LiPo Battery Applications

1700mAh LP804050 IEC6233 Certified LiPo Battery Application to Physical Display

This is the perfect solution for those who are constantly looking for cryptocurrency prices on their mobile phones. It’s a physical cryptocurrency dispaly right in front of you, giving you instant access to prices at any time without having to do anything else! Has an easy-to-replace high-efficiency rechargeable lipo battery LP804050 1700mAh, enjoy the devices as new. You’ve got enough plates, don’t let checking your assets distract you from the essential tasks at hand.


Physical Display Specifications

  • Dimensions – 72x71x38mm
  • Weight – 130g (with 1700mAh lipo battery)
  • Durable ABS Polymer
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Upgradable FirmWare
  • 8 Digit Display
  • OLED Screen – 128×64 pixels
  • Battery – LP804050 1700mAh rechargeable lipo battery IEC62133 certified
  • 10 hours battery life

IEC6233 Certified LP804050 1700mAh LiPo Battery Application to Physical Display

Track your Bitcoin price with a simplified physical display away from your computer and phone screen. It is the best physical display with over 20,000 cryptocurrencies tracked on over 300 exchanges. From your desk, kitchen counter, refrigerator door, or swimming pool – you’ll never miss your next trip to the moon.

It’s hard to get hold of your cryptocurrency. There can be a big jump at any second and you can’t miss it. Checking your phone has become second nature. Almost every free time you have is spent checking your cryptocurrencies. At work, at home, or even on the commute. It can become overwhelming and become an unhealthy obsession. With this physical display, you can track cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere, and never miss a chance to get rich. Powered by a 1700mAh LP804050 rechargeable lipo battery, the display can use at least 10 hours.

Don’t let opportunity catch you off guard. The physical display’s IP67 waterproof design allows you to keep an eye on your cryptocurrency even in the most awkward of times. Use it while cooking, showering, or relaxing in the pool. Put your finger on the pulse.

Based on CoinStats crypto and FIAT databases, allowing you to easily choose between bitcoin or altcoins, fiat rates, exchanges, and have them all right in front of you.

The physical display is designed with a rechargeable lipo battery LP804050 1700mAh, it is replaceable. So you can continue to enjoy your new device even if the battery gets old over the years.

Show only important information and avoid all distractions. No trend lines or complex price indicators. You got something important – cryptocurrency you need to keep track of.

The display OS features OTA (over-the-air) automatic firmware updates so that you can keep your physical display regularly updated with new features and improvements, completely worry-free.

Track your cryptocurrency growth anytime with IEC62133 certified lipo battery 1700mAh LP804050. The display features an energy-efficient OLED screen with lower power consumption, no backlight, pure black background, an anti-glare screen, and zero-lag response time.

LiPo Battery Specification

LP804050 1700mAh IEC62133 Certified LiPo Battery Details

LP804050 1700mAh LiPo Battery
Battery Type
Part Number
Voltage @ Capacity
3.7V @ 1700mAh
UL1571 AWG26 50mm*2
Cut-off Voltage
Thermistor (NTC)

Cell Size

8.0mm x 40mm x 50mm
Max Charger Current


Max Discharge Current

One of the most popular applications for lipo batteries is in cordless drills. LiPo Battery powered cordless drills are lighter and more flexible than lead acid battery powered drills and can be used for extended periods of time without recharging. Lithium-powered cordless drills also charge much faster than lead-acid drills, so they can be used more frequently. LiPo batteries can also be used in other cordless power tools such as saws, screwdrivers, and impact wrenches.

Electric toys are gaining popularity as parents look for toys that are not only entertaining but also safe for their children. Many electric toys are powered by lipo batteries, which offer many advantages over other types of batteries. Lipo batteries are rechargeable, compact in size, high in capacity, light in weight, have a long life, and provide a stable power supply, making them ideal for electric toys. LiPo batteries power most electric toys, including ride-on cars, remote-controlled cars and boats, and flying toys.

