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70mAh LiPo Battery LP291126 Application to Smart Wireless Wearable Spectacles

With dual 3D waveguide displays and a 26.3-degree diagonal field of view, this smart wireless wearable spectacle can immersive AR lens cover the world in front of you. The displays are dynamically adjustable with brightness up to 2000 nits so that you can use them indoors or out. 70mAh LiPo Battery built-in, long standby, and green rechargeable. You just press a button and the view you see can be captured by photo or video. You don’t need to fumble for your phone or throw away what you’re doing,
You won’t want to lose your beautiful moments at pool parties and beach days, Spectacles are designed to survive in shallow water!


Smart Wireless Wearable Spectacles

  • 134g
  • Touchpad
  • 2000 Nits Brightness
  • 3D Waveguide Displays
  • 2 RGB Cameras
  • 4 Microphones
  • LP291126 70mAh LiPo Battery
  • Wireless
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi, 2.4 / 5 GHz

70mAh LiPo Battery LP291126 Application to Wearable Spectacles

Spectacles is fully integrated with Lens Studio, enabling creators to build and interact with Lenses in real-time, leveraging Snap’s expansive AR ecosystem.

The new smart wireless wearable spectacles capture moments in high-definition photos and videos, then share them on Snapchat or anywhere else.
You just press a button and the view you see can be captured by photo or video. You don’t need to fumble for your phone or throw away what you’re doing,
You won’t want to lose your beautiful moments at pool parties and beach days, Spectacles are designed to survive in shallow water!
You can share your favorite moments with your Snapchat friends via Spectacles wireless sync, or export them to another platform you need when your phone is nearby!
The spectacles have a rechargeable lipo battery LP291126 70mAh built-in, you can shoot and transfer more than 70 videos after each full charge.

How to use spectacles?
You can record 10 seconds of video at the touch of a button.
Press again to continue recording for up to 30 seconds.
Press and hold to take a photo.

How long does Spectacles lipo battery last?
You can shoot and stream over 70 videos per full charge.
The spectacles are built-in rechargeable lithium polymer battery LP291126 70mAh.
Capture and sync over 70 videos on a single charge using the magnetic charging port.
Charge your Spectacles in under an hour with the included charging cable—or anywhere in the included charging case.

What device does it work with?
iOS: iPhone 5 or above, running iOS 10 or above
Android: Most Android devices running Android 4.4 or higher with Bluetooth Low Energy and Wi-Fi Direct.

LiPo Battery Specification

LP291126 70mAh LiPo Battery Details

Battery Type
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
3.7V @ 70mAh @ 0.259Wh
UL1571 AWG28 50mm*2
Cut-off Voltage
Thermistor (NTC)

Cell Size

2.9mm x 11mm x 26mm
Max Charger Current


Max Discharge Current

Rechargeable lipo battery power many of today’s portable medical devices, from hearing aids and blood glucose monitors to pacemakers. But as devices get smaller and more complex, so do the batteries that power them. Now, there’s a new way to engineer lipo batteries that could create smaller, more powerful, and longer-lasting batteries for a variety of medical and other applications.

With the rapid development of the times, people’s demand for communication equipment is also increasing. To meet the needs of people’s lives, communication equipment manufacturers are constantly improving their products. For example, in terms of battery life, communication equipment is usually equipped with rechargeable lipo batteries, which have the advantages of long life, small size, and lightweight. The application of lipo batteries in communication equipment can be divided into two aspects, one is the power supply of communication equipment, and the other is the power supply of mobile phones. The power supply of communication equipment mainly uses lithium batteries to provide power for base station equipment. The base station is the core equipment of the entire communication system, and the normal operation of the base station equipment is related to the quality of the communication service. Therefore, the base station is required to have a stable and reliable power supply, and the lipo battery has the advantages of stable performance, long life, and high safety, which can well meet the needs of the base station equipment.

Mobile phones are widely used in people’s daily life and work, and the battery life of mobile phones is directly related to user experience. LiPo Battery have the advantages of long life, small size, and lightweight, which can greatly improve the battery life of mobile phones. In addition, lipo batteries have good safety performance and are not easy to explode, which can better protect the safety of mobile phone users.

One of the most popular applications for lipo batteries is in cordless drills. LiPo Battery powered cordless drills are lighter and more flexible than lead acid battery powered drills and can be used for extended periods of time without recharging. Lithium-powered cordless drills also charge much faster than lead-acid drills, so they can be used more frequently. LiPo batteries can also be used in other cordless power tools such as saws, screwdrivers, and impact wrenches.

