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3000mAh LiPo Battery LP3090100 Application to Slimmest Monitor

This is one of the lightest and most compact portable external monitors available today. Weighing less than 2 lbs, it is easy to store and carry. Available in 1080P and 4K HD, this 15.6-inch monitor promises to increase your productivity by up to 50%. Known for its ultra-thin 4.5mm profile, the monitor is the perfect travel companion. Built-in 3000mAh lipo battery, just plug in via USB-C or HDMI, and enjoy the convenience of dual monitors anytime, anywhere!


Slimmest Monitor Specifications

  • 4.5mm thickness
  • 890g weight
  • Touchscreen
  • Built-in 3000mah lipo battery LP3090100
  • Screen size: 15.6′
  • 1080P/4K
  • Type-c charging
  • Work with laptops, PS4, XBOX, Switch

LiPo Battery LP3090100 3000mAh Application to Slimmest Monitor

This slimmest monitor is an ultra-portable monitor that doubles your productivity. Thin, light, touchscreen. Adding a second external display is a huge advantage for working, studying, designing, or coding. A second monitor can handle multiple documents and applications more efficiently and aids in the overall workflow. However, when you’re used to working easily and efficiently on two monitors, you’ll find it difficult to adjust to single-monitor use during business trips or travel. So, you need this light, slimmest monitor.

With USB-C and HDMI ports, the slimmest monitor can handle your everyday screen needs at work in any situation. A slim and compact extended monitor that serves as your business and personal travel companion. The built-in 3000mAh lipo battery has a compact size and high capacity, it saves weight and space for the monitor. Wherever you go, you can always stay productive and on task.

You can connect the slimmest monitor to your laptop so you can have a dual-screen setup at home or on the go. Or connect it to your smartphone or game console while traveling. It’s basically a big Surface Pro without a computer or a tiny TV without a tuner. Even share your screen with colleagues while working remotely. It’s a great way for colleagues and remote teams to collaborate, share and be more productive.

With a rechargeable lipo battery LP3090100 3000mAh, the monitor is only 4.5mm ultra-slim. Traveling with a monitor becomes easier. The monitor supports type-c fast charging, it convenient and efficient for your life.

LiPo Battery Specification

3000mAh LP3090100 LiPo Battery Details

Battery Type
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
3.7V @ 3000mAh
UL1571 AWG24 50mm*3
Cut-off Voltage
Thermistor (NTC)

Cell Size

3.0mm x 90mm x 100mm
Max Charger Current


Max Discharge Current

Our 3000mAh lipo battery LP3090100 can also be used in this slimmest monitor, it can also use for other products, such as medical devices, communication devices, mobile phones, and electric toys, limited by your imagination. If you are designing your new product, you can buy our 3000mAh lipo battery samples for prototyping.