The rechargeable lipo battery LP804050 1700mAh is IEC62133 certified, it can also be used in other products, limited by your imagination. If you are designing your new product, you can buy our 8mm lipo battery samples for prototyping.

LiPo Battery Hot Models

8mm LiPo Battery Recommendation

LiPo Battery List

Thickness 8mm+ Rechargeable LiPo Battery Lists

LP801023120 mAh81023
LP801517160 mAh81517
LP801620160 mAh81620
LP801520180 mAh81520
LP801325200 mAh81325
LP801552200 mAh81552
LP801621200 mAh81621
LP801622200 mAh81622
LP801522205 mAh81522
LP801225210 mAh81225
LP801920210 mAh81920
LP801228220 mAh81228
LP801826220 mAh81826
LP801921240 mAh81921
LP802020240 mAh82020
LP801823260 mAh81823
LP802022290 mAh82022
LP801530300 mAh81530
LP802027320 mAh82027
LP801626330 mAh81626
LP801540350 mAh81540
LP802025350 mAh82025
LP801340360 mAh81340
LP802028380 mAh82028
LP801343400 mAh81343
LP801437400 mAh81437
LP801636400 mAh81636
LP801640400 mAh81640
LP801730400 mAh81730
LP801830400 mAh81830
LP802526400 mAh82526
LP801637450 mAh81637
LP802030450 mAh82030
LP801445460 mAh81445
LP802333480 mAh82333
LP801350500 mAh81350
LP801539500 mAh81539
LP801546500 mAh81546
LP801744500 mAh81744
LP801750500 mAh81750
LP801835500 mAh81835
LP801837500 mAh81837
LP801936500 mAh81936
LP802033500 mAh82033
LP802037500 mAh82037
LP802231500 mAh82231
LP802424500 mAh82424
LP802525500 mAh82525
LP802527500 mAh82527
LP801738520 mAh81738
LP802035520 mAh82035
LP802528550 mAh82528
LP801645570 mAh81645
LP801742580 mAh81742
LP801844580 mAh81844
LP801745600 mAh81745
LP802034600 mAh82034
LP802047600 mAh82047
LP802048600 mAh82048
LP802530600 mAh82530
LP802729600 mAh82729
LP802730600 mAh82730
LP801460640 mAh81460
LP802336650 mAh82336
LP802830650 mAh82830
LP803030650 mAh83030
LP802040680 mAh82040
LP801555700 mAh81555
LP802050700 mAh82050
LP802535700 mAh82535
LP802043750 mAh82043
LP802044750 mAh82044
LP802045750 mAh82045
LP802049750 mAh82049
LP802245750 mAh82245
LP802440750 mAh82440
LP802732750 mAh82732
LP802735750 mAh82735
LP803628750 mAh83628
LP801660780 mAh81660
LP801470800 mAh81470
LP802253800 mAh82253
LP801672850 mAh81672
LP801955850 mAh81955
LP802055850 mAh82055
LP802540850 mAh82540
LP803232850 mAh83232
LP803235850 mAh83235
LP802438870 mAh82438
LP802058900 mAh82058
LP802642900 mAh82642
LP802848900 mAh82848
LP803039900 mAh83039
LP801956920 mAh81956
LP802643920 mAh82643
LP802637930 mAh82637
LP8025481000 mAh82548
LP8026701000 mAh82670
LP8027461000 mAh82746
LP8028451000 mAh82845
LP8030351000 mAh83035
LP8030381000 mAh83038
LP8030401000 mAh83040
LP8035351000 mAh83535
LP8022581050 mAh82258
LP8028471100 mAh82847
LP8030491100 mAh83049
