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6000mAh LiPo Battery LP985880 Application to Bike Camera

The bike camera comes with a lipo battery LP985880 6000mAh, which can be easily charged with a free Micro-USB cable. The camera light can charge your favorite gadgets, which is perfect for long rides when you need to charge your smartphone. Connect the USB cable to the bike camera and charge it! Lipo battery LP985880 power bank has up to 3.7 voltage/6000 mAh capacity, input 5v 1A, and output 5v 1.5A for maximum roadside charging.

6000mAh LiPo Battery LP985880 Application to Bike Camera


Bike Camera Specifications

  • Size: 115mm x 120mm x 55mm
  • Weight: 360g / 460g (with 6000mAh lipo battery LP985880)
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Battery capacity: LP985880 6000mAh lipo battery
  • Power Supply: Micro-USB cable
  • Operation time from full charge: 3 hours
  • Power Bank: Type A USB connector
  • Camera: Full HD/HD (1080p/720p)
  • Video steam time: 10 minutes

6000mAh LP985880 LiPo Battery Application to Bike Camera

With a revolutionary full 1080P HD rearview camera, smart sensors, and a companion app, this camera is the ultimate safety device for cyclists. Our streaming cameras, power banks, activity trackers, odometers, and other smart safety features will keep your ride safe and connected. Let bike cameras change the way you ride.

The bike camera is equipped with a rear-facing HD camera, Automatic Stop, Turn, and Motion signals. To navigate the turn signals, the bike camera comes with a wireless remote that securely attaches to your handlebars. The bike camera comes with a 6000mah rechargeable lipo battery and can easily be recharged with the complimentary Micro-USB cable.

One of the most revolutionary features is its HD rear camera. With the rear camera, cyclists can view road conditions through a smartphone app, making your ride safer and more connected. You can live to stream your rides on social networks or record videos in full HD resolution! To prolong your battery life, this bike camera can be turned off to increase lipo battery power up to 3-6 times. Don’t worry – your traffic lights will still work even if the camera is off.

This bike camera with a 6000mAh lipo battery LP985880 can charge your favorite gadgets and is perfect for long rides when you need to charge your smartphone. Connect the USB cable to the bike camera and charge it!

LiPo Battery Specification

LP985880 6000mAh LiPo Battery Details

Battery Type
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
3.7V @ 6000mAh
UL1571 AWG24 50mm*2
Cut-off Voltage
Thermistor (NTC)

Cell Size

9.8mm x 58mm x 80mm
Max Charger Current


Max Discharge Current

Rechargeable lipo battery power many of today’s portable medical devices, from hearing aids and blood glucose monitors to pacemakers. But as devices get smaller and more complex, so do the batteries that power them. Now, there’s a new way to engineer lipo batteries that could create smaller, more powerful, and longer-lasting batteries for a variety of medical and other applications.

Mobile phones are widely used in people’s daily life and work, and the battery life of mobile phones is directly related to user experience. LiPo Batteries have the advantages of long life, small size, and lightweight, which can greatly improve the battery life of mobile phones. In addition, lipo batteries have good safety performance and are not easy to explode, which can better protect the safety of mobile phone users.

Find a suitable 6000mAh lipo battery for your product and design prototyping. For stock batteries, our MOQ is only 5 pcs. For more 6000mAh lipo batteries please check the below battery list.

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LP5295976000 mAh97955.23.7V
LP80631006000 mAh1006383.7V
LP8454986000 mAh98548.43.7V
LP8460906000 mAh90608.43.7V
LP85421366000 mAh136428.53.7V
LP8560906000 mAh90608.53.7V
LP8563866000 mAh86638.53.7V
LP90461126000 mAh1124693.7V
LP9557796000 mAh79579.53.7V
LP96361456000 mAh145369.63.7V
LP9652726000 mAh72529.63.7V
LP9652926000 mAh92529.63.7V
LP9858806000 mAh80589.83.7V
LP1060706000 mAh7060103.7V
LP1247706000 mAh7047123.7V
LP30921406000 mAh1409233.7V
LP69551086000 mAh108556.93.7V
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LP6085906030 mAh908563.7V
LP8768716100 mAh71688.73.7V
LP1054896200 mAh8954103.7V
LP1261696200 mAh6961123.7V
LP80661046200 mAh1046683.7V
LP7262786200 mAh78627.23.7V
LP8060956200 mAh956083.7V
LP1155906300 mAh9055113.7V
LP45721356300 mAh135724.53.7V
LP46721336300 mAh133724.63.7V
LP46721356300 mAh135724.63.7V
LP60621036300 mAh1036263.7V
LP45721366320 mAh136724.53.7V
LP1053786400 mAh7853103.7V
LP44801246500 mAh124804.43.7V
LP66681236500 mAh123686.63.7V
LP67751206500 mAh120756.73.7V
LP79591056500 mAh105597.93.7V
LP88511176500 mAh117518.83.7V
LP92471706500 mAh170479.23.7V
LP1263656500 mAh6563123.7V
LP7561956500 mAh95617.53.7V
LP8761796500 mAh79618.73.7V
LP9056786600 mAh785693.7V
LP9056806600 mAh805693.7V
LP1255746700 mAh7455123.7V
LP9860776700 mAh77609.83.7V
LP1255756800 mAh7555123.7V
LP72551456800 mAh145557.23.7V
LP85481166800 mAh116488.53.7V
LP85511166800 mAh116518.53.7V
LP98581026900 mAh102589.83.7V
LP11371056900 mAh10537113.7V

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