery specification


Battery Type
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
3.7V @ 750mAh
UL1571 AWG28 50mm*2
Cut-off Voltage
Thermistor (NTC)
10K 1%@+25C
10,0mm x 20mm x 40mm
Charge Temperature
0°C to +45°C
Discharge Temperature
-20°C to +60°C
Storage Temperature
-20°C to +45°C
Li Po Battery List

700mAh+ Li Po Battery

ModelCapacityL x W x T(mm)Voltage
LP102039700mAh39 x 20 x 103.7V
LP303947700mAh47 x 39 x 33.7V
LP493238700mAh38 x 32 x 4.93.7V
LP533136700mAh36 x 31 x 5.33.7V
LP742337700mAh37 x 23 x 7.43.7V
LP901856700mAh56 x 18 x 93.7V
LP902929700mAh29 x 29 x 93.7V
LP103039700mAh39 x 30 x 103.7V
LP323756700mAh56 x 37 x 3.23.7V
LP393258700mAh58 x 32 x 3.93.7V
LP402860700mAh60 x 28 x 43.7V
LP403450700mAh50 x 34 x 43.7V
LP422079700mAh79 x 20 x 4.23.7V
LP433059700mAh59 x 30 x 4.33.7V
LP502750700mAh50 x 27 x 53.7V
LP503046700mAh46 x 30 x 53.7V
LP503048700mAh48 x 30 x 53.7V
LP503442700mAh42 x 34 x 53.7V
LP583436700mAh36 x 34 x 5.83.7V
LP593040700mAh40 x 30 x 5.93.7V
LP602060700mAh60 x 20 x 63.7V
LP602548700mAh48 x 25 x 63.7V
LP603436700mAh36 x 34 x 63.7V
LP651474700mAh74 x 14 x 6.53.7V
LP653035700mAh35 x 30 x 6.53.7V
LP702050700mAh50 x 20 x 73.7V
LP752050700mAh50 x 20 x 7.53.7V
LP802045700mAh45 x 20 x 83.7V
LP803132700mAh32 x 31 x 83.7V
LP852045700mAh45 x 20 x 8.53.7V
LP853030700mAh30 x 30 x 8.53.7V
LP902040700mAh40 x 20 x 93.7V
LP902830700mAh30 x 28 x 93.7V
LP523036720mAh36 x 30 x 5.23.7V
LP423450720mAh50 x 34 x 4.23.7V
LP503639720mAh39 x 36 x 53.7V
LP572060720mAh60 x 20 x 5.73.7V
LP653040720mAh40 x 30 x 6.53.7V
LP751860720mAh60 x 18 x 7.53.7V
LP782633720mAh33 x 26 x 7.83.7V
LP952830720mAh30 x 28 x 9.53.7V
LP962731720mAh31 x 27 x 9.63.7V
LP334055730mAh55 x 40 x 3.33.7V
LP553440730mAh40 x 34 x 5.53.7V
LP582060730mAh60 x 20 x 5.83.7V
LP603040730mAh40 x 30 x 63.7V
LP613040730mAh40 x 30 x 6.13.7V
LP923030730mAh30 x 30 x 9.23.7V
LP752440740mAh40 x 24 x 7.53.7V
LP902535740mAh35 x 25 x 93.7V
LP433438750mAh38 x 34 x 4.33.7V
LP602645750mAh45 x 26 x 63.7V
LP721570750mAh70 x 15 x 7.23.7V
LP102040750mAh40 x 20 x 103.7V
LP102534750mAh34 x 25 x 103.7V
LP353562750mAh62 x 35 x 3.53.7V
LP403450750mAh50 x 34 x 43.7V
LP404242750mAh42 x 42 x 43.7V
LP453450750mAh50 x 34 x 4.53.7V
LP503048750mAh48 x 30 x 53.7V
LP503443750mAh43 x 34 x 53.7V
LP503645750mAh45 x 36 x 53.7V
LP504040750mAh40 x 40 x 53.7V
LP512850750mAh50 x 28 x 5.13.7V
LP523440750mAh40 x 34 x 5.23.7V
LP523442750mAh42 x 34 x 5.23.7V
LP552750750mAh50 x 27 x 5.53.7V
LP553045750mAh45 x 30 x 5.53.7V
LP553046750mAh46 x 30 x 5.53.7V
LP583442750mAh42 x 34 x 5.83.7V
LP602158750mAh58 x 21 x 63.7V
LP603046750mAh46 x 30 x 63.7V
LP603434750mAh34 x 34 x 63.7V
LP652540750mAh40 x 25 x 6.53.7V
LP653436750mAh36 x 34 x 6.53.7V
LP653439750mAh39 x 34 x 6.53.7V
LP702837750mAh37 x 28 x 73.7V
LP732248750mAh48 x 22 x 7.33.7V
LP753035750mAh35 x 30 x 7.53.7V
LP802245750mAh45 x 22 x 83.7V
LP802440750mAh40 x 24 x 83.7V
LP803628750mAh28 x 36 x 83.7V
LP852933750mAh33 x 29 x 8.53.7V
LP962730750mAh30 x 27 x 9.63.7V
LP962830750mAh30 x 28 x 9.63.7V
LP483052760mAh52 x 30 x 4.83.7V
LP632832760mAh32 x 28 x 6.33.7V
LP533441770mAh41 x 34 x 5.33.7V
LP952040770mAh40 x 20 x 9.53.7V
LP732438780mAh38 x 24 x 7.33.7V
LP742837780mAh37 x 28 x 7.43.7V
LP882734780mAh34 x 27 x 8.83.7V
LP882833780mAh33 x 28 x 8.83.7V
LP185388790mAh88 x 53 x 1.83.7V
LP553639790mAh39 x 36 x 5.53.7V

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