LP8034401150 mAh83440
LP8022601200 mAh82260
LP8026501200 mAh82650
LP8030471200 mAh83047
LP8030501200 mAh83050
LP8033431200 mAh83343
LP8034421200 mAh83442
LP8034431200 mAh83443
LP8038381200 mAh83838
LP8022651250 mAh82265
LP8032431250 mAh83243
LP8036421250 mAh83642
LP8020701350 mAh82070
LP8020801350 mAh82080
LP8030481400 mAh83048
LP8037401400 mAh83740
LP8040401400 mAh84040
LP8034471420 mAh83447
LP8025631450 mAh82563
LP8042411450 mAh84241
LP8023701500 mAh82370
LP8024681500 mAh82468
LP8030621500 mAh83062
LP8034481500 mAh83448
LP8034501500 mAh83450
LP8035401500 mAh83540
LP8036521500 mAh83652
LP8039441500 mAh83944
LP80171201600 mAh817120
LP8020851600 mAh82085
LP8032551650 mAh83255
LP8030601700 mAh83060
LP8040451700 mAh84045
LP8040461700 mAh84046
LP8023801800 mAh82380
LP8023821800 mAh82382
LP8029641800 mAh82964
LP8031601800 mAh83160
LP8034551800 mAh83455
LP8040501800 mAh84050
LP8042471800 mAh84247
LP8044501800 mAh84450
LP8031621900 mAh83162
LP8032652000 mAh83265
LP8034602000 mAh83460
LP8035592000 mAh83559
LP8037592000 mAh83759
LP8026802030 mAh82680
LP8040482050 mAh84048
LP8025922200 mAh82592
LP8032732200 mAh83273
LP8045502200 mAh84550
LP8050482200 mAh85048
LP8052522200 mAh85252
LP8038602300 mAh83860
LP8038652300 mAh83865
LP8038612400 mAh83861
LP8039642400 mAh83964
LP8039662450 mAh83966
LP8042582500 mAh84258
LP8042602500 mAh84260
LP8050502500 mAh85050
LP8029952600 mAh82995
LP8040682600 mAh84068
LP8042622600 mAh84262
LP8048582600 mAh84858
LP8043672800 mAh84367
LP8048772800 mAh84877
LP8034882850 mAh83488
LP8050642900 mAh85064
LP8034933000 mAh83493
LP8043703000 mAh84370
LP8050603000 mAh85060
LP8050653000 mAh85065
LP8050663000 mAh85066
LP8055733000 mAh85573
LP8059573000 mAh85957
LP8053563050 mAh85356
LP8040703200 mAh84070
LP8046683200 mAh84668
LP8052643250 mAh85264
LP8055653350 mAh85565
LP8058583500 mAh85858
LP8049804000 mAh84980
LP8057814400 mAh85781
LP8060674500 mAh86067
LP8060684500 mAh86068
LP8060704500 mAh86070
LP8071714800 mAh87171
LP8060774900 mAh86077
LP8055755000 mAh85575
LP8055905000 mAh85590
LP8055955000 mAh85595
LP8057905000 mAh85790
LP8060905000 mAh86090
LP8060955000 mAh86095
LP80631645000 mAh863164
LP8065835000 mAh86583
LP80631006000 mAh863100
LP80661046200 mAh866104
LP80801027800 mAh880102
LP80701188000 mAh870118
LP80761058000 mAh876105
LP80681358800 mAh868135
LP806813310000 mAh868133
LP807012010000 mAh870120
LP801620185 mAh81620
LP801624190 mAh81624
LP801740410 mAh81740
LP801637450 mAh81637
LP801452500 mAh81452
LP801640500 mAh81640
LP801844580 mAh81844
LP802060900 mAh82060
LP8030481200 mAh83048
LP8030401220 mAh83040
LP8034471250 mAh83447
LP8030601370 mAh83060
LP8026501450 mAh82650