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LP75361113000 mAh111367.53.7V
LP7547763000 mAh76477.53.7V
LP7548603000 mAh60487.53.7V
LP7550703000 mAh70507.53.7V
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LP1246463100 mAh4646123.7V
LP231021113100 mAh1111022.33.7V
LP23821383100 mAh138822.33.7V
LP241001133100 mAh1131002.43.7V
LP3199853100 mAh85993.13.7V
LP32591403100 mAh140593.23.7V
LP5752743100 mAh74525.73.7V
LP5967663100 mAh66675.93.7V
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LP5440983250 mAh98405.43.7V
LP8052643250 mAh645283.7V
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LP1050563300 mAh5650103.7V
LP1143543300 mAh5443113.7V
LP1153503300 mAh5053113.7V
LP1230783300 mAh7830123.7V
LP1248473300 mAh4748123.7V
LP1250523300 mAh5250123.7V
LP26701533300 mAh153702.63.7V
LP26921153300 mAh115922.63.7V
LP29621433300 mAh143622.93.7V
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LP37681103300 mAh110683.73.7V
LP4082853300 mAh858243.7V
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LP4465983300 mAh98654.43.7V
LP4560913300 mAh91604.53.7V
LP5062893300 mAh896253.7V
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LP6553653300 mAh65536.53.7V
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LP9232943300 mAh94329.23.7V
LP9249643300 mAh64499.23.7V
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LP5954903400 mAh90545.93.7V
LP6250943400 mAh94506.23.7V
LP6558783400 mAh78586.53.7V
LP7055753400 mAh755573.7V
LP7352723400 mAh72527.33.7V
LP7570543400 mAh54707.53.7V
LP7750753400 mAh75507.73.7V
LP8149723400 mAh72498.13.7V
LP8446663400 mAh66468.43.7V
LP9346683400 mAh68469.33.7V
LP1240603450 mAh6040123.7V
LP36541343450 mAh134543.63.7V
LP5076813450 mAh817653.7V
LP5755863450 mAh86555.73.7V
LP7358803450 mAh80587.33.7V
LP1038743500 mAh7438103.7V
LP1045673500 mAh6745103.7V
LP1048603500 mAh6048103.7V
LP1141633500 mAh6341113.7V
LP251091323500 mAh1321092.53.7V
LP271001023500 mAh1021002.73.7V
LP271051053500 mAh1051052.73.7V
LP27631483500 mAh148632.73.7V
LP281001133500 mAh1131002.83.7V
LP28941283500 mAh128942.83.7V
LP30781303500 mAh1307833.7V
LP33641273500 mAh127643.33.7V
LP35581453500 mAh145583.53.7V
LP35611253500 mAh125613.53.7V
LP3590953500 mAh95903.53.7V
LP40621133500 mAh1136243.7V
LP4078993500 mAh997843.7V
LP4187773500 mAh77874.13.7V
LP42621133500 mAh113624.23.7V
LP4387773500 mAh77874.33.7V
LP5058893500 mAh895853.7V
LP5269853500 mAh85695.23.7V
LP5273773500 mAh77735.23.7V
LP5464873500 mAh87645.43.7V
LP6060853500 mAh856063.7V
LP61481013500 mAh101486.13.7V
LP6850853500 mAh85506.83.7V
LP6857713500 mAh71576.83.7V
LP70301353500 mAh1353073.7V
LP7057703500 mAh705773.7V
LP75401053500 mAh105407.53.7V
LP8058583500 mAh585883.7V
LP4862793530 mAh79624.83.7V
LP9040753550 mAh754093.7V
LP1050613600 mAh6150103.7V
LP1138683600 mAh6838113.7V
LP1143583600 mAh5843113.7V
LP1224613600 mAh6124123.7V
LP1235683600 mAh6835123.7V
LP1244613600 mAh6144123.7V
LP31761263600 mAh126763.13.7V
LP33106863600 mAh861063.33.7V
LP3589923600 mAh92893.53.7V
LP35981003600 mAh100983.53.7V
LP37661253600 mAh125663.73.7V
LP3884843600 mAh84843.83.7V
LP4788733600 mAh73884.73.7V
LP6353853600 mAh85536.33.7V
LP6756803600 mAh80566.73.7V
LP7055733600 mAh735573.7V
LP7757673600 mAh67577.73.7V
LP78541353600 mAh135547.83.7V
LP8554653600 mAh65548.53.7V
LP8748663600 mAh66488.73.7V
LP9247713600 mAh71479.23.7V
LP9350653600 mAh65509.33.7V
LP9640693600 mAh69409.63.7V
LP36771103600 mAh110773.63.7V
LP1239603650 mAh6039123.7V
LP7039973650 mAh973973.7V
LP72351283650 mAh128357.23.7V
LP27631563700 mAh156632.73.7V
LP29691403700 mAh140692.93.7V
LP31801253700 mAh125803.13.7V
LP40591343700 mAh1345943.7V
LP5070973700 mAh977053.7V
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LP6057923700 mAh925763.7V
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LP37701153750 mAh115703.73.7V
LP6554883750 mAh88546.53.7V
LP1133863800 mAh8633113.7V
LP251001503800 mAh1501002.53.7V
LP38481433800 mAh143483.83.7V
LP5560853800 mAh85605.53.7V
LP65521033800 mAh103526.53.7V
LP6562803800 mAh80626.53.7V
LP68401153800 mAh115406.83.7V
LP7562633800 mAh63627.53.7V
LP85251353800 mAh135258.53.7V
LP9252663800 mAh66529.23.7V
LP9345753800 mAh75459.33.7V
LP1242603850 mAh6042123.7V
LP25801583850 mAh158802.53.7V
LP29105903850 mAh901052.93.7V
LP1045583900 mAh5845103.7V
LP29841353900 mAh135842.93.7V
LP30671563900 mAh1566733.7V
LP33721383900 mAh138723.33.7V
LP3596943900 mAh94963.53.7V
LP43561563900 mAh156564.33.7V
LP52611043900 mAh104615.23.7V
LP5467913900 mAh91675.43.7V
LP5860943900 mAh94605.83.7V
LP62521033900 mAh103526.23.7V
LP9058593900 mAh595893.7V
LP9059583900 mAh585993.7V
LP9543803900 mAh80439.53.7V
LP7047703920 mAh704773.7V
LP9047703920 mAh704793.7V
LP33741233950 mAh123743.33.7V
LP6564803950 mAh80646.53.7V
LP9043863950 mAh864393.7V

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