Electric toys are gaining popularity as parents look for toys that are not only entertaining but also safe for their children. Many electric toys are powered by lipo batteries, which offer many advantages over other types of batteries. Lipo batteries are rechargeable, compact in size, high in capacity, light in weight, have a long life, and provide a stable power supply, making them ideal for electric toys. LiPo batteries power most electric toys, including ride-on cars, remote-controlled cars and boats, and flying toys.

Our lipo battery can also be used in other products, limited by your imagination. If you are designing your new product, you can buy our lipo battery samples for prototyping.

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LP21152865 mAh2.11528
LP21162765 mAh2.11627
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LP22132030 mAh2.21320
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LP22182862 mAh2.21828
LP22202570 mAh2.22025
LP221838100 mAh2.21838
LP223843300 mAh2.23843
LP224243400 mAh2.24243
LP223355420 mAh2.23355
LP224747430 mAh2.24747
LP223656600 mAh2.23656
LP224269760 mAh2.24269
LP2257821050 mAh2.25782
LP2260931280 mAh2.26093
LP2266931350 mAh2.26693
LP22751132180 mAh2.275113
LP23102430 mAh2.31024
LP23112330 mAh2.31123
LP23181530 mAh2.31815
LP233035200 mAh2.33035
LP232084250 mAh2.32084
LP232575300 mAh2.32575
LP233045300 mAh2.33045
LP233545300 mAh2.33545
LP233837300 mAh2.33837
LP233542320 mAh2.33542
LP233842360 mAh2.33842
LP233075390 mAh2.33075
LP233555420 mAh2.33555
LP233654500 mAh2.33654
LP23671101250 mAh2.367110
LP23581081700 mAh2.358108
LP2388992400 mAh2.38899
LP23105892500 mAh2.310589
LP23901012500 mAh2.390101
LP23105902600 mAh2.310590
LP231021113100 mAh2.3102111
LP23821383100 mAh2.382138
LP24162050 mAh2.41620
LP24162460 mAh2.41624
LP24182572 mAh2.41825
LP24202585 mAh2.42025
LP24302490 mAh2.43024
LP241838100 mAh2.41838
LP242530130 mAh2.42530
LP241764200 mAh2.41764
LP243530235 mAh2.43530
LP243439250 mAh2.43439
LP243843360 mAh2.43843
LP244753500 mAh2.44753
LP245064800 mAh2.45064
LP24631041800 mAh2.463104
LP24621132000 mAh2.462113
LP24741302700 mAh2.474130
LP241001133100 mAh2.4100113
LP25081615 mAh2.5816
LP25101515 mAh2.51015
LP25121215 mAh2.51212
LP25101926 mAh2.51019
LP25131428 mAh2.51314
LP25132040 mAh2.51320
LP25132865 mAh2.51328
LP25133065 mAh2.51330
LP25152475 mAh2.51524
LP25202575 mAh2.52025
LP25153080 mAh2.51530
LP25192885 mAh2.51928
LP25173090 mAh2.51730
LP25222595 mAh2.52225
LP252030110 mAh2.52030
LP251445120 mAh2.51445
LP251744130 mAh2.51744
LP252038150 mAh2.52038
LP252144200 mAh2.52144
LP254620200 mAh2.54620
LP253041280 mAh2.53041
LP253040300 mAh2.53040
LP253836300 mAh2.53836
LP253242320 mAh2.53242
LP253549350 mAh2.53549
LP253347400 mAh2.53347
LP253741400 mAh2.53741
LP254337400 mAh2.54337
LP253747420 mAh2.53747
LP253658450 mAh2.53658
LP253058500 mAh2.53058
LP253450500 mAh2.53450
LP253959500 mAh2.53959
LP254262780 mAh2.54262
LP2562581000 mAh2.56258
LP2557941600 mAh2.55794
LP25601172100 mAh2.560117
LP2585942300 mAh2.58594
LP2597932700 mAh2.59793
LP251091323500 mAh2.5109132
LP251001503800 mAh2.5100150
LP25801583850 mAh2.580158
LP25891354050 mAh2.589135
LP26152250 mAh2.61522
LP26132552 mAh2.61325
LP26271770 mAh2.62717