LP8034541800 mAh83454
LP8033651800 mAh83365
LP8044391900 mAh84439
LP8035572000 mAh83557
LP8038602000 mAh83860
LP8040552100 mAh84055
LP8041692650 mAh84169
LP8041632900 mAh84163
LP8040693000 mAh84069
LP8042703000 mAh84270
LP8050703000 mAh85070
LP8062753200 mAh86275
LP8043843700 mAh84384
LP8050804000 mAh85080
LP8063634000 mAh86363
LP8050654100 mAh85065
LP8050854400 mAh85085
LP8060956200 mAh86095
LP8064897000 mAh86489
LP8080958000 mAh88095
LP805815710000 mAh858157
LP8119581000 mAh8.11958
LP8132411300 mAh8.13241
LP8135602050 mAh8.13560
LP8140552200 mAh8.14055
LP8139642700 mAh8.13964
LP8139763200 mAh8.13976
LP8149723400 mAh8.14972
LP8152804500 mAh8.15280
LP8164885400 mAh8.16488
LP8138461750 mAh8.13846
LP8135572200 mAh8.13557
LP8146552800 mAh8.14655
LP81651238800 mAh8.165123
LP81581339000 mAh8.158133
LP815814510000 mAh8.158145
LP815815610000 mAh8.158156
LP822024320 mAh8.22024
LP821730360 mAh8.21730
LP822030420 mAh8.22030
LP821742570 mAh8.21742
LP821745600 mAh8.21745
LP822035600 mAh8.22035
LP822245700 mAh8.22245
LP822244750 mAh8.22244
LP822243800 mAh8.22243
LP823235850 mAh8.23235
LP823231970 mAh8.23231
LP8233451350 mAh8.23345
LP8220721400 mAh8.22072
LP8240451700 mAh8.24045
LP8231651900 mAh8.23165
LP8231681900 mAh8.23168
LP8244452000 mAh8.24445
LP8234822300 mAh8.23482
LP8250592500 mAh8.25059
LP8232822550 mAh8.23282
LP8242702850 mAh8.24270
LP8240692860 mAh8.24069
LP8250643000 mAh8.25064
LP8259493000 mAh8.25949
LP8249824000 mAh8.24982
LP8248704100 mAh8.24870
LP82331424600 mAh8.233142
LP82491357300 mAh8.249135
LP82651629000 mAh8.265162
LP821520180 mAh8.21520
LP8237351400 mAh8.23735
LP8227501450 mAh8.22750
LP8233652600 mAh8.23365
LP8254583200 mAh8.25458
LP8245774000 mAh8.24577
LP8257935100 mAh8.25793
LP831517120 mAh8.31517
LP831723230 mAh8.31723
LP831730380 mAh8.31730
LP832528500 mAh8.32528
LP831550600 mAh8.31550
LP832530600 mAh8.32530
LP832040650 mAh8.32040
LP832045750 mAh8.32045
LP832832800 mAh8.32832
LP833033850 mAh8.33033
LP8329371000 mAh8.32937
LP8333351050 mAh8.33335
LP8330421100 mAh8.33042
LP8329481450 mAh8.32948
LP8334601800 mAh8.33460
LP8325771980 mAh8.32577
LP8335822800 mAh8.33582
LP8323353000 mAh8.32335
LP8350523000 mAh8.35052
LP8353764000 mAh8.35376
LP8361724500 mAh8.36172
LP83471125000 mAh8.347112
LP83581015000 mAh8.358101
LP83661218000 mAh8.366121
LP832937950 mAh8.32937
LP8334441600 mAh8.33444
LP8349643500 mAh8.34964
LP8346773950 mAh8.34677
LP8345684000 mAh8.34568
LP8338854100 mAh8.33885
LP842826500 mAh8.42826
LP842528550 mAh8.42528
LP8435381250 mAh8.43538
LP8422641500 mAh8.42264
LP8444431800 mAh8.44443
LP8435602250 mAh8.43560
LP8445582500 mAh8.44558
LP8439652700 mAh8.43965
LP8440712800 mAh8.44071
LP8447652900 mAh8.44765
LP8444653000 mAh8.44465
LP8450653000 mAh8.45065
LP8446663400 mAh8.44666
LP8442944000 mAh8.44294
LP8446794000 mAh8.44679
LP8455824400 mAh8.45582
LP8455905000 mAh8.45590
LP8454986000 mAh8.45498
LP8460906000 mAh8.46090
LP8441431950 mAh8.44143
LP8434502000 mAh8.43450
LP8430902600 mAh8.43090
LP8450533500 mAh8.45053
LP8453764700 mAh8.45376
LP8455765000 mAh8.45576
LP851520180 mAh8.51520
LP851522210 mAh8.51522
LP851721220 mAh8.51721
LP852022290 mAh8.52022
LP852222330 mAh8.52222
LP851535350 mAh8.51535
LP851630350 mAh8.51630
LP852024350 mAh8.52024
LP852025350 mAh8.52025
LP852023380 mAh8.52023
LP851730400 mAh8.51730
LP852425450 mAh8.52425
LP851443500 mAh8.51443
LP851735500 mAh8.51735
LP851838500 mAh8.51838
LP852030500 mAh8.52030
LP852526500 mAh8.52526
LP852528550 mAh8.52528
LP852529550 mAh8.52529
LP852626550 mAh8.52626
LP851742580 mAh8.51742
LP851359600 mAh8.51359
LP851841600 mAh8.51841
LP851842600 mAh8.51842
LP852035600 mAh8.52035
LP852040620 mAh8.52040
LP852730650 mAh8.52730
LP853030700 mAh8.53030
LP852141710 mAh8.52141
LP852927720 mAh8.52927
LP852045750 mAh8.52045
LP852338750 mAh8.52338
LP852933750 mAh8.52933
LP851750800 mAh8.51750
LP852143800 mAh8.52143
LP852538800 mAh8.52538
LP852540800 mAh8.52540
LP853328800 mAh8.53328
LP851660850 mAh8.51660
LP853035850 mAh8.53035
LP853529920 mAh8.53529
LP851956950 mAh8.51956
LP852736990 mAh8.52736
LP8520551000 mAh8.52055
LP8533341000 mAh8.53334
LP8525481050 mAh8.52548
LP8522451100 mAh8.52245
LP8538371250 mAh8.53837
LP8526491350 mAh8.52649
LP8528531400 mAh8.52853
LP8530481400 mAh8.53048
LP8535481400 mAh8.53548
LP8535451500 mAh8.53545
LP8527681600 mAh8.52768
LP8534501700 mAh8.53450
LP8535551700 mAh8.53555
LP85171081800 mAh8.517108
LP8532601800 mAh8.53260
LP8537581800 mAh8.53758
LP8537591800 mAh8.53759
LP8540481800 mAh8.54048
LP8521941900 mAh8.52194
LP8534652000 mAh8.53465
LP8535572000 mAh8.53557
LP8546582000 mAh8.54658
LP8540502030 mAh8.54050
LP8542502050 mAh8.54250
LP8542522200 mAh8.54252
LP8539662500 mAh8.53966
LP8548502500 mAh8.54850
LP8550482530 mAh8.55048
LP8531962650 mAh8.53196
LP8543652800 mAh8.54365
LP8534822900 mAh8.53482
LP8542733000 mAh8.54273
LP8545683000 mAh8.54568
LP8546633000 mAh8.54663
LP8548583000 mAh8.54858
LP8557693000 mAh8.55769
LP8554653600 mAh8.55465
LP85251353800 mAh8.525135
LP8542944000 mAh8.54294
LP8550804000 mAh8.55080
LP8550784250 mAh8.55078
LP8554704300 mAh8.55470
LP8550754500 mAh8.55075
LP8550854800 mAh8.55085
LP8560784850 mAh8.56078
LP8552804900 mAh8.55280
LP85421155000 mAh8.542115
LP8552905200 mAh8.55290
LP8578545400 mAh8.57854
LP8569805600 mAh8.56980
LP85421366000 mAh8.542136