LP26162785 mAh2.61627
LP26202285 mAh2.62022
LP26203090 mAh2.62030
LP263028140 mAh2.63028
LP261847160 mAh2.61847
LP262535180 mAh2.62535
LP261755200 mAh2.61755
LP261943210 mAh2.61943
LP263247330 mAh2.63247
LP263545380 mAh2.63545
LP263178650 mAh2.63178
LP26261241000 mAh2.626124
LP2684972000 mAh2.68497
LP2699832500 mAh2.69983
LP2690992700 mAh2.69099
LP26921002800 mAh2.692100
LP26701533300 mAh2.670153
LP26921153300 mAh2.692115
LP26911213400 mAh2.691121
LP26901454000 mAh2.690145
LP261251354500 mAh2.6125135
LP261081435000 mAh2.6108143
LP27141420 mAh2.71414
LP27101522 mAh2.71015
LP27082950 mAh2.7829
LP272250250 mAh2.72250
LP272828250 mAh2.72828
LP272247260 mAh2.72247
LP273048280 mAh2.73048
LP273034290 mAh2.73034
LP274330300 mAh2.74330
LP274430300 mAh2.74430
LP272654330 mAh2.72654
LP273842400 mAh2.73842
LP274462850 mAh2.74462
LP271244900 mAh2.71244
LP2784942500 mAh2.78494
LP2785892800 mAh2.78589
LP27721272900 mAh2.772127
LP27105893000 mAh2.710589
LP27731313000 mAh2.773131
LP27961053200 mAh2.796105
LP271001023500 mAh2.7100102
LP271051053500 mAh2.7105105
LP27631483500 mAh2.763148
LP27631563700 mAh2.763156
LP27941374000 mAh2.794137
LP271051204450 mAh2.7105120
LP271081505000 mAh2.7108150
LP28122160 mAh2.81221
LP28162260 mAh2.81622
LP28122870 mAh2.81228
LP28201875 mAh2.82018
LP28172890 mAh2.81728
LP28202290 mAh2.82022
LP282730160 mAh2.82730
LP282335200 mAh2.82335
LP283034250 mAh2.83034
LP283040280 mAh2.83040
LP284050470 mAh2.84050
LP283256500 mAh2.83256
LP282678600 mAh2.82678
LP283168610 mAh2.83168
LP284052700 mAh2.84052
LP284154740 mAh2.84154
LP284358750 mAh2.84358
LP284362800 mAh2.84362
LP2850701100 mAh2.85070
LP2851921500 mAh2.85192
LP2861721500 mAh2.86172
LP2863801600 mAh2.86380
LP28641131850 mAh2.864113
LP28651131850 mAh2.865113
LP28631011950 mAh2.863101
LP2870902000 mAh2.87090
LP2870952200 mAh2.87095
LP2884842200 mAh2.88484
LP28551332400 mAh2.855133
LP28701202800 mAh2.870120
LP28100882900 mAh2.810088
LP28801082900 mAh2.880108
LP28100973200 mAh2.810097
LP28691403200 mAh2.869140
LP2899993200 mAh2.89999
LP281001133500 mAh2.8100113
LP28941283500 mAh2.894128
LP28921474000 mAh2.892147
LP28771494400 mAh2.877149
LP28841574400 mAh2.884157
LP28751804500 mAh2.875180
LP29171845 mAh2.91718
LP29112670 mAh2.91126
LP29143080 mAh2.91430
LP292125120 mAh2.92125
LP293442380 mAh2.93442
LP293345400 mAh2.93345
LP293560500 mAh2.93560
LP294347550 mAh2.94347
LP294649800 mAh2.94649
LP2943661000 mAh2.94366
LP2945751100 mAh2.94575
LP2939961300 mAh2.93996
LP2960681300 mAh2.96068
LP2986401400 mAh2.98640
LP2986451400 mAh2.98645
LP29391131500 mAh2.939113
LP29421041500 mAh2.942104
LP2953861500 mAh2.95386
LP2959681500 mAh2.95968
LP2962691750 mAh2.96269
LP2961822000 mAh2.96182
LP2969852000 mAh2.96985
LP29461102100 mAh2.946110
LP2967942300 mAh2.96794
LP2958952350 mAh2.95895
LP29531332450 mAh2.953133
LP2980882500 mAh2.98088
LP2991832600 mAh2.99183
LP2985932700 mAh2.98593
LP2988902700 mAh2.98890
LP29621433300 mAh2.962143
LP29751403400 mAh2.975140
LP29691403700 mAh2.969140
LP29105903850 mAh2.910590
LP29841353900 mAh2.984135
LP29701434000 mAh2.970143
LP29901354000 mAh2.990135
LP29821394200 mAh2.982139
LP29911424500 mAh2.991142
LP29881534600 mAh2.988153

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