LP8560906000 mAh8.56090
LP8563866000 mAh8.56386
LP8567997200 mAh8.56799
LP85641258000 mAh8.564125
LP85691028200 mAh8.569102
LP85651268750 mAh8.565126
LP851532320 mAh8.51532
LP852029400 mAh8.52029
LP851740520 mAh8.51740
LP851742630 mAh8.51742
LP8525481050 mAh8.52548
LP8534371200 mAh8.53437
LP8534501500 mAh8.53450
LP8527661600 mAh8.52766
LP8543452300 mAh8.54345
LP8533622550 mAh8.53362
LP8555663900 mAh8.55566
LP8553604000 mAh8.55360
LP8560654000 mAh8.56065
LP8555664100 mAh8.55566
LP8550854200 mAh8.55085
LP8543754400 mAh8.54375
LP8551654500 mAh8.55165
LP8544764630 mAh8.54476
LP85501255000 mAh8.550125
LP8550855000 mAh8.55085
LP8542915100 mAh8.54291
LP8575635500 mAh8.57563
LP85481166800 mAh8.548116
LP85511166800 mAh8.551116
LP862030500 mAh8.62030
LP862528500 mAh8.62528
LP861556800 mAh8.61556
LP8630501500 mAh8.63050
LP8650402000 mAh8.65040
LP8646794000 mAh8.64679
LP8664604300 mAh8.66460
LP8651814400 mAh8.65181
LP8651804700 mAh8.65180
LP8657765000 mAh8.65776
LP861633380 mAh8.61633
LP8625481050 mAh8.62548
LP8643452150 mAh8.64345
LP8633813000 mAh8.63381
LP8641673000 mAh8.64167
LP8650603080 mAh8.65060
LP8647634000 mAh8.64763
LP8652614100 mAh8.65261
LP8655805000 mAh8.65580
LP86661009200 mAh8.666100
LP871518150 mAh8.71518
LP872045800 mAh8.72045
LP872535830 mAh8.72535
LP8734461500 mAh8.73446
LP8740582500 mAh8.74058
LP8745692800 mAh8.74569
LP8748663600 mAh8.74866
LP8768716100 mAh8.76871
LP8743562750 mAh8.74356
LP8730782800 mAh8.73078
LP8761796500 mAh8.76179
LP87661009200 mAh8.766100
LP882228500 mAh8.82228
LP882237720 mAh8.82237
LP882734780 mAh8.82734
LP882833780 mAh8.82833
LP883035780 mAh8.83035
LP882240860 mAh8.82240
LP882934980 mAh8.82934
LP8820581200 mAh8.82058
LP8830481200 mAh8.83048
LP8829371300 mAh8.82937
LP8827551400 mAh8.82755
LP8832602000 mAh8.83260
LP8835622000 mAh8.83562
LP8830682100 mAh8.83068
LP8836662500 mAh8.83666
LP8840652700 mAh8.84065
LP8842944000 mAh8.84294
LP8855704000 mAh8.85570
LP8850854300 mAh8.85085
LP8852714700 mAh8.85271
LP8851834750 mAh8.85183
LP8861745000 mAh8.86174
LP8865705000 mAh8.86570
LP88511176500 mAh8.851117
LP887012910000 mAh8.870129
LP8833521500 mAh8.83352
LP8835401550 mAh8.83540
LP8834401560 mAh8.83440
LP8827672000 mAh8.82767
LP8837642500 mAh8.83764
LP8843532950 mAh8.84353
LP8843683500 mAh8.84368
LP8849603900 mAh8.84960
LP8845664200 mAh8.84566
LP88381235000 mAh8.838123
LP8853675000 mAh8.85367
LP88361155400 mAh8.836115
LP8856936000 mAh8.85693
LP892830750 mAh8.92830
LP8925581100 mAh8.92558
LP8939662600 mAh8.93966
LP8946774500 mAh8.94677
LP8944815200 mAh8.94481
LP8956665400 mAh8.95666
LP8960906000 mAh8.96090

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